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Midlothian is full of great local businesses from large household names to small home based businesses, this page provides their details. Click on a business category to narrow down your search.

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Advertise your business and get ahead

Local businesses who have advertised on Midlothian View have had great results. With an audience of over 15,000 Midlothian readers an advert gets you noticed by the very local people you are looking to attract.

For example, Eskbank Physiotherapy have advertised their Physio Led Pilates classes in Midlothian View and as a result they have filled over 15 places and gained numerous private physio clients.

A monthly advert on Midlothian View for a local business costs £120.

Alternatively you may wanted to be listed on the Midlothian View Local Business Page, see HERE, for 12 months. Price £30.

If your business has a facebook only presence then this also gives you an opportunity to have a website page that is optimised so that you can be found by Google. For businesses with a website then this can also aid your Google ranking.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.
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