Gore Glen Primary school run

Thursday June 20th 2019


Letter written by Midlothian View reader David Oakley

Dear Editor,

It might interest you to know that Gore Glen school sits alongside a residential road, the only road in and out of the Dewar park estate.

Moreover the road into the estate, just past the School, has a small blind summit. You might be excused for not understanding the reason for this being mentioned.

All road users know that to park on a blind summit can be dangerous for other road users, having said that I have to say that nearly every day visitors or parents of the School are found in most cases to be parking on a blind summit.

This results in most days those coming into the estate or leaving are forced to run the gauntlet and risk of driving past these cars and hoping that they don’t meet another car head on.

This is made far worse when the School run is in progress, around 9am and 3.30 pm each working day. You can then add the unbelievable mayhem to ensue of dozens of extra cars discharging children from these cars and even into an already busy road.

There have even been parents with prams or buggies in the road while their toddler’s are stood in the road waiting for the parent to load a sibling into them.

At that time of morning anyone leaving the estate trying to go to work or about their business can expect a mouthful of abuse if they complain.

This situation is likely to get much worse as the school is expected to increase its nursery and school numbers to approx 500. Which is great for the children and parents but not for the residents of Dewar park.

Yes we can think about avoiding these times but why should any of us have to think about doing this. We live here and the problem is on going and set to get worse.

The best solution for the residents at Dewar park is if cars are stopped from parking on a blind summit (that means you can’t see other road users before overtaking the parked cars) that then puts the driver who overtakes in danger of a head on crash and at fault with the other person and affects their insurance.

Worst case scenario would be to hit a child in a buggy or on the road. Sounds a bit over the top but it’s an accident waiting to happen.

This has been draw to the attention of the authorities, the police say it’s not an offence to park on the blind summit if there are no lines, as they can’t enforce it. Even if it endangers other road users.

This is absolute nonsense because the police have the power to ticket or prosecute any road user that endangers other road users or pedestrians. They have washed their hands of this and say it’s a council matter.

The Council have taken details but didn’t seem that bothered. It seems that it’s going to take injury or death for the council or police to act.

Let’s hope it’s not you or me or your family member that pays the price.

The school is doing their best to enlighten the parents but this goes out the window when it’s raining or bad weather.

The best and cheapest solution to this problem is to stop the parking on the blind summit, which will allow those leaving Dewar park to see what’s coming before they have to overtake the parked cars and the same for those entering Dewar park going home.

It’s not rocket science and it doesn’t cost much to put down a few yellow lines to keep the area safe for all road users and pedestrians.

Thanks for your consideration

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