Advertise your business and get ahead

Local businesses who have advertised on Midlothian View in 2019 have had great results. Our Ads have a great click through rate of around about 60. This means that an advert is clicked on for every 60 page views (1.6%) which is very healthy in the media business.

For example, Eskbank Physiotherapy have advertised their Physio Led Pilates classes in Midlothian View and as a result they have filled over 15 places and gained numerous private physio clients.


– an entry on the Midlothian View Local Business Page, see HERE, for 12 months. Price £30.

– an advert on Midlothian View for one month. The advert consists of business graphic, logo or photo which when clicked links to your website. All adverts are picked randomly from the pool of adverts each time a reader views a page, multiple adverts appear on each page. Price £50.

– Feature Article. A one page article to showcase your business for one year. See examples on Features page HERE. Price £40.

If your business has a facebook only presence then this also gives you an opportunity to have a website page that is optimised so that you can be found by Google. For businesses with a website then this can also aid your Google ranking.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

If you are interested then email

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