Pigeons, Penguins, Fitba, Rockets and Candles

Tuesday January 29th 2019

Christine Grahame

Pigeon Penguin?

Pigeon Penguin is a local web and app developer, with a host of products including creating Midlothian View this very local news website as one of its many projects.

It has been shortlisted for the Scotland area Federation of Small Businesses Celebrating Small Business Awards 2019 in both the Digital Innovation Award and Community Award categories. These awards are valuable in celebrating the contribution that all small businesses play across the length and breadth of Scotland, and wishes Pigeon Penguin the very best for the future.


I hope you will take the opportunity to sign the petition by Penicuik Athletic Youth Football Club which is looking for Midlothian Council to fund the replacement of its very tired astro-turf on land the council owns and indeed charges the club for its use.Even had the cheek to increase charges last year despite the state of the playing surface.

The current turf is in a rotten state so much so that there have been injuries yet 350 young folk use it day in day out. This is supported by 60 volunteers giving up their time. Both local Penicuik medical practices support the petition as do the police. These youngsters are kept fit and healthy both in mind and body. They hope to present their petition to the council before it sets out its budget so time is of the essence.

You can access this and give your support HERE. Please do it’s an excellent and much used and needed facility.


Now when I say Penicuik and space rockets it’s a bit of a leap, but not so.

Did you know that Black Arrow the only British launch vehicle which successfully sent a satellite into orbit in the 1960s is actually stored for the moment in Penicuik. It launched the Prospero satellite.

Ever heard of Skyrora? You will do soon. Let me tell you a bit about this company which although based in Edinburgh both its business manager and director are Penicuians. Skyrora’s aim is to send small satellites into space. You and I take for granted these days that you can phone or text across the globe, check the weather anywhere at any time, skype and all this because there are satellites fleeing round our planet.

When I think about it my grannie didn’t even have a phone and indeed our first phone was on a party line, do you remember that? You would pick up the receiver and listen in, if you were so inclined, to a neighbour’s conversation. Now with Alexa my sister tells me that with the consent of her daughters she can listen into them. Not that she likes this but I could see a use for this for folk in sheltered housing.

All this because we have loads of satellites circling round. Same when you are in the supermarket so the items on your till roll are automatically – perhaps via the moon who knows-registered at the supermarket’s humungous warehouse and shelves replenished according to demand. We’ve come a long way from the shopkeeper adding up your order on a brown paper bag, or you handing the list over the counter or simply checking the clouds to see if it’s worth hanging the washing out. Mind you, I still do that.


We’re all still in the dark yet. Anyone got candles ready we may need them.

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