MCAT drugs crackdown

Tuesday June 4th 2019

Police Midlothian

Written by Local Democracy Reporter, Marie Sharp

Nearly 120 people were stopped and searched in Midlothian in the first three months of this year with over half found carrying drugs.

Midlothian Community Action Team (MCAT) reported carrying out searches on 56 people on foot and 62 in their vehicles between January and March.

They said patrols suspecting drug use in public car parks or involving people on streets, carried out the searches with 62 of those stopped caught on possession.

The vast majority of the finds were cannabis resin or herbal cannabis and offenders received a Recorded Police Warning.

However there were also seizures of tablets and Class A drugs.

A report to Midlothian Council’s Police and Fire Board revealed that MCAT officers searched 16 premises over the same period of time under warrant and a number of people were charged with drug offences.

It added: “There have been some supply related charged including approximately £5,000 of diamorphine found in one house.

“One of these searches also recovered an unregistered firearm, and another traced £3,000 of counterfeit tobacco products.”

The community policing team said it also focused on targeting reoffenders during the first quarter of the year.

Bail curfew checks were carried out on 251 individuals with 12 breaches reported.

The report said the unannounced checks on those under curfew appeared to be having a positive effect with a 95 per cent compliance rate from offenders.

MCAT officers were also called out to deal with nearly 100 calls relating to youth issues between January and March.

They also took part in “night time dispersal” operations at pubs.

The report said “Various individuals have been dealt with for various breaches of the peace, urinating and minor assault with the vast bulk happening outwith the premises.

“When circumstances allow, exclusion orders are requested to help prevent repeat offences.”

Road policing was also a priority for MCAT over the three months with 85 breath tests carried out and only one failure.

A further motorist was also issued with an Antisocial Behaviour Order relating to the manner of driving.

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