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Macbie Photography

Macbie Photography specialises in aerial photography, videography, and thermography, working within the Lothians and Scottish Borders.

We have Operational Authorisation from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to carry out our work. We have industry standard public-liability insurance in place for all jobs, tailoring it to the client’s requirement if higher cover is required. We use a range of specialist drones, all with high resolution cameras.

Drone images and videos are increasingly being used for property sales, tourist attractions, social media, websites, holiday property marketing, planning applications and other purposes, where a bird’s eye view offers something unique and powerful.

Please visit our website to see some of the projects we have worked on.

Kate works closely with clients, listening to what they want to achieve, looking carefully at what is there on the ground to be photographed. She will put together the legally required site survey and risk assessment reports before any flight is carried out. And will then provide you with professional images and videos that will enhance and add value to your objectives.

It’s not always about great pictures. Properties, both residential and commercial need maintenance. A drone provides a very efficient and cost-effective way of monitoring wear and tear, especially in hard-to-reach areas. We can also use a thermal drone which can ‘see’ building heat loss or water damage. Catching damage early will save substantial bills later and who doesn’t want a lower energy bill if heat loss can be reduced!

Macbie Photography offers an affordable service to clients, appreciating the financial constraints businesses and people are living with. We will discuss the most cost-effective way for you to get the aerial images or video that you want. We offer good discounts to returning clients.

Please contact Kate to discuss your project and to get a quote.
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