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Friday May 3rd 2019

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So what is your point of view? Is there something that you want to write about? Have you read, heard or seen something recently that you want to comment on?

If yes then you can now write a letter to Midlothian View and it will be published.

This being the digital age then you don’t need your quill and ink to write. Instead send your letter in an email to info@pigeonpenguin.com.

Your letter can be as long or as short as you wish.

If you can, send a photograph to be published with your letter. It needs to be a photograph that you have taken or that you have the rights to use so there is no copyright infringement. Though don’t worry if you don’t have a photograph as we can use one of our own images.

If you prefer not to have your name published then please tell us and we won’t.

Happy writing!

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