Dalkeith Police Station to be downgraded

Dalkeith Police Station will no longer have lock-up facilities under new plans to downgrade its custody centre.


Midlothian has seen positive Covid cases spiral over the last two weeks

A primary school closed after a Covid outbreak is to remain shut for another week as cases continue to increase.


Additional funding for mental health and wellbeing for Midlothian’s children and young people

Children and young people in Midlothian are to benefit again in 2021 from extra Scottish Government funding.


Have your say on 3-year community learning and development plan for Midlothian

A public consultation is underway to help inform a new three-year Community Learning and Development Plan for Midlothian.


Lothian MSP elected as the new Presiding Officer

Lothian MSP, Alison Johnstone, has been elected as the Scottish Parliament’s sixth Presiding Officer.


Midlothian’s first Older People’s Champion appointed

Councillor Margot Russell has been appointed as Midlothian’s first Older People’s Champion.


Midlothian Covid cases spike

An outbreak of positive Covid-19 cases at a popular beauty spot has seen the numbers in Midlothian go from just two to 33 in the space of one week.


Dalkeith parking fees suspended

People are being urged to return to Dalkeith town centre after a decision to reintroduce car park charges was suspended.


Owen Thompson is the new SNP Chief Whip

Midlothian MP Owen Thompson has been confirmed as the SNP Chief Whip on a permanent basis.


New Midspace website launches during Mental Health Awareness Week

Midspace is an online place containing local information about mental health and wellbeing services.


Homeless Prevention Fund trial

A Homeless Prevention Fund will be trialled by Midlothian Council offering support to people facing eviction or losing their homes.


Loanhead nursing home residents did not get pain medication when dying

Residents did not receive the pain medication they needed when they were dying because of “incompetent” nursing staff.


Green candidate thanks voters

This View has been written by Dominic Ashmole, the Scottish Green Party's candidate in the Midlothian South, Tweeddale & Lauderdale constituency.


Pupils design mosaics at Woodburn Primary

Mosaics depicting everything from a Minecraft character to 'Caring Cats' are brightening up Woodburn Primary School playground.


School consultations timetable

Communities will take part in 10 consultations over the future of their schools in the next three years.


Queen’s jubilee holiday

Council workers could be given an extra day’s holiday to mark the Queen’s platinum jubilee next summer.


Colin Beattie’s acceptance speech

The acceptance speech of Colin Beattie, SNP, the successful candidate in the Midlothian North & Musselburgh constituency.


Stephen Curran thanks the voters

This View has been written by Stephen Curran, the Scottish Labour Party's candidate in the Midlothian North & Musselburgh constituency.


Colin Beattie re-elected for Midlothian North and Musselburgh

The SNP held Midlothian North and Musselburgh as incumbent MSP Colin Beattie was returned to the post by voters.


New 200-metre-high wind turbines get the go-ahead

The turbines have been given the go-ahead, despite objections, after Scottish Ministers agreed it would take an impact of “overwhelming importance” to stop them.


Homeowners being forced to sell to council and become social renters

The owners of former council houses are terrified Edinburgh City Council is trying to take their homes from them.


Stephen Curran’s View – My election statement

This View has been written by Stephen Curran, the Scottish Labour Party's candidate in the Midlothian North & Musselburgh constituency.


The Karen Henderson Legacy Fund launch

Karen Henderson Legacy Fund and ‘The 500 mile challenge’ launch in aid of Make 2nds Count.


Michael Banks’ View – The Vanguard Party and Gender

This View has been written by Michael Banks, the Vanguard Party's candidate in the Midlothian South, Tweeddale & Lauderdale constituency.


Hard border would need ‘guards in sentry boxes’

The prospect of a hard border has alarmed community leaders either side of the Scotland/England dividing line.

Geoff Palmer

Penicuik’s Sir Geoff Palmer is the new Chancellor of Heriot-Watt University

Penicuik resident, renowned scientist and human rights activist, Professor Sir Geoff Palmer, has today been named the new Chancellor of Heriot-Watt University.


Penicuik Mall flats plan

A former supermarket’s first floor could be converted into flats under new plans for Penicuik town centre.


Shona Haslam’s View – A hard border would be catastrophic

This View has been written by Shona Haslam, the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party's candidate in the Midlothian South, Tweeddale & Lauderdale constituency.


Colin Beattie’s View – Proposal to establish a new National Care Service

This View has been written by Colin Beattie, the Scottish National Party's candidate in the Midlothian North & Musselburgh constituency.


Melville staff raise £900 for local day centre

Pandemic fundraising will pay for day trips and activities.


Christine Grahame’s View – Inequalities and leadership

This View has been written by Christine Grahame, the Scottish National Party's candidate in the Midlothian South, Tweeddale & Lauderdale constituency.


Katherine Sangster’s View – Staying connected

This View has been written by Katherine Sangster, the Scottish Labour Party's and Scottish Co-operative Party's candidate in the Midlothian South, Tweeddale & Lauderdale constituency.


Iain Whyte’s View – NHS backlogs and plans to sort

This View has been written by Iain Whyte, the Scottish Conservatives and Unionist Party's candidate in the Midlothian North & Musselburgh constituency.


AC May’s View – Latter Years & End of Life

This View has been written by AC May, the Scottish Liberal Democrats's candidate in the Midlothian South, Tweeddale & Lauderdale constituency.


Danderhall Guerrilla gardeners shocked to see glyphosate used at primary school

Contractors sprayed weedkiller around a primary school, despite a council pledge to make it a no-go area amid concern over the use of glyphosate in the community.


Michael Banks’ View – Scotland’s public finances are in dire straits

This View has been written by Michael Banks, the Vanguard Party's candidate in the Midlothian South, Tweeddale & Lauderdale constituency.


Temporary toilets being installed to combat public urination

Temporary toilets are set to be installed on the Meadows and in Portobello, to combat the public urination and defecation witnessed during the recent sunny weather.


Colin Beattie’s View – Independence and the massive deficit

This View has been written by Colin Beattie, the Scottish National Party's candidate in the Midlothian North & Musselburgh constituency.


New Skills Boost course guarantees jobs in health care

A new course, which launched this week, will provide people in the region with a direct progression route into a health care support worker role.


Alison Johnstone’s View – Greens’ constructive approach gets results

This View has been written by Alison Johnstone, Green lead candidate for the Lothian Regional List.


Stevie Curran’s View – We just want parity nothing more

This View has been written by Stephen Curran, the Scottish Labour Party's candidate in the Midlothian North & Musselburgh constituency.


Coogan film gets the go-ahead at the Mining Museum

Plans to use Newtongrange to recreate the car park where the remains of King Richard III were discovered have been given the go-ahead.


Christine Grahame’s View – Education

This View has been written by Christine Grahame, the Scottish National Party's candidate in the Midlothian South, Tweeddale & Lauderdale constituency.


Katherine Sangster’s View – Jobs Recovery plan to guarantee jobs for the under 25s

This View has been written by Katherine Sangster, the Scottish Labour Party's and Scottish Co-operative Party's candidate in the Midlothian South, Tweeddale & Lauderdale constituency.


Shona Haslam’s View – Education

This View has been written by Shona Haslam, the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party's candidate in the Midlothian South, Tweeddale & Lauderdale constituency.


More than 30,000 vaccine appointments missed in the Lothians

More than 30,000 vaccination appointments have been missed since NHS Lothian set up mass vaccination centres in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.


Iain Whyte’s View – Midlothian Council needs Fair Funding

This View has been written by Iain Whyte, the Scottish Conservatives and Unionist Party's candidate in the Midlothian North & Musselburgh constituency.


Danderhall Guerrilla Gardeners launch

Residents concerned about the use of toxic weedkiller in their community have come together to adopt public land and stop council workers spraying it.


Giant pillows for Country Park

Plans to introduce two giant jumping pillows in a country park’s adventure playground have been given the go-ahead.


New school opens in Danderhall

The return to school after the Easter break was all the more exciting for pupils at Danderhall Primary with the opening of their new building.


Charles Dundas’ View – Nature recovery from day one of a Lib Dem Government

This View has been written by Charles Dundas, the Scottish Liberal Democrats' candidate in the Midlothian North & Musselburgh constituency.


AC May’s View – Mid Life

This View has been written by AC May, the Scottish Liberal Democrats's candidate in the Midlothian South, Tweeddale & Lauderdale constituency.


Midlothian to roll-out asymptomatic Covid-19 testing centres

Rapid COVID-19 testing sites for people with no symptoms of coronavirus are set to be rolled out across Midlothian in the coming weeks.


PVC windows in a conservation area appeal won

Window experts CR Smith have won an appeal against planners who wanted them to remove PVC windows from a house in a conservation area.


Michael Banks’ View – women’s and girls’ rights

This View has been written by Michael Banks, the Vanguard Party's candidate in the Midlothian South, Tweeddale & Lauderdale constituency.


Charles Dundas View – Education Bounce Back plan

This View has been written by Charles Dundas, the Scottish Liberal Democrats' candidate in the Midlothian North & Musselburgh constituency.


Shona Haslam’s View – Council funding

This View has been written by Shona Haslam, the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party's candidate in the Midlothian South, Tweeddale & Lauderdale constituency.


Katherine Sangster’s View – Bring hope to our young people

This View has been written by Katherine Sangster, the Scottish Labour Party's and Scottish Co-operative Party's candidate in the Midlothian South, Tweeddale & Lauderdale constituency.


Christine Grahame’s View – Animal welfare issues

This View has been written by Christine Grahame, the Scottish National Party's candidate in the Midlothian South, Tweeddale & Lauderdale constituency.


Iain Whyte’s View – Supporting Our Military Personnel

This View has been written by Iain Whyte, the Scottish Conservatives and Unionist Party's candidate in the Midlothian North & Musselburgh constituency.


Colin Beattie’s View on Education

This View has been written by Colin Beattie, the Scottish National Party's candidate in the Midlothian North & Musselburgh constituency.


Stevie Curran’s View – It’s Time to Care about Care

This View has been written by Stephen Curran, the Scottish Labour Party's candidate in the Midlothian North & Musselburgh constituency.


New Danderhall to Shawfair cycle path

Charity Sustrans has been given the go-ahead to build a new footpath linking Danderhall to new developments at Shawfair.


Dog thefts not prevalent in West Lothian says Police Chief

Widespread talk on social media about a surge in thefts of dogs in West Lothian is not backed up by the figures.


AC May’s View on Young People

This View has been written by AC May, the Scottish Liberal Democrats's candidate in the Midlothian South, Tweeddale & Lauderdale constituency.


Want to do the Kiltwalk for MYPAS?

Adults, young people, MYPAS Board and staff members are joining in the virtual Kiltwalk this year on 23rd-25th April.


Focus on falls

Health bosses have pledged £55,000 towards tackling the impact of falls on people living in Midlothian.


A generation is being lost to the next pandemic – illicit street valium

“He never intended to kill himself, he was so used to doing this he never thought he would probably die – he was self-medicating.”


The Queen’s royal representative in Edinburgh leads tributes to the city’s Duke

Buckingham Palace announced today that Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh has died at the age of 99.


New David Lloyd club at Shawfair gets the go ahead

A state of the art leisure centre which will create up to 75 full-time jobs has been given the go-ahead by Midlothian councillors.


Council meetings available to watch live again

Members of the public can now again watch Midlothian Council meetings live online.


13% of people not turning up for their vaccination

Nearly 13 people out of every 100 invited for their Covid-19 vaccine are not turning up every day across NHS Lothian.


Councillors keen to see drone footage in planning applications

Developers will be asked to provide their own eye-in-the-sky image in future applications.


Katherine Sangster’s View on politics

This View has been written by Katherine Sangster, the Scottish Labour Party's and Scottish Co-operative Party's candidate in the Midlothian South, Tweeddale & Lauderdale constituency.


Dominic Ashmole’s View – Climate solutions are mostly low-tech

This View has been written by Dominic Ashmole, the Scottish Green Party's candidate in the Midlothian South, Tweeddale & Lauderdale constituency.


Iain Whyte’s View on apprenticeships

This View has been written by Iain Whyte, the Scottish Conservatives and Unionist Party's candidate in the Midlothian North & Musselburgh constituency.


Stevie Curran’s View on Independence

This View has been written by Stephen Curran, the Scottish Labour Party's candidate in the Midlothian North & Musselburgh constituency.


Christine Grahame’s View on experience

This View has been written by Christine Grahame, the Scottish National Party's candidate in the Midlothian South, Tweeddale & Lauderdale constituency.


Shona Haslam’s View on housing

This View has been written by Shona Haslam, the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party's candidate in the Midlothian South, Tweeddale & Lauderdale constituency.


Colin Beattie’s View on the NHS

This View has been written by Colin Beattie, the Scottish National Party's candidate in the Midlothian North & Musselburgh constituency.


The Vanguard Party View

This View has been written by Michael Banks, the Vanguard Party's candidate in the Midlothian South, Tweeddale & Lauderdale constituency.


Charles Dundas gives his View of education

This View has been written by Charles Dundas, the Scottish Liberal Democrats' candidate in the Midlothian North & Musselburgh constituency.


Hopefield 2 approved

A community school will be at the heart of a new 1,000-housing development at Bonnyrigg.


AC May rises to the Midlothian View Holyrood Challenge

This View has been written by AC May, the Scottish Liberal Democrats' candidate in the Midlothian South, Tweeddale & Lauderdale constituency.


Midlothian View Holyrood Challenge

This year we have invited all candidates in both Midlothian constituencies to take part in the 'Midlothian View Holyrood Challenge.'


List of Candidates for Midlothian South, Tweeddale & Lauderdale

The list of candidates for Midlothian South, Tweeddale & Lauderdale and the Scotland South list has been confirmed.


Family housebuilders Mactaggart & Mickel rallies behind football club

A Midlothian football club has been handed a financial boost by family housebuilder Mactaggart & Mickel.


Made in Midlothian awards over £23k for 2021 Youth Arts Programme

The Social Enterprise will deliver an “eclectic” programme of projects in Midlothian with children and young people most affected by Covid-19.


Trump in secret talks with the Duke of Buccleuch

Donald Trump wants to purchase Dalkeith Country Park and Palace.


List of candidates for Midlothian North & Musselburgh confirmed

The list of candidates for the Midlothian North and Musselburgh constituency and the Lothian List have been confirmed.


New parking controls to be introduced across Edinburgh

Changes to some parking restrictions will come into force in Edinburgh from Sunday, 11 April.


East Lothian Council stay away warning

Visitors are being warned to stay out of East Lothian this bank holiday weekend as the local authority teams up with police to crack down on those from outside the county.


Gorebridge Post Office building appeal upheld

A bid to turn a former Post Office into a private home after it lay empty for 18 years has been granted on appeal after councillors were warned against “playing God”.


SNP Candidate Colin Beattie supports the Scotspledge

Local Holyrood candidate Colin Beattie has backed a pledge to support the Scots language and raise its profile if elected as an MSP in May’s election.


SNP Lothian list candidate defects to Alba Party

A Scottish Parliament hopeful has become the latest SNP candidate to jump ship and join Alex Salmond’s newly-formed Alba party.


Drone footage of land for 700 new homes

The development would build on the farmland between Mayfield and Newtongrange so that the two communities would no longer be separated by fields.


SNP celebrate Midlothian East by-election win

Stuart McKenzie has become Midlothian's newest Councillor, elected for the Midlothian East Ward last Friday.


Haslam calls for “fair funding deal” for Midlothian Council

Shona Haslam candidate for Midlothian South, Tweeddale and Lauderdale has vowed to deliver a ‘fair funding deal’ for Midlothian Council.


Gorebridge’s old Post Office owner frustrated

The owner of a former Post Office building which has lain empty for two decades has hit out after he was refused the right to attend a meeting to decide its future.


First new Melville homes completed since start of pandemic

Tenants move in as £3.5m development nears completion.


Sangster is taking the digital route to Holyrood

Covid restrictions mean door to door campaigning and in person events are not possible for this years’ election.


SNP win the Midlothian East by-election

SNP candidate Stuart McKenzie has won the Midlothian East council by-election after a close-run contest with his Conservative rival.


Launch of National Bike Theft Campaign

Police Scotland has launched a national campaign to tackle the rising number of bike thefts taking place across the country.


Midlothian MP reacts to Santander decision to close its Dalkeith branch

Santander has announced that its Dalkeith branch is one of 111 to be closed across the United Kingdom.


Midlothian East by-election today

Voters go to the polls today to select a new councillor for the Midlothian East ward.


Watch the emotive Glyphosate discussion to decide who to vote for

The issue of Midlothian Council's use of the Glyphosate weedkiller is a very emotive one and the recording of yesterday's meeting is now available.


Councillor gives his by-election View

John Hackett gives his View of the five candidates standing in the Midlothian East by-election tomorrow.


Glyphosate weed killer ban overturned

Council workers went on a “killing mission” after being allowed to use a banned weed killer, it was claimed this week.

Lasswade Centre Library

Library fines abolished

Library fines for late returns have been abolished by Midlothian Council after they were branded “outdated” and a barrier to making the service accessible.


Midlothian resident is 106 years old today

Anne Stewart celebrates her 106th birthday today and we understand the Rosehill Care home resident is the second oldest person in Midlothian.


Woodburn Primary gets gold Unicef Award

Children and staff at Woodburn Primary School in Dalkeith are delighted to have been awarded their Gold level Rights Respecting School Award (RRSA) linked to their work on the Rights of the Child.


Vernon the Community Hero

A Bonnyrigg man has been recognised for his tireless work cleaning up the local area.


Unpaid carer vaccination

Colin Beattie MSP writes his monthly column for Midlothian View.


Councillor disappointed with care grades

Improvements across care services were described as “positive” after three inspections produced good feedback during the pandemic.


Lothian Buses to withdraw all services due to anti-social behaviour

Lothian Buses today announced its intention to withdraw all services from 19.30hrs tonight (17 March) following months of incidents of antisocial behaviour.


Council approves slavery plaque on Henry Dundas monument

Edinburgh City Council has approved plans to add a plaque to the Melville Monument – denouncing Henry Dundas’ role in deferring abolition of the slave trade and his role in expanding the British Empire.


Cyclist hit councillor’s dog

A cyclist ran over the neck of a small dog as he cut through a two-metre gap between her owner and another walker on a popular pathway.


Car park charge to be introduced at Dalkeith Country Park

The plan is to build a new car park and entrance road into the Park and to upgrade some of its pathways.


Scottish Government confirms Glencorse Primary School can close

Parents, carers, staff and pupils have been informed after Scottish Ministers agreed Midlothian Council can go ahead with plans to close Glencorse Primary School in Penicuik.


Vaccine letters delay apology

The Scottish Government has apologised after a delay to vaccine letters saw some residents in the Lothians miss their coronavirus vaccination appointments.


Sheriffhall: A plaster on a gaping wound

Stephen Curran, Midlothian Councillor and Labour party candidate for Midlothian North and Musselburgh gives his view about Sheriffhall.


Coogan filming in Newtongrange

The search for the remains of King Richard III is to be recreated in Newtongrange for a new movie with Alan Partridge actor Steve Coogan.


Appeal following vehicle fire in Loanhead

Police officers in Dalkeith are appealing for information after cars were deliberately set on fire at a premises in Loanhead.


State of the art e-bike share system coming soon to Midlothian

The GO e-bike hire ‘hubs’ that have been built at Jarnac Court and Eskbank rail station.


BBC Debate Night wants you

The programme on Wednesday 24th March is open to applications from members of the general public from Edinburgh and the Lothians.


Police establish ‘no crime took place’ following reported sexual assault

Officers enquiries into a report of sexual assault in Midlothian are now complete


Road safety improvements for Sherrifhall

Sherrifhall Roundabout on the A720 Edinburgh City Bypass is set to be refurbished with a £100,000 package of road safety improvements.


New Royal Hospital for Children and Young People to fully open 23rd March

From 8am on Tuesday 23 March, all patients and any child or young person requiring access to A&E, must go to the new Royal Hospital for Children and Young People at Little France.


Dick Vets wins award for the support of Pet Blood Bank UK

Dick Vets was recognised with the Host Venue Award for their dedication to hosting donation days for the charity.


Developers propose 700 new houses joining Mayfield and Newtongrange together

The development would mean the two communities would no longer be separated by fields.


Help to build Midlothian’s future workforce

The Young Person’s Guarantee provides every 16-24 year old in Scotland with the opportunity of a job, placement, training or volunteering place.


Thompson calls for stronger approach to cyber threat

Midlothian's MP is urging the UK government to do more to tackle the threat of so-called ‘cybertroops’


Appeal after woman sexually assaulted near golf course in Dalkeith

Police Scotland is appealing for information after a woman was sexually assaulted in Midlothian.


Lidl expanding in Dalkeith whilst The Blacksmith’s Forge decides not to renew lease

Lidl has confirmed that it has submitted a planning application to Midlothian Council for the extension and modernisation of their Dalkeith.


Aldi consulting on new store at Straiton

People are being invited to share their views on a planned new Aldi store at Straiton as a public consultation is launched online.


Midlothian Council is looking for foster carers

The pandemic has affected children in many different ways but their need for a loving, stable home has not changed.


Young adults in Midlothian secure a positive future

Newly released Scottish Government statistics show that 94.5% of school leavers in Midlothian were in ‘positive destinations’ during 2019/20.


Dandara help hospital staff take a break

Donation from builder Dandara helps staff at Midlothian Community Hospital.


Vaccine stats update

The Covid-19 vaccine rollout has ramped up in East Lothian and Midlothian, with more than a third of the population receiving their first dose.


Five candidates for Midlothian East

Five candidates are set to fight it out for a seat on Midlothian Council when a by-election is held on March 25th.


Thompson hosts free webinar to help Midlothian businesses boost export potential

Owen Thompson MP is leading a drive to bring free government support to more local firms in Midlothian.


Council adds to fleet of electric cars

Midlothian Council has been able to lease more electric vehicles to add to its green fleet due to a Scottish Government grant of £45,600.


Chris Tarrant writes letter to the editor about stroke research

'Six years ago, completely out of the blue I had a sudden and life-changing stroke. I’m not alone in this'


Funding for Midlothian towns approved

A number of local improvement projects in Midlothian have been given the go-ahead with funding from the Scottish Government’s Town Centre Capital Fund.


Every school age pupil in Midlothian to receive a free device for learning

Every school age pupil in the county is to receive a learning device such as an iPad or Google Chromebook as part of Midlothian Council’s £10.5 million investment in digital learning.


Midlothian pandemic investment totals £800 million

Ambitious budget proposals aimed at “leading the way out of the pandemic” have been unanimously approved by Midlothian Council.


Council tax and rent freeze

Council tax will be frozen and rent increases postponed for the coming year in Midlothian.


“Off to dance with the stars in the sky”

Last week Karen Henderson, the star of Sunshine on Dalkeith, sadly passed away at the age of 48.


Lothian vaccine rollout increases

The Covid vaccine rollout across the Lothians remains slower than the rest of the country although it is gathering pace, according to latest figures.


Midlothian MP calls on Sir Keir Starmer to back Crony Bill

Owen Thompson has written to Sir Keir Starmer calling again for Labour to back his bill to tackle 'Tory cronyism’ in Westminster.


Nazareth House care home criticised

The private care home failed to provide social distancing and showed “significant weaknesses” in hygiene standards, despite being in the middle of the second Covid-19 lockdown.



Colin Beattie MSP writes his monthly column for Midlothian View.


Free vaccine travel

A transport charity is offering people with mobility challenges free trips to get their Covid-19 vaccine.


New discretionary fund to help support small businesses in Midlothian

Small or micro businesses in Midlothian may be eligible for support from a newly launched COVID-19 discretionary fund.


NHS Lothian chiefs respond to lowest vaccination rate in Scotland

NHS Lothian chiefs say there will be ‘lessons learned’ over the region's vaccination programme.


Vaccination: when, how to book and where you’ll be vaccinated

NHS Lothian has released further details of its coronavirus vaccination programme.


Nepalese restaurant approved in Penicuik

A former snooker hall will be turned into a Nepalese restaurant after planners gave the changes the green light.


Ball tracing technology launches at Melville Golf Centre

Golfers can now analyse their shots in detail thanks to new technology at the Midlothian driving range.


Everyone should register to vote

Reader Patricia Baillie Strong encourages everyone to register to vote in the Scottish Parliamentary elections this year.


Finance Secretary hears council’s case for funding to support population growth

The case for a fairer funding allocation for Midlothian has been put to Scottish Finance Secretary, Kate Forbes, by council leaders at a “very positive” meeting held last week.


Council posts balanced budget but warns ‘difficult decisions will be unavoidable’

Edinburgh City Council is set to post a balanced budget thanks to a UK Government loan repayment holiday and a rise in council tax.


Vaccine roll-out slow

The speed of the vaccine roll-out in East Lothian has been branded “unacceptable” as the county was revealed to be the third slowest council area to administer it in Scotland.


Midlothian MP’s “Crony Bill” Passes First Parliamentary Hurdle

A backbench bill from Owen Thompson MP which would prevent Government Ministers giving contracts to friends and colleagues without scrutiny passed its first hurdle in the parliament today.


NHS Lothian has the worst vaccination rate in Scotland

New figures show Edinburgh and the Lothians still have the lowest vaccination rates in the country.


Midlothian MP presents Bill to tackle “cronyism”

The Ministerial Interests (Emergency Powers) Bill would require UK Ministers to answer questions about any personal, political or financial connections they may have to a company that is awarded a government contract.


Plans for ‘New Pentland’ near Straiton go to public consultation

A new retail park project next to Straiton could create 145 permanent jobs as well as providing additional affordable housing and care for the elderly.


Closure of Jenners is ‘terrible news for Edinburgh’

The announced closure of the store has put 200 capital jobs at risk in the middle of a global pandemic.


‘Parly’, Vaccine and Borders

Christine Grahame, MSP for Midlothian South, Tweeddale and Lauderdale, writes her March column for Midlothian View.


Edinburgh will provide picturesque backdrop for Tour of Britain

Tour of Britain to come back to Edinburgh but it is unknown if Midlothian will miss out again.


Politicians criticise government and health chiefs over NHS Lothian vaccine roll out

Politicians have expressed their dismay over the handling of the region's vaccination programme with one MSP saying some of the priorities have been ‘frankly ludicrous’.


MP presses for limited company directors’ support scheme

Many of the directors of around 2 million small and micro businesses have gone ten months without any income and no support from the Government, says Midlothian MP.


Newbattle among schools piloting lateral flow tests in Scotland

Newbattle Community High is taking part in a Scottish Government pilot of the new, quicker ‘lateral flow’ Covid-19 tests in Scotland.


East Lothian fence privacy row

A homeowner who claimed that lowering his garden fence would breach his family’s human rights has lost his battle to keep it in place.


Edinburgh set to host Tour of Britain stage

Some of the world’s best cyclists are set to grace the streets of Edinburgh once more as the Tour of Britain is set to return


Scottish business mental health crisis revealed in survey

Two fifths of business owners say they’re worried about their mental health, a survey of 1200 Scottish entrepreneurs has found.


Council supports Fala community in new play equipment venture

Scores of local children enjoying new play equipment in Fala thanks to a community venture supported by Midlothian Council.


Glencorse Primary school to close

The closure of Glencorse Primary School had been put to a public consultation by Midlothian Council during the latter part of last year.


Appeal after the death of a man in Midlothian

Police Scotland is appealing for witnesses following the death of a man found near Cousland in Midlothian on Sunday 17th January.


Start of a new year

Colin Beattie MSP writes his monthly column for Midlothian View.


Midlothian gin distillery looking to expand

The owners of The Secret Herb Garden at Lothianburn say the expansion could create nearly 40 new jobs at the venue over the next two years.


Council flats to be built instead of Hopefield retail units

Council flats will be built on land previously earmarked for a community hub including retail units in the heart of a residential estate, despite objections from locals.


MND study provides exciting new focus for potential drug treatments

Motor neurone disease treatments that boost energy in nerve cells could be developed thanks to new research at Edinburgh University.


Midlothian council digital future plans

Working with the community at the heart of council's policy as it moves into a new digital era


Thompson backs ‘catch up with cancer’ campaign

Owen Thompson MP has called for urgent investment from the UK Government to help address the backlog in cancer services during the Covid19 crisis.


MiM awarded £30k for Youth Arts Programme in Midlothian

The social enterprise will create much needed paid work opportunities for local arts practitioners.


East Lothian deters cross border waste trips

Recycling centres in East Lothian will reduce opening hours in a bid to stop people crossing county borders to use them.


Fantastic support for job seekers says Shona Haslam

Scottish Conservative and Unionist candidate for Midlothian South has strongly praised the UK Government for helping jobseekers in Midlothian to start up their own businesses.


Ski resort approved

A new £13.8 million Hillend Destination resort in Midlothian took another step forward this week as councillors granted planning permission in principle to the project.


Midlothian school takeaway ban eased

A ban on hot food takeaways being allowed to open within 400 metres of schools has been lifted by Midlothian Council.


Straiton greenbelt warning

Plans to create a new mixed retail park to the west of Straiton Park and Ride could come unstuck after planners warned that the proposal spilled into the greenbelt.


Street Lights Mean 30 campaign comes to Midlothian

The East Safety Camera Unit and Eskbank and Newbattle Community Council have been working together to improve road safety, by encouraging drivers to stick to the 30mph speed limit.


Passivhaus council flats to be built

A new council flat complex in Dalkeith town centre will be as “near to zero carbon” as possible after its design was given the go-ahead by planners.


Chromebooks and live lessons available in Midlothian

Midlothian Council has supplied around 3,800 Chromebooks and 54 4G dongles to pupils since the start of the pandemic as live lessons start where appropriate.


Thousands sign Musselburgh Lagoons petition

Thousands of people have signed a petition demanding a wildlife haven be protected from plans to build a Formula 1 race track on it.


19th century hotel demolition set to be rejected

Proposals to demolish a 19th-century hotel and replace it with student flats are set to be rejected by Edinburgh City Council.


The Spectacle of Light raises £3,100 for CHAS

Rainbow’s End has raised an impressive £3,100 for Children’s Hospices Across Scotland during Spectacle of Light


Older people urged to check their benefit income

Owen Thompson MP has urged people over pension age to check and make sure they are claiming all the grants, benefits and allowances they are due.


Vaccine rollout coming to Midlothian

GP Practices across Midlothian will receive deliveries of the Covid-19 vaccine from Monday as they start offering it to over-80s across the county.


Formula 1 race track plan for Musselburgh

A Formula 1 race track at a site earmarked for a wildlife haven would bring more benefits to the local economy, council chiefs are being told.


Excluded workers forgotten says Midlothian MP

Midlothian MP Owen Thompson comments on the updated package of Covid19 support announced by the Chancellor Rishi Sunak.


Tesco appeal ‘unlawful’

A bid by supermarket giant Tesco to get out of paying £400,000 towards school provision in Musselburgh has been ruled ‘unlawful’ by Scottish Ministers.


Cold weather payments triggered

Residents living in parts of Midlothian and East Lothian will receive an emergency cold weather payment after temperatures fell below zero for seven days in a row.


A difficult and strange Christmas and then Brexit

Christine Grahame MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


Midlothian View Christmas Quiz

How many of these Midlothian based questions set by Gordon Clayton of Black Diamond FM can you answer?


Bells to ring out on Christmas Eve

The Churches bells are ringing out over Dalkeith and Danderhall for Worldwide Santa Christmas Eve Jingle.


Melville makes £3,000 Christmas donation to local charities

In order to help spread a little Christmas cheer in what has been a pretty awful year for everyone, Dalkeith-based Melville Housing Association has made a £3,000 donation to local charities.


Colin Beattie looks back at 2020

Colin Beattie MSP writes his monthly column for Midlothian View.


Free hospital parking extended

Free parking will be extended till March 2021 at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh for staff, visitors and patients.


Funding for new campus at Mayfield and refurbishments for Penicuik High

Midlothian Council has successfully applied for Scottish Government funding to build a new Mayfield School Campus and refurbish and extend Penicuik High School.


Curran selected as Labour Party election candidate

Midlothian North and Musselburgh Labour party have selected their candidate for the 2021 Scottish Parliament elections.


“The rate of transmission is not only higher here now than it is in the west. It’s still climbing.”

Council, NHS, emergency services and planning partners join forces regarding coronavirus guidance.


Dalkeith girl designs escape room for charity

A play-at-home escape room game that was designed by a Dalkeith schoolgirl will soon be on sale raising money for Edinburgh Children’s Hospital charity.


FSB say Holyrood must prioritise small business recovery

The next intake of MSPs must deliver new laws designed to help Scotland’s local and independent firms recover from this year’s crisis, according to the Federation of Small Businesses.


Midlothian drugs deaths on the rise

Drugs deaths in Midlothian have doubled in the last 10 years, with 18 deaths recorded last year.


Teaching staff remote learning ballot

Teachers in East Lothian are being urged to support union calls for schools to move to remote learning.


Network Rail fined £135,000 for electrocution

Network Rail fined for failing to maintain and improve the railway fencing near Musselburgh.


Concerns over post-Brexit plans to replace successful rural investment programme

A rural development programme covering areas of East and Midlothian has succeeded in providing more than £2.5 million in grant funding for 42 local projects over the past six years.


Council ‘bankrupt’ investment review

A decision by Midlothian Council to invest £13million in a local authority is being investigated by external auditors.


Council staff are ‘tired’

A plea for council workers to be recognised for their efforts during the coronavirus pandemic was backed by Midlothian councillors.


Thompson calls for action on video game loot boxes

Midlothian MP Owen Thompson called for the updating of gambling laws while using video games.


No level change for Midlothian

Midlothian and Edinburgh will both remain in Level 3. East Lothian is moving back up to Level 3 coronavirus restrictions.


Health chiefs told to get ready for second vaccine before Christmas

Midlothian health bosses have been told to get ready to administer a second Covid-19 vaccine from December 21, it has been revealed.


New town centre for Blindwells

A change to the way people shop has led developers of a new town to scrap plans for a large supermarket at its centre.


More than 500 staff vaccinated in NHS Lothian

More than 500 NHS Lothian staff vaccinated but concerns remain over vaccine supply.


Edinburgh council leader wants to see the evidence

Council’s SNP leader calls on Scot Gov to follow ‘scientific evidence and advice’ regarding coronavirus levels.


Midlothian Council makes the case for urgent changes in government funding

Midlothian Council is pressing the Scottish Government to urgently reconsider the way in which it provides funding for local councils.


Midlothian Council is “devastated” to be remaining in level 3

Midlothian Council has issued a statement in which it says it is “devastated” to be remaining in level 3 of the Coronavirus restrictions.


Scottish Highers cancelled

Deputy First Minister John Swinney has announced that Scottish Highers have been cancelled.


Midlothian has invested millions in bankrupt Croydon Council

Concerns have been raised after it was revealed that Midlothian Council had invested £13million in an English local authority which has declared itself bankrupt.


No change for Midlothian Level 3

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has informed the Scottish parliament.


Winter wellbeing booklet launches

Scottish mental health and wellbeing charity, Health in Mind, and Midlothian Health and Social Care Partnership have partnered to launch a wellbeing booklet for the festive period.


Midlothian mining communities central to Scotland’s green revolution

Owen Thompson MP said Midlothian's mining communities could play a central role in the "green renaissance."


Lib Dems select their candidate

Lib Dems select AC May to fight Midlothian South, Tweeddale & Lauderdale for Holyrood 2021


“I can just imagine Ms Grahame bending down towards the orphan Oliver Twist”

Letter written by AC May Liberal Democrat Candidate, Midlothian South, Tweeddale and Lauderdale


Funded employee training for SMEs with Edinburgh College

More employers across Edinburgh and the Lothians can now tap into funding to provide upskilling and reskilling opportunities for their staff.


Care Inspectorate praise for Highbank

Highbank, Midlothian Council’s short- term intermediate care facility for people over 65, has been rated as ‘good’ for its quality of care.


New funslope at Hillend

The first new attraction has opened as part of the council’s Destination Hillend project.


M&S open in Straiton

Marks & Spencer has today opened its largest M&S Food store in Scotland, in Straiton.


It’s a Covid Christmas

Christine Grahame MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


Capital vaccine centre set to be based at EICC

Edinburgh City Council officials have also given an update on the capital’s vaccination plan.


Councillors call for more ‘transparency’ over capital’s level three designation

Edinburgh councillors are calling for more ‘transparency’ after data revealed the city is below the threshold for the majority of the level three criteria.


No level change again for Midlothian

Midlothian will remain in Level 3 Covid restrictions for another week after the First Minister said no changes would be made to local authority tiers this week.


Older people services demand grows

Demand for help from older people and their carers leapt by 15 per cent as a direct impact of Covid-19 on social services in Midlothian this year.


Free school meals from 2022

Local MSP welcomes free school meals for all primary school pupils.


Launch of Lothians and Scottish Borders Festive Campaign

Police in Lothians and Scottish Borders Division have launched their annual campaign to keep the public safe and deter crime over the festive period.


Local firm donates CDT books to Newbattle

Bilston-based FMS Fire and Security Ltd recently donated text books to Newbattle Community High School after learning the school was struggling to afford the latest versions.


Council to light up wintry skies across care homes

Midlothian community hospital and every care home in Midlothian will have a real Christmas tree in their grounds thanks to a new initiative by Midlothian Council.


Melville donation helps Penicuik Foodbank gear up for Christmas

Melville Housing Association has made a £300 donation to the Penicuik Foodbank, run by Food Facts Friends.


Media Mindful campaign launched

Girlguiding Scotland has launched their new Media Mindful campaign to support girls and young women to challenge sexism and negative gender stereotypes in the media.


Edinburgh unveils plan for ending poverty by 2030

The City of Edinburgh Council has unveiled a ten-year delivery plan outlining the actions it will take to help eradicate poverty.


Coronavirus care home data refused

Health chiefs at NHS Lothian have refused to say how many patients were transferred to care homes after testing positive for coronavirus.


Policy on the hoof warning

Councillors were warned not to make policy “on the hoof” in a row over an industrial estate this week.


Auchendinny school concerns

Concern over plans for a new primary school in Auchendinny saw proposals for nearly 400 new homes in the community scrape through planning this week.


Winner of MSP Christmas card competition chosen

Colin Beattie, MSP for Midlothian North and Musselburgh, has held his fourth annual Christmas Card Competition for school children.


Midlothian MSPs react to level 2 reversal

Midlothian two constituency MPs Colin Beattie and Christine Grahame have reacted to yesterday's decision.


New council housing gets underway in Newtongrange

Hart Builders, part of the Cruden Group has secured a £10.4m contract to build a new affordable housing development on behalf of Midlothian Council.


Dalkeith gateway approved

Visitors to an Dalkeith Country Park are not using its main entrance because they do not realise it is there.


Confirmed: Midlothian is to stay at Level 3

Midlothian Council Leader Councillor Derek Milligan has confirmed the Scottish Government has just informed him that Midlothian is to remain in level 3


Midlothian’s Level 2 move now in doubt

A sharp spike in Covid-19 cases in Midlothian has put plans to move the county into a lower level of restrictions in doubt.


MP beamed into school assembly

Thompson attends virtual school assembly to promote digital safety for kids


Do not leave Midlothian until Tuesday

Council Leader urges residents to abide by the law.


Thompson raises Midlothian space rocket concerns at PMQs

Owen Thompson MP raises concerns for Scotland's Space Industry following a UK-US Agreement.


Edinburgh councillors ‘living in cloud cuckoo land’ over tram

Opposition councillors have called on Edinburgh City Council’s ruling administration to ‘eat a large slice of humble pie’ over its tram extension project.


Penicuik Town Hall improvement work to start

Improvement work on Penicuik Town Hall begins next week and will be completed by the end of April 2021.


Midlothian moves to Level 2

The First Minister said this was due to Midlothian having seen a marked decline in infection rates.


Embarrassed by the state of Penicuik football pitch

The failure to act on a football pitch which has seen children injured has left one councillor “embarrassed and ashamed.”


East Lothian and Midlothian race to Level 2

East Lothian could see Covid restrictions eased this week after the First Minister hinted that at least one Level 3 local authority was being considered for a move to Level 2.


Midlothian Council and Vattenfall launch new Energy Services Company

A 50/50 joint venture between Vattenfall and Midlothian Council will deliver low carbon energy projects across the area.


We will remember them

Colin Beattie MSP writes his monthly column for Midlothian View.


East Lothian new homes rise

The number of new homes built in East Lothian this year is three times the national average.


Colin Beattie chosen as SNP election candidate

Colin Beattie has been selected unopposed as the SNP‘s candidate for the Holyrood elections in 2021 in Midlothian North and Musselburgh.


Colleges recommend further action to deal with the impact of Coronavirus

A collaboration between colleges in east central Scotland has published their proposals on how best to deliver skills and opportunities in Scotland to support the economic recovery.


Road closure between Portobello and Joppa

Edinburgh City Council is set to close another through-road as part of a traffic management scheme in the the capital, despite strong opposition from residents.


Improvement in domestic abuse detection rates within Lothians and Scottish Borders

A commitment to tackling all forms of domestic abuse has resulted in improved detection rates with the Lothians and Scottish Borders.


“Lift off” for Mission Christmas at Technopole

The science park in the Bush Estate near Penicuik will be a hub for this year’s Mission Christmas as part of the Cash for Kids campaign.


Edinburgh’s Christmas Market given the go-ahead for 2021

Plans for Edinburgh’s next Christmas Market event have been given the green light with some restrictions.


Meat vending machine venture

A family farm in Pathhead is set to launch a self-service butcher’s shop in time for Christmas.


Council Leader responds to Tier 3 announcement

Midlothian Council Leader Councillor Derek Milligan says while he is disappointed, he understands the Scottish Government’s decision.


East Lothian Multi-hubs given the green light

Ambitious plans to introduce public transport hubs across East Lothian have been given the go-ahead.


Bypass roadworks for eight nights

Overnight roadworks will take place on the Edinburgh City Bypass near to Sheriffhall Roundabout.


Council to offer paid job placements to young people

Midlothian Council is to offer up to 30 young people job placements of no less than six months as part of the government’s Kickstart scheme.


Taxi row pledge

Police will meet with representatives of the taxi trade and council in Midlothian to address concerns about rogue drivers.


Edinburgh’s electric sweeper

Edinburgh becomes the first local authority in the UK to use an electric road sweeper.


Would you consider adopting?

Midlothian Council calls for adopters as it prepares to celebrate Adoption Week.


Fire chief would like to ban fireworks

A fire chief has said he would ban fireworks if he could after his officers came under attack.


Rogue taxis coming into Midlothian

Taxi drivers are appealing for help in a row over rogue operators taking their business.


Midlothian Council want your views on core paths

The council is reviewing the Midlothian Core Paths Plan so time to have your say.


M&S opening date for Straiton

Marks & Spencer has today announced its new Food store at Straiton Retail Park will be open from Wednesday 2nd December.


Missile attack on Midlothian fire crew condemned

Midlothian’s Police and Fire and Rescue Board has warned any attempts to hamper local emergency services on Bonfire Night tonight will not be tolerated.


Tavern community campaign support in Gorebridge

Hundreds of people have backed a bid to turn a pub which has been closed for four years into a ‘family-friendly’ community establishment.


Go Ape in Dalkeith Country Park

Visitors to Dalkeith Country Park could be swinging from the tree tops if plans for a new activity centre get the go ahead.


Disheartened by another branch closure

Colin Beattie MSP writes his monthly column for Midlothian View.


MP calls for views on business support

Owen Thompson MP has called on Midlothian businesses to let him know about their experiences accessing government-backed loans and other Covid-19 support


Local Miners convicted during strike to be pardoned

Scottish miners convicted during the year-long strike in the 1980s are to be pardoned by the Scottish Government.


John McMorrow appointed new Melville Chief Executive

John McMorrow is to take over as the new Chief Executive of Dalkeith-based Melville Housing Association replacing Andrew Noble who is retiring.


New project to help care-experienced young people like Kieran live independently

A ground-breaking project to support care-experienced young people live independent, fulfilled lives was launched today during National Care Leavers Week by Midlothian Council’s Children’s Services.


Local MSPs hit out at UK Government PPE cost

MSPs have branded the UK government’s decision to allow the temporary suspension of VAT on personal protective equipment to expire as “shocking."


Crisis grants hit record high over lockdown

The Scottish Welfare Fund made 815 crisis grant payments to people in Midlothian in the last financial quarter.


The Dome to add glass roof

An Edinburgh landmark is set for a facelift as the owners look to establish a retractable glass roof and chic dining terrace.


House in Gorebridge faces demolition

A homeowner who ignored warnings to stop building his house after it breached planning permission faces having to tear it down.


Flu, Covid and Penicuik

Christine Grahame MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


Childminders commercial waste bill

Childminders who work from homes in East Lothian could be hit with annual fees after the local authority told them that “nappies and food waste” cannot be disposed of in domestic bins.


Time to complete your tax return

HM Revenue and Customs is reminding Self Assessment customers that there are just 100 days left to complete their tax return ahead of the deadline on 31 January 2021


David Lloyd coming to Shawfair

Members of the public will be invited to take part in a virtual consultation over plans to build a David Lloyd Health and Racquets Club at Shawfair Park later this month.


Proposals for up to 400 homes at Redheugh West

Developers will be urged to set out what they will do for the community of Gorebridge as the latest phase of creating a new community moves forward.


Aldi is given the go-ahead

Midlothian could see its first Aldi store open next autumn after councillors overturned planning officers’ advice.


Cafe direction call

Council Leader calls for clear direction from government regarding cafes/restaurants.


Aldi in Thornybank recommended for refusal

Plans for Midlothian’s first Aldi store to open in Dalkeith have been recommended for refusal by council officers.


Council to introduce electric charger tariff

Midlothian Council is to stop providing free electricity at its electric vehicle charging points.


Homelessness project binned

Plans to turn a former police station into homeless flats have been scrapped amid growing concern at the spiralling cost.


East Lothian anger over lockdown

Anger over the inclusion of East Lothian in the Central Belt lockdown.


Menopause policy welcomed

Moving accounts of living with menopause were given to Midlothian Council by its own elected members as they were asked to adopt a new policy to support women.


Council and Emergency Services tackle Waste Amnesty

Midlothian Council is once again working with local Emergency Services to offer free uplift of combustible materials


Family leave for councillors proposed

Midlothian Council is being asked to adopt new COSLA guidelines which allow elected members who become parents to take the same time off.


Covid, Covid, Covid

Christine Grahame MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


New help for Lothian Prostate cancer patients

Men in Lothian with prostate cancer have a new source of support as they navigate their diagnosis, treatment choices and the impact on their life.


Grants awarded for improvements to Penicuik Town Hall

Improvement work to historic Penicuik Town Hall is to be funded by grants from the Scottish Government Town Centre Capital Fund and from the Penicuik Heritage Regeneration Project.


One week left to apply for pilot First Home Fund

Christine Grahame MSP has encouraged first-time buyers in her constituency to consider applying for the pilot First Home Fund.


Workers need to carry their phones at work

First Minister backs Grahame's calls for workers to be allowed phone during shift for Covid App.


Cycle hire comes to Musselburgh

A cycle hire scheme has been introduced in Musselburgh for a one year trial.


Melville benefits adviser leaving on a high note

A hugely successful housing career is coming to an end on a high note for one half of Melville Housing Association’s award-winning welfare benefits advice team.


Woman wins planning battle to build remote huts

An Edinburgh woman has won her planning battle to construct 15 wooden huts on land near West Linton.


FSB and Adecco team up Kickstart for young people

Applications open for small businesses in Midlothian to kickstart young people’s employment.


New electric truck could drive from Dalkeith to Aberdeen

In what could be a significant step forward in reducing CO2 emissions on our roads Swedish truck manufacturer Scania has launched its first fully electric truck.


Macmillan coffee morning this Friday

The Macmillan charity which is facing a dramatic drop in income due to Coronavirus hopes Scots will get creative about how they take part this year


Local MSP plea to constituents

Colin Beattie MSP writes his monthly column for Midlothian View.


Ambitious plans for community takeover of Jedburgh buildings

Jedburgh’s Town Hall, library and public toilets could be passed into the ownership of a community group as part of ambitious plans to rejuvenate the town


What to expect if you’re called by an NHS Contact Tracer

Scotland’s approach to implementing the ‘test, trace, isolate, support’ strategy, Test and Protect, is now live across the country.


A702 overnight and weekend closures

Motorists using the A702 in Midlothian are advised to plan ahead to avoid weekend and overnight road closures.


New Midlothian Cycle map now available

Spokes’ revised and updated map of Midlothian showing the best routes for cyclists and walkers is now in the shops


‘Your Police 2020-2021’ survey

People living in the Lothians and Scottish Borders are being urged to make their views known about policing in their area.


Midlothian’s 24% ELC funding gap highlighted

The public spending watchdog for local government has highlighted that the funding received by Midlothian Council is £5.4 million less than it requires.


Thompson calls for more open conversations about mental health on World Suicide Prevention Day

Owen Thompson MP has called for more open and honest conversations about mental health to help create a world where fewer people die of suicide.


Call for tougher party penalties

The call follows police breaking up a rave of over 300 people from across the UK at Kirkhill Mansion near Gorebridge


Resilience artwork at venues across Midlothian

Pupils from across Midlothian have submitted more than 150 pieces of art and written work about how they coped during COVID for a new exhibition.


Borders Councillors to explore electric charging points

Galashiels councillors are exploring the possibility of raising money from electric car charging points.


Protect Scotland App launched

People urged to download the new ‘Protect Scotland’ app - to help slow the spread of Coronavirus and support the easing of lockdown restrictions.


Covid positive cases revealed

Midlothian has the second highest percentage of positive tests confirmed since March.


Dog poo rejection

Loads of rubbish from Midlothian were rejected by a waste recycling plant for having too much dog poo in them.


Made in Midlothian launches new Online Marketplace

A new dedicated online marketplace featuring the work of Midlothian’s talented creatives.


Council and MYPAS launch school counselling pilot

Midlothian Council is working with the Midlothian Young People’s Advice Service on a one year school counselling pilot across Midlothian’s schools.


Call for more Midlothian stem cell donors

Owen Thompson MP backs calls for more Midlothian stem cell donors to give blood cancer patients a second chance.


Midlothian Council and Police working together

Midlothian Council and Police Scotland are continuing to work closely with local hospitality businesses.


Two charged after Gorebridge house party

Two men have been charged following a police investigation into a mass gathering at a rented property in Midlothian.


A68 to open on Monday

The A68 trunk road near Fala will reopen to traffic on Monday 7 September, with new road surfacing, safety barrier and white lining on track to be completed over the weekend.


East Lothian cancels Christmas

Christmas has been cancelled in East Lothian as the local council ruled out any community events which would traditionally be held.


Care homes Covid-free

There are currently no cases of Covid-19 in any care home in Midlothian, health bosses were told.


Edinburgh and CGI extend ICT relationship

Council extends partnership with CGI as it aims to become one of the world’s ‘smartest cities'.


House party owners left “sickened”

Kirkhill Mansion owners respond as Police Scotland investigates a house party in Gorebridge attended by more than 300 people.


Takeaway policy u-turn

Councillors gave the go-ahead for a hot food takeaway just 130 metres from a school, against their officer’s advice and their own policy.


Housing site trebles

Alarm was raised by councillors after they were asked to approve a planning application for a Mayfield site.


Windsor Square development given go-ahead

A former care home will be converted into flats, despite concerns over the loss of green space for its neighbours.


Programme for Government

The First Minister this afternoon outlined the Scottish Government’s legislative programme for the year ahead.


A68 is expected to reopen early next week

BEAR Scotland’s repairs to the collapsed embankment near Fala on track for completion as programmed.


Temporary Covid-19 traffic lights on Melville Dykes Road

More than £1.2m in funding has been awarded to local authorities in the south east of Scotland for emergency measures to prioritise public transport.


False alarms increase

The number of false alarms firefighters were called to in Midlothian over the last year was the highest for five years.


Stobhill oystercatchers national award nomination

Stobhill Primary school is in the running for national art competition and exhibition to provide a vital record of Covid-19 lockdown for generations to come


Covid demonstrations and deniers

Christine Grahame MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


A68 repair latest

Engineers remain confident the road will reopen early September whilst Police Scotland advise drivers to follow the official diversion.


Borders Council approves blanket speed limit reduction

Scottish Borders Council has voted to reduce all 30mph speed limits to 20mph.


Midlothian to be carbon neutral by 2030

Councillors have agreed an action plan and strategy to become carbon neutral by 2030.


Homelessness costs spiral in Dalkeith and Loanhead

Councillors raise concerns over the spiralling costs of two homelessness projects.


Loanhead bank’s closure date announced

Local MP's fight for the Bank of Scotland Branch continues as closure date is announced.


Advertise your business in Midlothian View

Local businesses who have advertised in Midlothian View have had great results.


Glencorse primary school closure

Parents were crushed during what was described as “cruel live TV” as plans to close their school were revealed over the internet.


A68 to reopen early September

BEAR Scotland’s engineers are confident that the repair to the A68 near Fala can be completed and the road reopened in early September.


Four month planning delay “unacceptable”

Delays to rebuilding the economy were branded “unacceptable” by councillors.


Ballantyne Blasts SNP Border Policy

Local politicians react to Alex Neil’s comment that SNP policy for an independent Scotland within the EU would lead to a customs border with England.


Martial arts club gets new Hardengreen home

A martial arts club which provides schools and local communities with classes has been given the green light to create a permanent base in Hardengreen.


No public access to council meetings

Midlothian Council has refused to allow public access to its meetings as it reconvenes after the summer recess.


Calls for a temporary A68 Pathhead bus

MP praises engineer response on visit to A68 landslide site and backs calls for a temporary bus for Pathhead


Michelle Ballantyne promoted to Shadow Ministerial role

South Scotland regional MSP has been promoted to the position of Shadow Minister for Trade, Investment and Innovation.


Covid crime stats

The number of complaints about anti-social behaviour rose by 55 per cent in Midlothian during lockdown.


Vital life-saving equipment for Midlothian youth team

24/7 access to defibrillator thanks to a partnership between social housing provider Melville Housing Association and leading electrical contractor Magnus Electrical Services Ltd.


Art exhibition to explore how children cope during the current pandemic

P7s at Bonnyrigg Primary School are among thousands of Midlothian pupils invited to share their experiences of coping during COVID as part of a new art resilience exhibition.


Jarnac Court refurbishment costs up by 300%

Costs spiral to at least £1.4m as councillors are asked to consider external enhancements to the building.


Proactive approach to nuisance parking

Councillor Kelly Parry is taking to the streets in Loanhead following an increase in pavement parking.


Ballantyne calls for Pipe Band support

Michelle Ballantyne MSP has called on the Scottish Government to reconsider its rules on pipe and silver band practise during the Covid-19 crisis


Whitecraig houses approved

A NEW housing development at Whitecraig will see 250 new homes built, with 63 described as affordable.


Mining museum to re-open

The National Mining Museum Scotland in Newtongrange will re-open its doors to visitors on Thursday 20th August.


McDonald’s gets rejected

McDonald's hopes of opening a new drive-thru restaurant in Musselburgh were thrown out by councillors.


Education “rank hypocrisy” says Grahame

Christine Grahame has called the Conservative's position on this year’s exam results “rank hypocrisy”.


Serious damage to the A68

Colin Beattie MSP writes his monthly column for Midlothian View.


Victory Over Japan Day 2020

The Royal Scots commemorate their fallen comrades from the Far-East Conflict.


East Lothian’s e-Bike ClimatEvolution

Electric bikes could replace buses as people ‘reclaim their streets’ and town centres are transformed in a green recovery from Covid-19 in East Lothian.


River Esk pollution signs

Council to erect signs on the River Esk to advise of the dangers of the polluted river.


Chinese face masks donated

Midlothian Council has received face masks donated from China.


Flu jab programme expanded

The Scottish Government’s free seasonal flu vaccine programme is set to be extended to protect those most at risk during the coronavirus pandemic.


Report your neighbour

People have been urged by a local councillor to report their neighbours to police if they spot them flouting social distancing measures.


Barefoot Soldier nears the end of epic walk

Chris Brannigan will be walking through Midlothian tomorrow (Wednesday) as he nears the end of his 700 mile walk to raise funds for his daughter.


Esk River Improvement Group meets for first time

The river group has been set up following on-going issues with the river's cleanliness


Travel Safe campaign launched

A new campaign has been launched in a bid to encourage people to consider active travel options as schools prepare to reopen this week.


A lingering scent of corruption

Owen Thompson MP writes his monthly column for Midlothian View.


Weekend patrols in Midlothian

Patrols launched over this weekend will see Police and Midlothian Council officers cracking down on anyone found not adhering to national coronavirus safety guidance.


Pilkington Buildings in Penicuik awarded historic building grant

A historic building grant of £330,079 has been awarded to the properties in the town centre.


‘Non-entitled’ pupils will not be offered seats on school bus

Midlothian Council has written to parents today regarding school transport arrangements for the new school year.


Council has written to all parents about the return to school

Fiona Robertson, the Executive Director, Children, Young People & Partnerships, Midlothian Council has written to all school parents.


Midlothian exams ‘solid achievement’

The number of students gaining top grades in Highers and National 5s in Midlothian rose this year despite the challenge of Covid-19.


Local Housing Strategy 2020-2025 consultation

Residents have chance to give their views to the council on the hot topic of housing in Midlothian and shape the strategy going forward.


Waverley Station masterplan unveiled

Edinburgh’s Waverley Station is set to undergo a transformational revamp.


Primary schools first

All primary schools in Midlothian are expected to welcome children back to classes next Wednesday, August 12.


Hillend hotel plan shelved

The hotel industry will take 10 years to return to pre-pandemic profits, developers have warned after they shelved plans for a new facility at Hillend.


Face coverings and life in Phase 3

Christine Grahame MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


Grahame wants European apology from Boris

MSP says a new report shows that people in Midlothian have already been left £775.84 worse off as a result of Brexit.


East Lothian’s latest pop-up cycles on

A pop-up cycle lane between two coastal towns is being introduced in East Lothian Council's latest work to improve social distancing.


“You can listen to the radio”

Minister tells pensioners who can't afford TV licenses to get their news from the radio.


Frustrated by power grab

Colin Beattie MSP writes his monthly column for Midlothian View.


Which is Midlothian’s Best Small Shop?

Owen Thompson MP is calling on Midlothian small shopkeepers to enter the Best Small Shops Competition.


Childminding coronavirus support

A support fund has been established for childminders experiencing financial strain due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Farm Safety Week

An annual campaign aimed at reducing the number of accidents on Britain’s farms has been launched.


Shielding team chat

More than 3,300 people were ordered to shield in Midlothian during the Covid-19 lockdown.


Bike hire offer to encourage long-term take-up

Users of Edinburgh’s bike hire scheme can benefit from a four-month pass for the price of less than one, as part of an offer launching on Monday 13th July.


East Lothian gets almost ten times more funding than Midlothian

The council have received just £157,293 from the 'Spaces for People' programme compared to East Lothian's £1.4 million.


My home schooling reality

Midlothian Councillor John Hackett writes about his experience of education in lockdown.


NSPCC referrals rise in lockdown

A national child protection charity has made a 40 per cent increase in referrals to police and local authorities in Scotland during lockdown.


Scrapping of free TV licence “a huge blow”

A national charity for older people has said that the scrapping of the free TV licence for over 75s is “a huge blow”.


Council halts plan for new depot at Bonnyrigg

The economic impact of the current Covid-19 pandemic and local opposition causes rethink.


Call for National Day of Mourning

Scottish Care has received support for its plans to hold a National Day of Mourning and Remembrance for all those impacted by Covid-19.


Almost £11 million wasted on abandoned contact tracing app

The UK Government spent £10.8million on developing the NHSX contact tracing app a parliamentary question from Owen Thompson MP has revealed.


Latest plan for Rowan Tree Inn

A pub which has remained closed since it was the scene of a brutal killing several years ago could be turned back into a residential house.


Thompson disappointed at budget failure to review “unfair” loan charges

Owen Thompson MP expressed disappointment that the chance to halt and fix the "unfair" loan charge was not taken during the budget vote last night.


Fitness trail approved

A fitness trail which offers people the chance to exercise outdoors in a paddock has been given the green light.


Cameron Toll cinema approved

Plans for a new ten-screen multiplex cinema development in Cameron Toll have now been approved.


How to get Covid-19 parking refunds

Unwitting motorists wasted more than £100,000 paying for parking in Edinburgh while charges had been suspended.


Thompson calls for benefit sanctions to be scrapped

Owen Thompson MP called on the UK Government to rethink the plans to reinstate benefits sanctions.


Funding for free school meals over the summer

Children in Midlothian eligible for free school meals will be among those who continue to be supported over the summer.


Shops safely open

Grahame urges people to shop safely as high street re-opens.


Architects join forces

Three local award winning architectural practices have joined together to form Camerons Strachan Yuill.


Thank goodness for the easing of some restrictions

Christine Grahame MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


Locate in Midlothian website launched

New site launched as part of Midlothian’s Economic Growth Strategy with ambitious plans to support economic renewal.


“It has taken Colin over five years to finally stand up for the County”

Midlothian Council Leader responds to MSP's challenge to COSLA funding.


Cameron Toll multiplex cinema development recommended

Plans for a new ten-screen multiplex cinema development in Cameron Toll should be approved, Edinburgh City Council’s Chief Planning Officer has recommended.


Economic renewal strategy to support jobs and businesses in Midlothian

Council's strategy setting out its ambitious approach to managing the transition from lockdown and planning for the longer term challenges.


Eskbank Post Office is to remain closed

It has been announced that the Eskbank branch of the Post Office will not be reopening.


On-street parking shock

When it was revealed on Tuesday that on-street parking could be banned in nine high streets across Edinburgh, residents were quick to express their shock.


MSP challenges COSLA funding to Midlothian

MSP says Midlothian Council is receiving about 24% less revenue funding than the council estimated was required.


Midlothian biggest household growth

Midlothian has been named as the fastest growing council area in Scotland after the number of households rose by more than 15 per cent in a decade.


10,000 Midlothian concert-goers

More than 10,000 people watched the first ever online concert by 250 of Midlothian’s most talented young musicians.


Coastal car parks open for locals

Coastal car parks across East Lothian have now reopened but people are being warned only to go if they live locally.


Allotments and growing spaces plan

Local community groups could turn areas of publicly owned land in places like health centres and parks into growing spaces for food.


Council publish local recovery route map

At the first online meeting of the full Midlothian Council on Tuesday, councillors approved a local ‘route map’ through and out of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Company interest rates “sky-high”

Owen Thompson MP has criticised the profiteering by some lenders charging "sky-high" interest rates to small companies seeking emergency loans.


The Royal Scottish National Orchestra Takeover

Midlothian teenager takes part in virtual concert premiere with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.


Colin Beattie pushing to resolve River Esk issues

Midlothian View welcomes Colin Beattie MSP as he writes his first monthly column.


Household spending down during pandemic

More than one-fifth of usual household spending has not been possible during the lockdown.


MSP shows support for National Carers Week

Michelle Balalntyne, South Scotland MSP, has called on everyone to show their backing for Carers Week which runs until Sunday.


£2.49 million pandemic funding for Midlothian

The Scottish Government has committed to a £350 million package of emergency funding for communities to help tackle harms caused by the pandemic.


Plaque wording approved

New plaque to be placed on the Melville Monument in St Andrew Square.


Parking charges are coming back

Parking charges will return to Edinburgh as early as next Monday and by the end of June at the latest.


Black Lives Matter protest delayed

Protest planned for this weekend has been postponed by a week to ensure attendees have had 14 days to self-isolate.


Council bid for more than £200,000 to make cycling and walking safer

Midlothian Council is bidding for an initial £208,000 of Scottish Government money to make it safer for people to walk, cycle or ‘wheel’ locally.


Scrap ‘No Recourse to Public Funds’

Owen Thompson MP has urged the Home Office to immediately suspend rules to prevent more people becoming destitute during the coronavirus pandemic.


What to expect if you’re called by an NHS Contact Tracer

Scotland’s approach to implementing the ‘test, trace, isolate, support’ strategy, Test and Protect, is now live.


Beach goers fined

More than 200 parking fines were issued in East Lothian over the weekend as people flocked to beaches despite council car parks there remaining closed.


Thompson urges Treasury to keep support schemes

Midlothian MP Owen Thompson urged the Chancellor not to restrict the lifeline support for businesses and self-employed.


Week 11 and Dominic Cummings

Christine Grahame MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


Midlothian housebreaking incidents down

Housebreaking fell by just over 40 per cent in Midlothian with break-ins to other premises down by over a quarter, according to the latest figures.


Carbon neutral future in East Lothian

A water park, new train station and new leisure routes through a series of waterways are all included in a vision for a carbon neutral zone.


Cruise terminal talks

Cruise ships with up to 4,000 passengers could be accommodated at the former Cockenzie Power Station site if it was turned into a port, experts have said.


East Lothian Council seeks safe streets funding

A bid for funding to support emergency changes to streets and pathways in East Lothian has been launched.


Council services’ social media takes top award

Midlothian Council’s Children’s Services scooped the “Greatest Social Media Activity” award at the Mind Of My Own national annual awards ceremony.


Recycling centre due to open

Midlothian Council is to open one of its recycling centres from June 1 if the First Minister gives the go ahead next week.


End of hybrid proceedings is a loss for Westminster

Owen Thompson MP writes his monthly column for Midlothian View.


Grahame welcomes Scottish Government schools plan

Local MSP Christine Grahame has welcomed the Scottish Government announcement that pupils will return to schools in August.


Midlothian’s leading role in new “Space Race”

Midlothian based Skyrora team have successfully completed a ground rocket test, the first of its kind in the UK for fifty years.


Getting help for someone who’s at risk from harm

Being at home can increase tensions and affect mental health, meaning some people in our communities are more vulnerable


Sunshine on Dalkeith star denied cancer drugs by Covid-19

A petition has been started to get a Dalkeith woman access to the cancer drug she needs but cannot get because of Covid-19.


Free hospital car parking extended

Suspension of charges at three PFI hospitals continue until September.


Trading standards officers warn of Covid-19 loan sharks

Trading Standards Scotland officers are urging members of the public to avoid illegal money lenders during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Cycling “Quiet Ways” bid

Midlothian Council are investigating temporary cycle routes in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Scottish Reporter asked to decide Eskbank hedge row

A homeowner who successfully won an order forcing a neighbour to cut down a 19-metre high hedge has lodged further action after being left unhappy with the result.


Council Leader condemns DIYers who flytip

Self-isolating 'DIYers' who flytip are "shamelessly costing communities money" says Council Leader Councillor Derek Milligan.


Midlothian ventilator shortlisted in global challenge

Midlothian design engineer is the only UK finalist in global challenge to invent new ventilator.


My World of Work enhanced for Covid-19

People whose work or learning has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic can access support through enhanced career and employment services.


Seed to Plate

Families are being sent plants and seedlings to grow at home during lockdown to help engage children in a community food project.


Low carbon warning

A Bid to make a former power station site and new town one of Scotland’s top low carbon locations of the future has been made by East Lothian Council.


There has to be a local news infrastructure left when we emerge from this crisis.

Opinion piece written by Chris Matheson MP for City of Chester and Shadow Minister Digital, Culture, Media and Sport


One in three closed Scottish businesses fear they’re shut for good

A third of Scottish business owners who shut down operations during the coronavirus outbreak fear their firm may never re-open, according to FSB survey.


Appeal for Foster Carers

Council marks start of Foster Car Fortnight with appeal for more carers.


MSP says stick to staying at home

Local MSP Christine Grahame has called on people in Midlothian to continue to comply with Scottish lockdown rules following changes to the rules in England.


The Turing Trust moves Scottish base to Loanhead

The family of WW2 codebreaker Alan Turing have bought an industrial unit in Midlothian to help a trust set up in his name.


Midlothian fly tipping crackdown call

Local MSP calls for public support to crackdown on local fly tipping.


Local MP to answer Young People’s Questions on Covid-19

MP will be working with Midlothian based Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament to answer Covid-19 questions from young people in a youth-led Q and A session.


100th Birthday of Scottish World War 2 Defence of Dunkirk Veteran

George Simpson, a Royal Scots veteran based in Midlothian, who fought at Le Paradis and spent five years in a prisoner of war camp in Poland, celebrates his 100th birthday today.


Care home residents overwhelmed by community kindness

The residents of Highbank Care Home in Eskbank have been ‘gobsmacked’ by the generosity of local people.


Caring workers step in to help

Council workers have swapped their normal 9-5 roles to help the most vulnerable residents in Midlothian as they cope under lockdown.


VE Day online

Public encouraged to take part in online VE Day celebrations


Midlothian businesses awarded £5.4m of Coronavirus support

Details have been published of the business grants awarded to businesses across Scotland.


Hardship fund for the newly self-employed

Newly self-employed people who are suffering hardship during the current Covid-19 crisis can now apply for grant funding.


Community rallies to help residents of Eskbank care home

With care homes facing extraordinary difficulties during the Covid-19 pandemic, Highbank Care Home in Eskbank finally has something to smile about – the kindness of the local community.


Council to observe a minute’s silence

Midlothian Council is to observe a minute’s silence to remember those who have lost their lives at work.


Week 6 or week 7 who’s counting?

Christine Grahame MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


Action on Hearing Loss Scotland carries on in Midlothian

Charity continues to support older veterans with hearing loss in Midlothian.


MSP says we must prepare for the ‘new normal’

Christine Grahame has said that the public must prepare for restrictions on normal life to continue for some time as plan to ease lockdown published.


Get me home!

A terminally-ill woman begged her husband to get her out of hospital isolation after family visits were stopped due to Covid-19.


Bonnyrigg company wins 2020 Queen’s Award for Enterprise

Family-owned business Armadilla wins the prestigious award.


Thompson calls for Recovery Universal Basic Income

Owen Thompson MP has urgently called for a Recovery Universal Basic Income to be introduced in response to the Covid19 crisis.


Council and Police praise public and businesses social distancing

Midlothian Council and Police Scotland have praised the majority of businesses and residents within Midlothian, adhering to social distancing guidelines.


Lasswade High School sharing stories with Care Homes

Midlothian School has launched it's 'Sharing Stories' project to help people who are isolated during the current crisis.


Thompson hosts online Q&A and virtual surgeries during lockdown

Owen Thompson MP is using social media and video technology to increase ways to engage directly with constituents during the coronavirus lockdown.


Royal approval for Midlothian teachers’ PPE production

Teachers who have been producing 3D visors for frontline health and care workers received praise from the Royal Family for their efforts.


Glass recycling to resume at the end of the month

Kerbside collections of glass containers will restart from Monday 27 April.


MSP’s scam warning

Colin Beattie MSP has encouraged people to be aware of scams and fake news following an increase in reports across Scotland about scam emails.


New coronavirus support for smaller businesses

The Scottish Government has announced new coronavirus support for smaller businesses and self-employed, following representations from the Federation of Small Businesses


Community hub approved

A bid to turn empty retail space in the centre of Dalkeith into a community hub has been given the go-ahead.


Thompson calls for the immediate virtual recall of Parliament

Owen Thompson added his name to a cross party letter from MPs calling for the UK Parliament to be immediately recalled, using video conferencing technologies.


Dance studio kicks on in Ironmills Park

A bid to turn a sports pavilion into a dance studio has been given the go ahead after receiving support from across the community.


Midlothian Young People Awards 2020 nominations open

If you know a young person who you think is deserving of an award then checkout the award categories and nominate them.


The 700th Anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath – Drafted in Newbattle, Midlothian

Midlothian MP, Owen Thompson, writes this article about the historic Scottish text which was written in Midlothian.


Sleepovers must stop

Schools across East Lothian have written to parents warning them not to let children mix with their friends after reports that play dates and sleepovers were being organised.


Stay local when exercising

Christine Grahame MSP has urged people in Midlothian to 'stay local' when exercising and walking dogs, and avoid any unnecessary travel that could help spread coronavirus.


Virtual public consultations

Developers that want to carry on with future projects may have to hold public consultations online as the coronavirus lockdown continues.


Hubs open for Easter holidays

Learning hubs set up to support more than 400 children of key workers in Midlothian will remain open during the Easter holidays.


Covid-19 – Strange times indeed for us all

Christine Grahame MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


Call to open visitor car parks to staff

Christine Grahame, MSP for Midlothian South, Tweeddale and Lauderdale, has called on the private company, Consortium Healthcare, which owns the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary building to allocate part of the visitor car parks for staff use.


Launch of the ‘Scotland Cares’ campaign welcomed

Owen Thompson MP welcomed the launch of the ‘Scotland Cares’ campaign and urged any constituents who can safely help with the Covid-19 response in their community to get involved.


Chancellor casts lifeline for thousands of self-employed Scots

New financial support for the self-employed during the coronavirus outbreak has been announced by the UK Government.


Grahame calls for employers to act responsibly

Local MSP Christine Grahame has called on employers to act responsibly with regards to the current Covid-19 guidance and to not try to circumvent it .


#Kindness gathers momentum

Postcards with vital contact details will be sent to more than 12,500 single-person households across Midlothian as part of the council’s #kindness campaign.


Edinburgh’s Nitrogen Dioxide levels drop by over half during Coronavirus

Levels in Edinburgh have fallen by over a half since since restrictions on movement were put in place last week.


ICNN campaign #savelocaljournalism

An open letter from the Independent Community News Network (ICNN) of which Midlothian View is a member.


Dog owners urged to follow Covid-19 advice

Local MSP Christine Grahame has encouraged dog owners to take heed of SSPCA advice on caring for them during the Covid-19 outbreak.


Be aware of Coronavirus scams

Midlothian Council and the Police are reminding residents that scammers never miss an opportunity. The message is to be on guard during the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown.


Locum Care Support Workers needed

Please help the council to help our vulnerable people in our community.


Midlothian Kindness Campaign launched

An army of volunteers have joined forces with council, emergency services and military to launch a kindness campaign in Midlothian.


Dog owners asked to take poo bags home

Dog owners in Midlothian are being urged to take their full poo bags home rather than put them in litter bins as the local authority expects to reduce street cleaning services.


MSP writes about Covid-19

Michelle Ballantyne, South Scotland MSP, writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


Sheriffhall delay confirmed by First Minister

Nicola Sturgeon confirmed that the Scottish Government will delay plans to expand the Sheriffhall Roundabout and will possibly scrap the project.


Sheriffhall going around in circles

Councillor Stephen Curran gives his views of Sheriffhall delays.


Local MSPs criticise Greens Sheriffhall halt demand

Local MSPs Christine Grahame and Colin Beattie have criticised the Scottish Green Party for demanding a halt to improvements to Sheriffhall.


Provost reacts to delay of Sheriffhall upgrade

Midlothian's Provost is alarmed to hear the news that the roundabout upgrade may not go ahead as planned.


Free bus travel for 18s and under

The Green party has hailed a deal struck by the party to deliver free bus travel for young people aged 18 and under as transformational.


Edinburgh College Midlothian Campus Open Day this weekend

Edinburgh College is encouraging prospective students to find out more about the range of courses available at the College in 2020.


Volunteers needed to check the quality of council services

Midlothian Council is looking for volunteers to support their aim of ‘doing better than our previous best’.


Newbattle Surgery, PAYFC, Buses and traffic

Christine Grahame MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


Midlothian racing driver is a champion

Nielsen Racing emerged from the 2019/20 Asian Le Mans Series as champions with Midlothian based driver, Colin Noble and team mate, Tony Wells.


Made in Midlothian Music launch

Three time BBC Folk Awards winner launches Made in Midlothian Music Programme.


Row over funding requests for Primary One deferrals

Angry parents have branded a council’s attitude towards delaying their children’s schooling “antiquated.”


Midlothian MP calls for improved benefit access for dying people

Owen Thompson MP has called for the scrapping of the six month rule.


Council moves closer to ending period poverty in Midlothian

Thousands of women and girls across the county can now access free sanitary products.


Melville makes £1k donation to Midlothian youth project

Housing association donates money to Y2k project.


Midlothian Council’s Joint Venture with Swedish energy firm Vattenfall

Midlothian Council has appointed the leading Swedish state owned energy company as preferred bidder to become its energy partner.


Midlothian Council sets Council Tax and agrees budget

Councillors have unanimously agreed the budget for the year ahead.


Weed killer plea

A temporary ban on the use of a common weed killer has led to an increase in accidents and complaints.


Howgate group’s big step forward to community land

The Howgate Community Group achieves company status and progresses their attempt to secure community land.


Midlothian MP questions Boris Johnson over Russia report

SNP MP Owen Thompson has ramped up pressure on the Prime Minister to come clean over his repeated refusal to publish a report into Russian interference in UK democracy.


Greenbelt victory

A bid to build houses on the greenbelt has been thrown out by the Scottish Government Reporter.


Trees cut down in Lasswade without permission

Residents in the conservation village of Lasswade were stunned when woodland began to be cleared.


Councillors pay tribute after death of former provost and convenor

Midlothian councillors have paid tribute to former provost and councillor colleague, David R Smith, who has died at the age of 89.


Tree campaigners defeat flight museum

A £15 million new visitor centre for the National Museum of Flight has been refused planning permission.


Dance Studio for Ironmills Park

A bid to turn a sports pavilion into a dance studio has received support from across the community, from a local football team to teachers and a council leader.


Brexit, The Meantime and Budgets

Christine Grahame MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


Bike shed appeal

Midlothian Council planners ordered householder to apply for retrospective planning permission for bike shed.


Noble is a Midlothian winner down under

Midlothian racing driver, Colin Noble scored his first ever Asian Le Mans Series class victory last weekend at The Bend Motorsport Park in South Australia.


John Swinney does the honours at topping out ceremony

Topping out ceremony today on the site of the new primary school and community facilities in Danderhall.


MSP backs plan to regulate short-term lets

Councils given new powers to tackle the unregistered lettings market.


Registration opens for council’s garden waste collection service

Residents wishing to start or maintain a kerbside garden waste collection service in 2020 should now register and pay online.


Election fall-out

Christine Grahame MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


Sheriffhall a ‘huge waste of money’

£120m City Deal bypass plans labelled a ‘huge waste of money’


Owen Thompson SNP has been elected as the Midlothian MP

Midlothian 2019 General Election result.


Melville staff make fabulous festive donation to Women’s Aid

Staff from Melville Housing Association dig deep to come up with a wonderful selection of Christmas gifts


Destination Hillend plans lodged

Residents are being given a first glimpse of the plans for the new £13.8 million resort.


Rocket firm plans await lift off

A controversial bid to establish a rocket engine testing site at the former Cockenzie Power Station site is to be decided next week.


Danielle Rowley’s Open Letter

Labour candidate Danielle Rowley has written an open letter to Midlothian voters.


Light up a Life this Christmas

Local charity Play Midlothian has launched a Christmas fundraising appeal.


Owen Thompson’s open letter

SNP candidate Owen Thompson has written an open letter to Midlothian voters.


Letter in support of Danielle Rowley

Midlothian View reader and Labour supporter Kelly Drumond has written a letter in support of Labour candidate Danielle Rowley.


Spectacular Dalkeith

The Spectacle of Light has now opened at Dalkeith Country Park until 5th January 2019.


Sheriffhall roundabout flyover plans to go on public display

Local communities and road users will get a chance to see the plans at public exhibitions later this month.


Sunshine on Dalkeith

A group of Midlothian women have this week handed over a cheque for £18,327 to the charity Make Seconds Count.


More carriages set for Borders railways

ScotRail will be adding 1,500 seats throughout the day as part of a nation-wide timetable overhaul.


Midlothian Men Matter

Bonnyrigg Rose Community Football Club has supported Positive Mental Health for some time and is now launching a new service.


“The SNP just doesn’t add up” says reader

Reader's letter on SNP candidate's hustings statement that "Scotland receives less back than is sent to Westminster."


Village 20mph speed limit has had little impact

A report by Midlothian Council officials on the reduction of speed in the village of Lasswade reveals it made little impact on drivers.


Midlothian Travel Agent wins award

Local independent travel agent Nicola Johnson picks up the prestigious Newcomer of the Year – 2019 Award.


Midlothian’s first car club is electric

Melville Housing Association provides five electric vehicles for hire across the region.


Lib Dem tells us what he would have said

Steve Arrundale provides the answers he would have given to the hustings questions.


Owen Thompson is correct says reader

Reader Tim Rideout writes in support of SNP Candidate.


Rececca Fraser is standing on three key pledges

Midlothian Conservative Councillor Andrew Hardie writes in support of the Conservative General Election candidate.


SNP candidate taken to task

Reader Nial Stewart has written a letter in response to a comment made by Midlothian's SNP General Election candidate.


Candidates questioned

There was lively debate from the Midlothian candidates at the General Election hustings.


Midlothian parking changes plan

Public car parks and on-street parking could both see charges introduced in Midlothian next year.


New MP must deliver action on towns that serves Midlothian well

Small businesses argue for better mobile coverage and a responsive immigration regime


My take on the General Election

Christine Grahame MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


The ‘Did Not Vote’ Party won Midlothian last time

At the 2017 General Election 22,984 eligible voters did not vote.


Conservative candidate for Midlothian

Midlothian Conservatives’ have selected Rebecca Fraser to challenge Labour’s Danielle Rowley for the marginal Midlothian seat.


Dalkeith Thistle women’s team kicking off

Meeting for anyone interested in joining Dalkeith Thistle's new women's team or helping to set it up.


The forthcoming general election is about many things

Michelle Ballantyne, South Scotland MSP, writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


SNP candidate will demand TV licence reversal

Owen Thompson has vowed to fight to stop free TV licences for over-75s being scrapped under the Conservatives.


Police praise Nail bar policy

A Police chief has praised a local authority for its nail bar policy in the wake of the Essex lorry deaths tragedy.


Southside Tower over Blackpool

This weekend Bonnyrigg based Southside School of Dance won the Dance Challenge UK finals in Blackpool.


Dalkeith Thistle Lottery Super Draw

The Dalkeith Thistle lottery jackpot of £5,000 has not been won for over a year and so the club are now sharing it out over the next five months in regular £1000 'Super Draws.'


Bowling club to convert to a nursery

A bowling club which has sat unused for over two years will be turned into a children’s nursery by day and community centre at night.


Midlothian General Election Hustings 2019

The Midlothian General Election hustings are taking place on the 27th November 2019 in Dalkeith, 7pm to 9pm.


Taylor Wimpey and Melville Housing Association cement their relationship

Construction starts on 26 new affordable homes in Bilston.


Jeremy Corbyn visits National Mining Museum

Jeremy Corbyn spoke to supporters and gave his endorsement of Scottish Labour candidate for Midlothian, Danielle Rowley.


Transport Scotland will not give date for Sheriffhall upgrade

A council officer has said that Transport Scotland will not give a completion date for the project to upgrade Sheriffhall Roundabout with a flyover.


SNP Candidate hits out at “total disregard” for local residents

Midlothian postcode has second highest population in UK without an ATM or Post Office.


World domination bid by Edinburgh council

Edinburgh City Council was accused of “wanting to take over the world” as frustrations over a regional funding deal emerged at a meeting of Midlothian Council.


Midlothian Brown Bin charge to continue

Midlothian Council has approved plans to continue the chargeable kerbside garden waste collections.


Green belt appeal goes to Reporter

A bid to build houses on the green belt has been taken to Scottish Ministers after it was thrown out by Midlothian councillors.


EH18 postcode has no cash machines or Post Offices

According to Which? EH18 and AB13 postcodes have no cash machines or Post Offices,


SNP campaign launched

The SNP have officially launched their campaign for the upcoming General Election.


Made In Midlothian Christmas Market

Building on the success of their summer launch event, Made in Midlothian are back with a fabulous Christmas market on Saturday the 16th of November.


Brown bin review

Report produced to review the first year of the Brown Bin charge.


Gilmerton Gateway plans approved

Plans to build a £25m business park in the south of the Capital have been approved by councillors.


First Minister in Dalkeith

Nicola Sturgeon visited One Dalkeith to see their building and hear about their plans for the future.


Danielle Rowley for Labour

Midlothian Labour took to the streets of Dalkeith on Saturday to launch Danielle Rowley’s re-election campaign.


Owen Thompson is the SNP candidate

The SNP have put forward Owen Thompson as their candidate in the General Election.


Pumpkin Patch Nursery in Dunbar to close

A nursery boss who warned that Scottish Government policies were causing a “death spiral” in the industry is to close one of his centres.


Pentland Plants in the Pink for Cancer

Midlothian Garden Centre launches a very special campaign in partnership with Scottish Secondary Breast Cancer charity Make 2nds Count.


Lib Dem candidate selected for Midlothian

Steve Arrundale selected as new Westminster candidate.


Woodburn project gets £5k from the Police

The Bill Russell Woodburn Youth Project have received a donation of £5k from the local police.


The Sidings, Dementia and Brexit

Christine Grahame MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


Melville tenants get £900k

121 struggling households better off thanks to award-winning service.


A701 schools information drop-in events

Events for parents to find out more about plans for Beeslack Community High School and Penicuik High School.


New Executive Directors appointed to Midlothian Council

Midlothian councillors have approved the appointments of Kevin Anderson and Fiona Robertson as the new Executive Directors.


There shall be a Scottish Parliament

Michelle Ballantyne, South Scotland MSP, writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


Dark Deadly Dalkeith weekend

The town centre of Dalkeith is going to get spooky for the weekend of Hallowe’en.


Dalkeith centre parking permits survey

Residents living around the centre of Dalkeith are being asked their views on introducing parking permits.


Safer routes to school investigation

Edinburgh Council to investigate safer routes to schools for pupils.


Rosewell houses given go ahead

A bid to throw out the plans failed after councillors were warned they were “unlikely” to win any appeal.


Noble change of gear for Lasswade RFC

Lasswade RFC’s first and second xv teams are being kitted out by Midlothian car dealership, Alex F Noble & Son Nissan.


Doctor’s Field Rosewell planning to be decided

Plans to build 100 houses on a field outside a former mining village face community objections.


Free bus passes for people in poverty

Edinburgh investigating giving out free bus passes to people on low incomes in a bid to support 80,000 Capital residents who are living in poverty.


20mph limit only reduces speed by 1.3 mph

Transport chiefs have been blasted after a £3m drive to roll out 20mph limits across the Capital has only led to reducing speeds of motorists by 1.3mph.


Council’s spending over £500 published

Midlothian Council has become the first council in Scotland to publish details of payments it makes which are more than £500.


Local Authority Funding Debate

Eskbank and Newbattle Community Council in partnership with Midlothian View organised the debate last night at the Dalkeith Arts Centre.


Co-chomhairleachadh air dreachd de Phlana Cànain Gàidhlig Meadhan Lodainn

Midlothian Council would like residents’ feedback on the Draft Midlothian Gaelic Language Plan.


Former Dalkeith High school site plans

Proposal to build a housing development including an intermediate/extra care facility.


Penicuik gardener becomes first two-time contest winner

Talented amateur gardener from Penicuik has become the first ever two-time winner of the ‘Baxter Keiller Award’ for outstanding garden,


Go ahead for seven town centre projects

Projects get share of Midlothian’s £910,000 of Scottish Government’s Town Centre Capital Fund.


Sinbad is heading to Pathhead

Pathhead Players panto rehearsals well under way for Christmas.


Miners, Foodbank, Re-Act and Parliament

Christine Grahame MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


Doddie Weir’s Blue Badge call

Campaign for people with Motor Neurone Disease to receive automatic access to the Blue Badge scheme.


Musselburgh racecourse operator announcement due

The new operator of Musselburgh Racecourse is expected to be announced next week.


Gilmerton Gate proposals set for hearing

Edinburgh councillors have put plans to build a new retails centre in the south of the Capital on hold despite officers recommended the proposals are refused permission.


Bonnyrigg Rose Community is the best

Bonnyrigg Rose Community Football Club has been recognised by the Scottish Football Association as the 'Best Community Football Club.'


Innovative flooring project to help tenants and the planet

Melville Housing Association project could reduce landfill waste by 22.5 tonnes a year


Edinburgh Hospital for Sick Children enquiry

Michelle Ballantyne, South Scotland MSP, writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


Midlothian school funding

Written by Councillor Peter Smaill, Leader Conservative Group Midlothian Council


Funding for Beeslack High School replacement

Scottish Government announces investment in new High School for Midlothian.


East Lothian Council electric car charges

Electric car users could have to pay to use council-owned chargers in East Lothian.


East Lothian Council Emissions Zone expansion

Vehicles which do not meet new low emission targets could be banned from entering Musselburgh.


Six week delay for school bus pass

Parents of Midlothian High school pupils have received letters to tell them that they will not hear whether they have a place until the end of September.


Active travel route opens in Granton

Some of the capital's youngest generation of cyclists pedalled through the rain to officially open a newly-improved active travel route beside Lower Granton Road.


Homeless delay plans

Homeless families will be given temporary accommodation in a block of flats with a concierge service in a bid to cut the costs of bed and breakfast stays in Midlothian.


New planning guidance for Gorebridge

Midlothian Council wants to hear your views on draft planning guidance for the Gorebridge Conservation Area.


Letter from the Cabinet Secretary for Health & Sport

Jeane Freeman MSP has written an open letter to Michelle Ballantyne, MSP, following her column in Midlothian View earlier this month.


Midlothian fire raising increase

The number of incidents of fire raising in Midlothian is on the increase and higher than the national average.


Because it’s time, to Walk the Line

Registration now open for the council’s annual walking event ‘Walk the Line.’


Summer Surgery Tour and the Rain Forest

Christine Grahame MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


Sex assaults double

Sex crimes in Midlothian have increased over the last year, with the number of indecent or sexual assaults more than doubling.


Trust leaves Gorebridge train station project

Gorebridge Community Development Trust to no longer be a community partner in the project to redevelop the former Gorebridge train station building.


Council wins top Ministry of Defence award

Midlothian Council has received a top award from the Ministry of Defence for its support of the Armed Forces Community.


Edinburgh council leader paternity leave

Opponents have been told to stop turning a “a tiny molehill into a massive mountain” amid a squabble as to who is in charge of the city.


Edinburgh council leadership confusion

The two coalition partners are at odds over who will be in charge when the leader is away on adoption leave.


Streets Ahead Social keeps growing

Streets Ahead Social welcomes it's first member of staff and launches a brand new service.


Council bids for replacement of Beeslack High School

Midlothian Council has submitted a bid to the Scottish Government for part of a £1 billion investment in schools.


Councillors at war

An improvement plan drawn up to help warring councillors find a way to work together has sparked a new row.


Music tuition scaremongering

Music tuition in schools in Midlothian could not have been scrapped despite proposals to do so earlier this year, it has been claimed.


Council looking again at its school building programme

The council is to look at revising its ambitious school building and extension programme in a bid to help close a funding gap.


Emissions compensation claim

An influx of cheap cars and job losses are among issues Midlothian expects to have to deal with in the wake of Edinburgh introducing a clampdown on fuel emissions.


Premature deaths error

Health officials have said that figures in a report which state the number of premature deaths in the county is on the increase are wrong.


Concerns about Care At Home service

Carers regularly cut short visits to home care patients for months without management intervention, a report on a council-run care service has revealed.


21,000 Edinburgh children now living in poverty

Teaching staff have been forced to set up an “in-school food bank” to support some of the desperate children now living in poverty across the Capital.


Starbucks at Straiton

A first glimpse of a new Starbucks coffee shop with a mezzanine floor and outdoor seating area has been revealed in plans lodged with Midlothian Council.


Polling stations review

Midlothian Council is consulting on the buildings it intends to use as polling stations in future elections.


School bus drama

A new school bus route was ruled unsafe after it was checked two days before pupils were due to use it.


Edinburgh reserves to help plug budget hole

Edinburgh council finance leaders hope to draw on £1m of reserves to help bridge a “looming gap” in this year’s budget – amid fears that “local government funding is broken”.


The Royal Hospital for Sick Children

Michelle Ballantyne, South Scotland MSP, writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


Flytipping crackdown calls

People caught fly-tipping in Midlothian should be ‘named and shamed’, according to the county’s Provost.


Counter drugs team

Calls are being made for a drugs team to be set up to support vulnerable people in Midlothian after the number of drugs-related deaths more than doubled in a decade.


Children’s home concerns

Serious incidents of harm and inability to protect vulnerable young people have been highlighted in a report on a council-run residential service.


Sick Kids Hospital sale

Health bosses ‘confident’ sale of former Sick Kids Hospital to go through despite delays


Nuclear bomb shelters

Midlothian Council refuses to say how many public nuclear bomb shelters it has.


Councillors without politics

A former East Lothian councillor is calling for party politics to be taken out of local government to allow more scrutiny of the work being carried out.


Positive exam results for Midlothian

Congratulations to pupils and staff of Midlothian Secondary schools on this year’s examination results.


Midlothian health centre approved

A £7.5million women’s health centre and state of the art dental practice will create more than 50 jobs when it opens at Shawfair Business Park.


MP Hosts mental wellbeing event in Penicuik

Danielle Rowley MP co-hosted a mental health wellbeing session and joint surgery with Claudia Beamish MSP


College to hold post-exam results Course Clearing Event

Edinburgh College is hosting a Course Clearing Event this week to provide support and guidance to young people following SQA exam results day.


Boris, Recess and Alister

Christine Grahame MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


LEZ plans ‘will benefit tourists over residents’

Transport chiefs have been accused of creating a “two-tier” Capital where tourists will breathe cleaner air than residents under proposals to tackle air pollution.


Edinburgh Low Emission Zone explainer

Edinburgh Council is proposing setting up a low emission zone to improve air quality and ease congestion on the Capital’s roads.


Action on Royal Hospital for Children and Young People

The Scottish Government outline further steps taken to ensure patient safety.


Stalwart of the community dies

Councillors and staff at Midlothian Council have expressed their sadness on hearing of the death of Bill Prentice.


Coach and Horses driven dangerously through Midlothian Local Plan

The Save Kippielaw Organisation have written an open letter to Midlothian Councillors.


Midlothian’s £100million energy bid

£100 MILLION project which will see thousands of homes in a new town heated by a local waste site has been launched in Midlothian.


Funslope design contract open

A £300,000 chance to design and build a funslope for Hillend ski centre is being offered by Midlothian Council.


Councillor’s friendship censured

A third Midlothian councillor has been sanctioned over his involvement in a planning application to put netting up at a tennis club.


Halt of scheduled move to the new sick kids hospital

The Health Secretary has delayed the move from the existing Royal Hospital for Sick Children to the new site at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.


Lack of leadership and difficult decisions

A lack of leadership and failure to make difficult decision are among charges made against elected councillors in Midlothian in an Audit Scotland report.


Made In Midlothian launch a huge success

The launch event for Made In Midlothian saw around 500 visitors attending a day of workshops, demonstrations and live music.


Listen to Midlothian’s Question Time

Midlothian's Community Planning Partnership held their first Question Time event in association with Black Diamond FM.


Midlothian creative wins competition

The winners of a competition for young creatives have been revealed by Scottish Natural Heritage.


Masterplans for Newtongrange and Stobhill

Masterplans to regenerate Newtongrange centre and Stobhill and Lady Victoria business centre have been approved by councillors.


Public urged to keep eyes open for children at risk

As schools finish for summer child protection committees across Scotland are encouraging the public to be extra observant to help protect potentially vulnerable children.


Council agrees first Medium Term Financial Strategy

Major step change aimed at strengthening financial sustainability and allowing it to plan and implement service delivery more effectively.


Council changes decision on school transport

Councillors unanimously agree to reverse a decision to extend the distance at which school transport is provided from 2 to 3 miles.


Keeping Gorebridge Station restoration on track

New leasing arrangements have been agreed to keep the restoration of Gorebridge Station on track.


Tunes, Boris, the Jeremys and PAYFC

Christine Grahame MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


School bus cuts: Open letter to councillors

The Chair of Dalkeith High School Parent Council has written an open letter to councillors about the cuts to school buses.


Midlothian MP appointed as Shadow Minister

Danielle Rowley has been appointed the Shadow Minister for Climate Justice and Green Jobs.


Claim pension credits to pay for TV licence

MSP urges all Midlothian pensioners to check whether they are eligible to claim pension credit.


Industrial diseases are not disappearing

Reader Alex Bennett has written a letter about the lack of a Scottish Industrial Injuries Advisory Council.


Gore Glen Primary school run

Reader David Oakley has written a letter about parents parking on a blind summit during the school run.


A cuts document everyone needs to read

Midlothian Council are proposing further cuts and their document of cuts should be read by everyone.


Education in Midlothian

Michelle Ballantyne, South Scotland MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


Commendation for the Mary Burn cleanup campaign

MAEDT were nominated in the “Cracking Campaign” category for their campaign to have the Mary Burn cleaned of years of sewage pollution.


Most accidents at Eskbank Toll

Council report says that the largest number of accidents on council designated roads were at the Eskbank Toll Roundabout.


Register for Vogrie outdoor nursery

The council is opening an outdoor nursery at Vogrie Country Park.


Parking in Dalkeith

Meeting to discuss residents' parking in Dalkeith.


Keep free TV licences for over-75s says MSP

MSP Christine Grahame has called for the UK Government to intervene to keep free TV licences for over-75s


Open air concert for Make Music Day

Join Midlothian Council’s Ageing Well project for an open air concert at King’s Park in Dalkeith pm Friday 21 June to help celebrate Make Music Day.


Park life in Cuiken thanks to improvements

Cyclists, wheelchair users, parents with pushchairs and locals have been flocking to Cuiken Glen, Penicuik, thanks to recent improvements by Midlothian Council.


Council officers fail to do their homework

Safety concerns regarding school bus cuts prompts parents to call for councillors to vote to pause it.


Garden waste income

Brown bin charges have raked in over £550,000 for Midlothian Council since they were introduced in March this year.


Care service unsustainable

Demand for people to receive care in their own homes has outgrown the services available, a council report warns.


Dalkeith Miners give money to the community

The Dalkeith Miners Charitable Society has once again awarded cheques to local charities and groups to help them do what they do.


Dalkeith High School WW100 Scotland

The Midlothian school took part in the programme of remembrance and commemoration of the one hundredth anniversary of the end of the First World War.


The Three Inch Fools do Shakespeare

Five actors will present an inventive take on Shakespeare’s infamous Scottish play, Macbeth, al fresco in the grounds of Dalkeith Country Park.


Made in Midlothian

Dalkeith is hosting a summer showcase event drawing on artistic talents from across Midlothian.


Group Captain James Martin Stagg honoured in Dalkeith

D-Day anniversary tribute to Dalkeith man whose weather forecast changed the course of history.


Council leader furious as KFC and Starbucks overruled

Reaction to the decision of the Scottish Government's reporter to throw out decision made by Midlothian councillors on proposals for Hardengreen.


MCAT drugs crackdown

Nearly 120 people were stopped and searched in Midlothian in the first three months of this year with over half found carrying drugs.


KFC and Starbucks at Hardengreen refusal overturned

The Scottish Government reporter has upheld an appeal by the developers of KFC and Starbucks drive through restaurants at Hardengreen.


Stephanie is career ready

A Midlothian pupil has won an award thanks to a national charity that links employers with schools.


£6m social housing investment success

Work to improve the appearance and energy efficiency of social housing in Midlothian has a 97% approval rating.


Attempted house break-ins up by 74%

The number of house break-ins reported in Midlothian rose by 74% but police said increased home security saw fewer thieves getting in.


Join the audience for Midlothian Question Time

A special event to be held at Newbattle High School on Tuesday 25 June at 7.15pm.


School buses to Dalkeith Campus scrapped

Parents and pupils have received letters this week telling them their school bus service is being withdrawn.


Two additional teacher in-service days

As part of the teacher pay award recent agreed with the Scottish Government two additional in-service days have been allocated


Meadows to George Street improvements

Views are being sought on proposals to transform walking, cycling and public spaces along some of Edinburgh’s busiest streets.


STEM scholarship inspiring the future

Edinburgh College STEM scholarship has worked with hundreds of primary seven and S1 pupils


Pupils Equity Funding underspend

Pupils attending schools in Midlothian risk losing out on the benefits of additional funding because of delays in appointing additional staff.


Hunter Lad & Lass, Park and Brexit

Christine Grahame MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View


Pub electric chargers approved

A Midlothian pub has been given the go-ahead to put electric car charging points in its car park.


Melville staff raise grand total for bereavement charity

Staff from Melville Housing Association, Midlothian’s largest registered social landlord, have gone the extra mile to raise £1,000 for Richmond’s Hope.


Nursery house approved

A bid to build a house in the grounds of a children’s nursery has been given the go-ahead after an appeal to the Scottish Government.


Local groups asked to bid for town centre improvement funds

Midlothian Council has been allocated £910,000 from the Scottish Government’s £50 million Town Centre Capital Fund.


New equestrian centre in Pathhead

Plans to build an indoor horse arena on derelict farmland on the outskirts of Pathhead have been lodged with Midlothian Council.


Borders Railway compensation claims unknown

The Scottish Government does not know how many people have been effected by the delays and cancellations on the Borders Railway.


Missing postal ballots in Midlothian

Dozens of people who registered to vote by post in this week’s European elections in Midlothian will have to travel to a polling station.


Goodie bag complaint

Unhealthy snacks in gala day goodie bags and council staff smoking while on duty were among complaints dealt with by Midlothian Council last year.


Danny “Daycare” MacAskill launches a new video

The Scottish cycling sensation and his friend's 4 year old daughter have been for a bike ride.


Mandy tastes awards success

An Edinburgh College curriculum leader has won a prestigious industry award.


Dalkeith’s first lifesaving 24/7 public defibrillator unveiled

The defibrillator has been officially unveiled thanks to a partnership between Melville Housing Association and Dalkeith and District Community Council.


New houses next to Cockpen Church approved

Plans to build 320 new homes have been given the go ahead despite concerns about impact on historic church.


D-Day anniversary tribute to Dalkeith man

Group Captain James Stagg whose weather forecast changed the course of history is to be officially recognised by the town.


Tennisgate planning row

A row over tennis club netting has threatened to bring Midlothian council to a “grinding halt" after ten elected members walked out of a planning committee.


Roslin pupils win Oor Wullie challenge

Two talented Roslin Primary pupils are to have their winning designs featured in the Scotland-wide Oor Wullie BIG Bucket Trail Challenge


Crime does pay in Midlothian

Local MSP welcomes the news that the CashBack for Communities programme invested over £100,000 in local projects in Midlothian last year.


Councillors stage a walk out

Ten Councillors withdrew from today's Planning Committee meeting following a decision made by the Standards Commission to suspend two Midlothian Councillors last week.


Hospital staff car parking

Reader Mark Holmes has written a letter about the staff car parking at the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh.


River Esk sewage campaign needs your vote

Local campaign needs your votes to send a message to the Scottish Government.


Hearing Forces service call

Local MSP is backing a charity’s call for local people to volunteer for a service supporting older veterans whose lives have been affected by hearing loss.


Hospital staff losing car park permits

Local MSP Christine Grahame has raised the issue of staff parking at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh in the Scottish Parliament.


BBC Debate Night wants you

BBC Scotland’s new discussion programme is looking for you to be part of the audience.


Two councillors suspended over tennis netting

Two councillors have been given a one-month suspension from a planning committee in a row over tennis club netting.


Tram to hospital part of plans

Edinburgh transport chiefs have revealed a radical and highly ambitious strategy to “create a city centre that truly puts people first”


Tennis row causes standards commission hearing

A row over the type of screening used by a lawn tennis club has resulted in three councillors being accused of breaching their professional code of conduct.


Destination Hillend gets the £13.8m go-ahead

Councillors have agreed to invest £13.8 million of capital funding into developing Midlothian Snowsports Centre.


Dalkeith family trying a new way to sell their home.

If you have ever sold a property or thought about it in the past you will know how difficult a decision it can be.


Banana mobile charger

The Scottish Government and Zero Waste Scotland have unveiled ambitious plans today to help reduce Scotland’s food waste by one third by 2025.


Bluster or misinformation

Acting leader of Midlothian Council, has accused Midlothian's politicians of spreading “misinformation”.


Twenty minute discussion on dandelions!

Letter written by Robert Hogg, Chair of Mayfield and Easthouses Community Council, about the length of discussion on weed killer.


Wardens for litter and dog mess

Midlothian Council is investigating whether it can give private parking wardens additional powers to issue fines for litter and not cleaning up after their dogs.


Glyphosate weed killer ban proposed

Use of a common weed killer has been temporarily suspended by Midlothian Council over concerns about its impact on communities.


Air Departure Tax won’t be reduced

Scottish Government say they will now commit to not proceeding with proposed reductions to Air Departure Tax.


Age Scotland warning to pensioners

MSP backs Age Scotland’s call to all pensioners living on a low income with a younger partner of working age.


Edinburgh to Open Streets this Sunday

Edinburgh will become the first UK city to join the global Open Streets movement on Sunday.


Curriculum leaders carrying the flag for Edinburgh College

Two Edinburgh College curriculum leaders have been nominated for industry awards.


ScotRail, Dogs and the council

Christine Grahame MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View


Technology enables Paul to inspire

A disabled man living with a degenerative condition has become an inspiration after embracing state-of-the-art technology.


100 UK electric vehicle charging sites planned

GRIDSERVE to make electric vehicle charging as easy as using petrol stations.


Have you considered a career in fostering?

Every 20 minutes a child in the United Kingdom comes into the care system and needs a foster family.


Mini cycling super-heroes take to the road in Dalkeith

A posse of mini cycling super-heroes and their families took to the roads in Dalkeith on Saturday to remind Midlothian Council that you shouldn’t need superpowers to cycle on our streets.


New CEO at the Helm of Penicuik YMCA-YWCA

Penicuik YMCA-YWCA has announced the appointment of Scott MacFarlane as its new CEO.


Are you registered to vote?

Don’t forget that if you’re planning to vote in the European Elections on 23 May, you’ll need to be registered.


Death is still a taboo subject

Michelle Ballantyne, South Scotland MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


Action demanded on bank closures in Midlothian

Call for re-assurances that local bank branches will remain open in Midlothian


MSP seeks Borders Rail assurances from ScotRail boss

Michelle Ballantyne MSP met with the ScotRail CEO, Alex Hynes, to discuss the Borders Railway.


Concert hall go ahead for St Andrew Square

The first concert hall to be built in the Capital for more than 100 years is going ahead after councillors approved the £45m proposals .


Power station site to go on sale

East Lothian Council is about to be put the Cockenzie Power station site on the open market.


Labour must “Get on board” with full devolution of rail

SNP MSP Christine Grahame has called on Labour MSPs to get behind the full devolution of rail services to Scotland.


Celebrating Midlothian’s Young People

The Midlothian’s Young People Awards (MYPA) 2019 are now open for nominations in five categories.


Cycling: Not just for superheroes!

This year the annual Pedal on Parliament protest is coming to Midlothian.


Scotmid lose appeal on school takeaway

A bid to overturn a ban on a hot food takeaway opening within 400 metres of a primary school has been dismissed


Midlothian’s Business Gateway team has disappeared

In a decision branded as "crazy", Midlothian Council has with no warning removed its team of Business Gateway advisors.


Lothian Buses set for strike ballot

Buses are set to be taken off the streets after the majority of Lothian staff who took part in a consultation backed strike action.


Council set for parking tickets surplus

Midlothian Council is set to make a surplus on Decriminalised Parking Enforcement in the first year of operation.


School takeaway challenge

A bid to overturn a ban on a hot food takeaway opening within 400 metres of a primary school will be decided by councillors next week.


12 years of Black Diamond FM

Community radio station has been broadcasting to Midlothian and parts of the City for the last twelve years.


Oil spillage at Newbattle

Dumped containers holding engine oil have leaked badly and spilled across a wide area at the Newbattle Storm Water Works.


Council’s bad debts of £0.5m written off

Nearly £500,000 in bad debts have been written off by council officers in Midlothian.


Borders Rail disruption threatens burgeoning tourism

The Federation of Small Businesses has warned that ongoing high profile disruption to services on the Borders Railway risks putting off visitors.


Early learning on track to expand

Vogrie Country Park part of plans to introduce free early learning places for Midlothian children.


Hawthorn Family Learning Centre is excellent

A family support centre which has been described as a life-changer by one of its parents has received the top rating for care for 10 years in a row.


Midlothian MP challenges governments

Danielle Rowley MP has challenged both the Scottish and UK Governments to make significant changes to their welfare policies.


Contingency plans for European Parliamentary elections

Midlothian Returning Officer is making contingency arrangements for premises to be made available as Polling Stations.


Aberlady classroom going ‘off grid’

A new ‘off grid’ classroom with its own eco-friendly toilet could set a trend for East Lothian schools.


New retail park and houses at Hardengreen

Plans have been lodged to build houses on green belt land alongside a new retail park near to Eskbank Station


MSP invites ScotRail CEO to take the train with her

Questions raised again at FMQs about the performance of the Borders Railway.


Students getting to the grid at Knockhill

A group of Edinburgh College Automotive students are supporting a Scottish motor racing team to get track-ready.


Assisted dying debate supported

Michelle Ballantyne MSP secured cross-party support to try to table a Scottish Parliament debate to discuss assisted dying.


Charging up for the future

An automotive student at Edinburgh College is steering his career in a new direction after being awarded an Electric Vehicle scholarship from a Midlothian dealership.


NHS Lothian’s funding ‘significantly out of line’

The financial chief of NHS Lothian has warned about the funding it receives from Holyrood.


The time for votes at 16 is now

Danielle Rowley MP congratulated the newly elected Members of Scottish Youth Parliament during a Westminster Hall debate on Votes at 16 today.


Roslin character ‘obliterated’

The character of a historic village is being “obliterated” by large housing developments, Midlothian’s provost told councillors at a planning meeting.


Reshaping local services in Midlothian

A new medium-term financial strategy is being developed by Midlothian Council and they want to hear your views.


Council to be the first to publish payments information

Midlothian Council could become the first council in Scotland to publish details of payments it makes which are more than £500.


Roslin picks it up

Roslin is litter free thanks to a community litter pick.


New Community hub

A £17million project to build a new primary school and community hub under one roof is set to get underway.


One Dalkeith to litter pick Eskbank

One Dalkeith are looking for volunteers to join in their next litter picking event in Eskbank.


Lasswade High School SPOTY 2019

The Lasswade High School Sports Personality of the Year 2019 was held last night with another spectacular show to rival the BBC production.


Eskbank Post Office to close

After over 4 decades of his family running the Post Office in Eskbank Trading, Postmaster Bobby McCorquodale has decided to withdraw from offering postal services.


Christine Grahame accused of “gutter politics”

The Deputy Leader of the Council has rebuked local MSP Christine Grahame in a row over COSLA meeting attendance.


Running mum applauded

Ultra runner Jasmin Paris received a round of applause from councillors in recognition of her record-breaking win in one of Britain’s most brutal races.


Midlothian council urges Edinburgh to say no to carpark tax

More than half of Midlothian’s working population could be hit by a workplace car park tax if it is introduced in Edinburgh.


Leadburn roundabout rejected

Calls for a roundabout to be installed at Leadburn Junction in Midlothian were rejected by councillors.


One Dalkeith’s Pick ‘n Pop

The community-led and owned organisation One Dalkeith has taken over the the former Pick 'n Save shop in Dalkeith.


MAEDT delicious

Mayfield and Easthouses Development Trust have started an informal vegetable growing course in their new community garden.


1,500 homes around Queen Margaret’s University

East Lothian Council have given the go ahead for the new development which will straddle the A1.


Newbattle High pupils on Sky’s Deep Ocean Live

Five pupils from Newbattle High School have represented Scotland at a special event organised by Sky TV in London.


Men’s Sheds celebrated

Christine Grahame, MSP, has welcomed local Men’s Shed members to parliament to celebrate their work this week.


Firearms range approved in Hardengreen Business Park

An indoor firearms range has been given the go-ahead just yards from a college campus and residential housing in Midlothian.


3G, Councillor Milligan, Penicuik havoc and ScotRail

Christine Grahame MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


Borders Railway raised at First Minister’s Questions

Christine Grahame, MSP for Midlothian South Tweeddale and Lauderdale, asks Nicola Sturgeon if ScotRail are in the "last chance saloon."


£12m court ruling against Midlothian Council

Court of Session dismiss the council’s £12 million legal claim against one of two companies who advised on a failed Gorebridge housing development


Leadburn Junction improvement pressure

Fresh pressure will be put on Midlothian Council to improve a fatal junction after Scottish Borders Council backed the plan.


Midlothian funding down 4.4%

Audit Scotland Report shows core Midlothian Council funding down 4.4% Since 2013/14


Midlothian’s best places to eat and drink

The finalists have been announced for the Midlothian & East Lothian Food & Drink Awards.


Penicuik Athletic boss makes plea for pitch

An investment of just 24 pence a day is all that is being asked to support the health and fitness of children in Penicuik.


Play for All service launched

The charity Play Midlothian has launched a new service to support play at home for disabled children across Midlothian.


Foodbank responds to Grassy Riggs’ concerns

Michelle Ballantyne, South Scotland MSP, writes her first monthly column for Midlothian View.


MSP Promotes Pension Education for Youngsters

Michelle Ballantyne says that there should be some room in the academic curriculum so students can be taught how areas such as pensions work.


MP hosting second annual women’s event

Danielle Rowley MP is hosting Women's Matters: Everyday Action, on Saturday 30th March


Midlothian Council’s £24m roads bill

A large backlog in road maintenance work has been reported in Midlothian after the number of potholes doubled last year.


Grassy Riggs feeling threatened by foodbank opening

The service in Woodburn is feeling threatened by a new foodbank opening next week in the building it occupies.


Edinburgh tram extension approved

The Capital’s tram line will be extended to Newhaven after councillors approved work starting on the £207.3m project.


ScotRail cannot give date for ending overcrowding

The rail operator says due to factors out of their control they cannot say when the Borders Railway will get extra carriages.


Batty planning decision overturned

A decision to throw out a planning application to build a luxury house because bats roost near the site has been overturned by Scottish Ministers.


Midlothian householders warned about scams

Midlothian Council’s Trading Standards team is warning residents about a couple of scams currently operating in the area.


East Lothian Council could lose out with deposit return scheme

Scottish Government’s proposals could cost the local authority £250,000 in revenue it receives for recycling materials from recycling companies.


Re-turf Penicuik pitch appeal

The condition of a football pitch used by hundreds of children each year is so poor players are being injured.


Council risks reach critical

The financial stability of Midlothian Council has been branded at “critical” risk by its own officers.


‘Doctored’ documents claim

Food giants Sainsbury’s accused a council officer of “doctoring” plans for an extension to its site in a row over a fence.


Fund to boost Town centres

A £50 million fund to help boost town centres has been launched.


Councillors back tram extension plans

Controversial plans backed despite community fears the extension could “compromise public safety”.


Call for urgent action on Borders railway

Christine Grahame MSP has called for action on overcrowding on Borders railway.


New mountain biking centre at Lothianburn

Proposals for the creation of The Pentland Trail Centre will be presented at an open public consultation


Lib Dems refuse to back tram extension

Liberal Democrat councillors will vote against proposals to extend the tram to Newhaven.


Pay and display parking charges set for hike

Business leaders have warned that Edinburgh Sunday parking charges set to be rolled out risk “driving customers away” from the city centre.


Public Wi-Fi proves unpopular

The idea of public Wi-Fi failed to gain support when it was offered as a way to improve town centres in East Lothian.


Carers, Brexit and Labour

Christine Grahame MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


Cockenzie disappointment after decision

A lack of alternative plans has been blamed for a decision to allow a substation to be built on the coastal site.

Longniddry Bents

Only 17% buy a car park ticket

Fewer than one in five vehicles visiting fee-charging coastal car parks in East Lothian buy a ticket, a new report has confirmed.


Noble battling performance in Asia

Young Midlothian driver endures extreme heat and humidity for a fourth place finish in Asian Le Mans finale.


Scout Group Coffee morning

14th Midlothian Scouts are holding a coffee morning at Bonnyrigg Scout Hall, Eldindean Road, Bonnyrigg 10am- 1pm on Saturday 2nd March.


Scottish Borders sickness absence costing £3m+ a year

Staff absences at Scottish Borders Council are costing the local authority more than £3m a year, new figures reveal.


SNP group respond to Labour “finger pointing”

The Midlothian SNP group have responded to the Labour group article yesterday.


Conservatives call to scrap tram extension

Conservatives are calling for the city council’s tram extension “vanity project” to be scrapped to free up £90m for public services as part of alternative budget proposals.


Edinburgh council tax rise could pay for homeless accommodation

Edinburgh council tax could rise by four per cent next year to funding housing for the Capital’s homeless families.


Midlothian Labour call on SNP to stop playing games

The Midlothian Council Labour Group has called on the SNP Councillors to reject "the cynical game playing" and join them in working to address Midlothian’s serious financial problems.


Workplace parking levy could cut air pollution levels

Campaigners have called for city councillors to get behind proposals to introduce a workplace parking levy in order to help tackle an “air pollution crisis”.


Rosslynlee gets go-ahead

Plans to build more than 400 houses have been given the go-ahead, despite developers refusing to make any of the houses affordable.


Celebrating equality and diversity in Midlothian

Celebrate the contribution that different groups make to their communities by getting involved with Equal Midlothian Week.


Young People Invited to Jobs Roadshow

Young people and their parents from across Midlothian are invited to attend a free jobs roadshow at the Corn Exchange.


Save Kippielaw Campaign

Local residents are outraged at yet another attack on their local community from developers, say campaign group.


Community Police curfew arrests

More than 30 people have been reported to the procurator fiscal for breaking a court-imposed curfew after community police officers carried out routine bail checks.


Borders Railway plea from council

Councillors want ScotRail to improve performance on the Borders Railway so that people use it more than once.


Budget protests u-turn

Schoolchildren and residents took to the streets to take part in noisy protests outside Midlothian Council’s headquarters as plans to cut music tuition were under debate.


£20m masterplan boost

Plans to transform Newtongrange with funding from the Borders Railway investment could create more than 440 jobs and add £20million to the community’s value


Midlothian Labour response about HRA

Why Labour will not use the Housing Revenue Account to meet the financial deficit


King’s Park Primary Parent Council raises concern

King's Park Primary School Parent Council has written to Midlothian Council in response to the proposed budget cuts for next year.


Politicians comment on council budget issues

MSPs Christine Grahame and Colin Beattie, as well as Midlothian MP Danielle Rowley give their view on the council budget issues.


East Lothian Council electric charge points

Villages and remote locations across East Lothian could be fitted with electric car charging points.


Councillor with a plan to fix the budget

EXCLUSIVE: Businessman and councillor, Colin Cassidy, has a way to save music, sport, libraries and lots more in Midlothian.


Sky Maze launch at Country Park

Dalkeith Country Yard is launching it's £285,000 Sky Maze on Saturday 9th February.


Read the extent of the proposed council cuts

Midlothian Council has produced a document detailing the scale of cuts to council services.


Save football, save sport

The Midlothian Football Development team make a plea for sport in Midlothian.


Midlothian Labour Party Statement on council budget

Midlothian Labour Councillors are warning about the proposals to bridge an £9.7 million budget gap.


Council services to be decimated says leader

Midlothian Council Leader responds to the Scottish Government budget as the detail of the expected cuts emerge.


Zipline to million pound council income

The public were given sight of Midlothian Council's 'Destination Hillend' plans this week which are a major part of budget recovery plans.


Details of major residential development submitted

Dandara Group has submitted details of its planned major residential development on the outskirts of Eskbank.


Council emergency cash reserves could run out

Auditor's report blames both elected councillors and officers for the reduction in reserves over the last three years.


Launching of local school children

Local school children have been given a front row seat to the unveiling of a space rocket in Midlothian.


Solar Farm plan for Midlothian

A Solar farm on the outskirts of Edinburgh University’s Midlothian campus could help make the site carbon neutral over the next 20 years, it is claimed.


Council shift to delivering “minimum service”

An £11.5million shortfall in Midlothian Council’s budget will see its pledge to deliver excellence changed to delivering “minimum service”, according to its leader.


Pigeons, Penguins, Fitba, Rockets and Candles

Christine Grahame MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


MSP and Council Leader disagree on £500 million

SNP MSP Colin Beattie hails £500 million to expand early learning and childcare provision across Scotland, but Midlothian Council leader, Derek Milligan, says that is "nonsense."


Dalkeith firm shortlisted for Scotland’s top business awards

After a successful year Pigeon Penguin is in the running for two awards.


Cockenzie cruise terminal discussions

Creating a cruise terminal off the coast of East Lothian could be no more expensive than building a new school, it has been claimed.


Smelly pigs in nanny state claim

A pig farm ordered to shut down before new housing is built near it has been given a reprieve by councillors.


Council tells staff to take holiday if severe weather hits

East Lothian council workers who live in the countryside are being advised to set aside their holidays to cover absences from work or face losing pay if another Beast from the East hits.


Rosslynlee Hospital councillors stand firm on contributions

Councillors fighting to save an historic hospital from falling into ruin have set their own ‘red lines’ in a row over developers’ contributions.


Boardmaker in libraries now

Software to help visual learners now available in Midlothian libraries.


Endo Warriors West Lothian

Candice McKenzie & Claire Beattie write about their independent support and awareness group for Endometriosis


300 jobs could go in Edinburgh

Museums, public toilets and residential care are among services set for the axe to cut £41 million from the council’s budget next year.


£10 million Midlothian Jenga

Unison Midlothian are encouraging councillors to obtain additional funding from the Scottish Government to meet the budget shortfall.


Millerhill starting to generate

Construction ahead of schedule at Millerhill recycling and energy recovery facility.


Action needed at Leadburn

Local MSP and councillor call for actions to follow words at the Leadburn Junction.


Expanding access to free sanitary products

Beginning now and for next financial year, a total of £4 million is being made available to local authorities.


Calls for Edinburgh convener to be ‘binned’ over waste problems

Edinburgh Council opposition councillors have called for the city’s environment convener to be replaced after issuing a “hollow apology.”


Council flats approved

Residents face a legal fight to continue to use their own driveways.


What is your view on ‘Destination Hillend’?

Midlothian Council wants to hear your views on ambitious plans to potentially turn Midlothian Snowsports Centre at Hillend into an all-year-round, multi-activity leisure development.


Edinburgh Depute Leader in call for extra funding

As Edinburgh faces cuts of £47m it's depute leader is calling on the Scottish Government for more funding.


School streets scheme recommended to be made permanent

Councillors are being asked to approve a permanent introduction of the scheme at King's Park and Lasswade Primary Schools.


Scottish Government budget plans great news for Midlothian Town Centres says MSP

SNP MSP Christine Grahame MSP, has called on Midlothian Council to make the most of the Scottish Government’s plans to introduce a £50 million Town Centre Fund.


Noble’s New Year podium

Midlothian based and British Racing Drivers’ Club (BRDC) rising star, Colin Noble and his Ecurie Ecosse/ Nielsen Racing team enjoyed a second Asian Le Mans Series podium finish in a row.


Have you had your say?

Midlothian residents are being reminded that they still have time to have their say on how the council spends its money next year.


Improvement work to Penicuik High Street continues

The improvement work which started in Penicuik High Street last October is now continuing after the festive break.


Film Studio plans at Salter’s Park

The company that was behind the failed film studio development near to Straiton have now lodged plans for a site next to the Dalkeith Schools Campus


Rowley blasts DWP’s ongoing Universal Credit FoI Deflection

A point of order has been raised in the Commons over the Department for Work and Pensions' continued failure to release the "deflection scripts."


Edinburgh councillors back electric taxi fleet

Edinburgh councillors have thrown support behind proposals for a fleet of electric taxis, as a cab boss has spoken out in favour of embracing the technology.


The Provost gives his view

Midlothian Provost, Peter Smaill, writes about the council's budget challenge.


Edinburgh examine taxi centre charges

Taxi drivers could face an extra charge by licensing bosses to take the “burden” off the local authority to ensure vehicles are roadworthy.


Edinburgh city centre transformation

Edinburgh Transport leaders will draw up plans to “open up streets to pedestrians and cyclists.”


Destination Hillend plan public meeting

Midlothian council has submitted a proposal for the redevelopment of the Midlothian Snowsports Centre.


No Christmas Tree collection this year

The council is not providing a kerbside collection of real Christmas trees this year.


Turn your business dream into reality

Midlothian Business Gateway are holding a Business Gateway Start Up Open Day.


Major residential development proposal for Kippielaw

Developers have submitted a proposal of application notice for a residential development and erection of school.


Newbattle High School robotics team win

Newbattle High School sent a team of S2 pupils to compete in the Scottish regional finals of the VEX IQ 2019 competition


Danielle Rowley MP 2018 Christmas card competition

Stobhill Primary student Sophie Janczy has been announced as the winner of Danielle Rowley MP's 2018 Christmas card competition.


Midlothian Council job cuts ‘inevitable’

COUNCIL workers in Midlothian have been told they face “significant” job cuts in the coming year as the local authority looks to bridge a £6.8 million funding gap.


Newtongrange Post Office Library

COUNCIL officials will investigate whether putting a Post Office in a village library could work to protect both services for their local communities.


Poverty crisis claims in Midlothian

WOMEN are being left unable to breastfeed their babies because they cannot afford to eat properly as poverty in Scotland reaches crisis point, it has been claimed.


Housing Allocations Policy review

Midlothian Council to consult on review of its Housing Allocations Policy


Dalkeith locals share their experiences of dog attacks with MSP

Locals in Dalkeith shared their experiences of dog bites and attacks with an MSP, as part of a Holyrood Committee’s examination of dog control laws.


Maggie’s Centre Midlothian fundraiser nets £11k

Two Midlothian women who have benefitted from the Maggie's Centre in Edinburgh decided to raise funds for the centre.


Council Leader comments on Scottish budget announcement

Derek Milligan says the budget “failed to recognise that additional funding is urgently needed."


Festive invite from One Dalkeith

A festive invitation to all Dalkeith Business Owners. 3-7pm on Monday 17th December @ the Water Tower Cottage.


In for the swim at Dalkeith Campus

Dalkeith High School S1 Journalists report on why you should consider a swim at the Dalkeith Campus.


MSP calls for sensitivity in NHS Review

MSP Christine Grahame has raised the tragic death of Peebles woman Amanda Cox with the First Minister to seek assurances that any review will be conducted sensitively and thoroughly.


Lothian Buses cite GDPR to stop bus fans

The council owned bus company cites GDPR to stop bus fans taking photographs but then cannot explain why.


Plans to convert the old Clydesdale Bank building in Dalkeith

In association with Midlothian View, Libermove present details of noteworthy planning applications submitted to the Midlothian Council.


Over £1m paid in Midlothian mitigating welfare cuts

Midlothian MSP, Colin Beattie, has highlighted the millions being spent on mitigating Tory welfare cuts by the Scottish Government.


Vote 100 Exhibition officially launched

Exhibition of art work by Midlothian school children to commemorate one hundred years of women is launched.


Free food waste caddy liners may stop

At the council meeting next week councillors will decide whether to stop providing free food waste caddy liners.


School takeaway ban challenged

A ban on new takeaways opening within 400 metres of a primary school is being challenged by Scotmid.


Committee for asset transfers

A new committee established to oversee requests for council assets to be transferred to the community is holding its first meeting.


Noble on the podium in Japan

Midlothian's Colin Noble scores his first podium finish in the Asian Le Mans Series


Newtongrange Village Voices

New book takes heads down Newtongrange's memory lanes.


One Dalkeith Town survey

Your chance to have your say on what's good and what's not about Dalkeith.


Sheriffhall question raised in House of Commons

MP calls for action on A720 City Bypass and Sheriffhall Roundabout


Online shopping warning during National Consumer Week

National Consumer Week focusing on shopping through online marketplaces is led by Citizens Advice Scotland and Trading Standards Scotland.


Edinburgh’s Christmas

Midlothian residents get a discount at Edinburgh's Christmas 2018.


Penicuik Paper & Football, Brexit and Christmas

Christine Grahame MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


White Ribbon Campaign

East Lothian and Midlothian Public Protection Committee is supporting the White Ribbon Scotland campaign to involve men in tackling violence against women.


Borders Railway tourism gets funding boost

An action group set up to develop the tourism industry in Midlothian and the Scottish Borders has secured a £300,000 funding boost.


Midlothian’s Noble goes East

Young Midlothian BRDC racing driver toughed out a fighting fourth place finish at Shanghai International Circuit.


Dick Vet expansion

Midlothian's world-renowned vet school is expanding its small animal hospital to help cope with increasing demand.


Del Boy’s Christmas Trees sent packing

Christmas trees delivered ahead of town centre celebrations have had to be replaced at the last minute.


One Dalkeith listening and working with businesses

One Dalkeith volunteers have been starting conversations with businesses to ask what could be done in Dalkeith that could also help their business.


New drop in facility launched for teenagers

Dalkeith Community Police officers have teamed up with Aim High, Dalkeith Thistle CFC and Dalkeith Miners Club to run a drop-in facility for all secondary school age youngsters.


Let us cycle

Support the campaign to improve the cycling routes around Sheriffhall roundabout.


McDonald’s to open 24 hours

The new McDonald's at Hardengreen has been granted it's licence to open 24 hours a day.


Breaking News: Planning refused for Drive Thru Restaurants

Councillors have refused planning permission for Starbucks and KFC restaurants at Hardengeen


Store not staffed to prevent alcohol theft

Workers in a major supermarket said they were unable to stop youths stealing alcohol because they were understaffed, a local councillor has claimed.


Overprovision unfair claim

Three Midlothian communities classed as having an overprovision of licensed premises have been downgraded amid claims the description was unfair.


Volunteer for Connect

MP Encourages local people to volunteer for Connect Project


Edinburgh Ghosts

A Midlothian guitarist/composer has released a contemporary instrumental record capturing the mood and atmosphere of modern Edinburgh.


New rule call for adults drinking around youngsters

Parents who drink alcohol while out for a meal with their children will be watched by restaurant and pub staff as part of a new series of licensing controls planned for Midlothian.


Thinking about selling a property in Dalkeith?

A new property platform has started up covering Dalkeith and the surrounding area. Libermove is trying to change the way people buy and sell property in Scotland.


New garden waste charge approved

Midlothian Council is introducing a charge for kerbside garden waste collections.


Everyone deserves a second chance

Go watch a film series that is helping change perceptions about what justice should look like in 21st Century Scotland.


All prepared for winter

The council gear up to take on whatever the weather throws at them this winter to keep priority roads and pavements gritted.


Bins could shrink

Household waste bins in Midlothian could be halved in size or reduced to monthly collections in a bid to crackdown on garden waste diversion.


Council receives top award for support for Armed Forces community

Midlothian Council is one of ten employers in Scotland to receive a prestigious award.


Residents to have their say on council spending

With a budget shortfall of £6.1m residents and local groups are have the opportunity to have their say on where money is spent.


MP digs in with students

Danielle Rowley MP plants trees with Newbattle Abbey College Students.


Newbattle High School officially open

Midlothian’s pioneering Newbattle High School has been officially opened by Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills, John Swinney.


Green Anger as SNP block community planning rights

The Scottish Greens hit out at the SNP for blocking a bid to give communities the same right as developers to appeal planning decisions.


McDonald’s applies to open 24 hours

Community Council express concern that they were not informed of the license change and have requested a consultation period extension.


Minister for Justice visits Midlothian community garden project

Humza Yousaf visited an innovative project in Midlothian today where a number of offenders have been carrying out unpaid work to create a community garden.


Minister visits project to transform disused building

A project to transform a disused building at Newtongrange railway station into a community space and bistro has welcomed its first VIP guest.


Deputy First Minister the Apprentice

Two Dalkeith High School pupils help John Swinney with his Software Development apprenticeship.


Public urged to follow Fireworks Code

Midlothian Trading Standards are urging residents to be safe this fireworks season so their bonfire night goes off with a bang - but no injuries.


Award winning local businesses

Midlothian and East Lothian Chamber announces 2018 Business Award winners.


Edinburgh airport plans rejected

Local MP Danielle Rowley has welcomed the decision by the UK Civil Aviation Authority.


Too Many Bairns

Christine Graham MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


More self-employed women in Edinburgh than Glasgow

More women in Edinburgh run their own business than any other mainland Scottish local authority area according to a new analysis from the Federation of Small Businesses.


Town parking charges for East Lothian

Town centre parking charges could be given the go-ahead next week in East Lothian as councillors are asked to approve a controversial local transport strategy.


Planning bill changes aim to help tackle housing crisis

Scottish Government’s Planning Bill will help tackle Scotland’s housing crisis by making land for house-building more affordable and by better regulating short-term lets, according to Scottish Greens.


Fast food on the rise in the Borders

The number of takeaways and fast food outlets in the Scottish Borders continues to rise.


It’s back to back for Noble

Midlothian racing driver wins second consecutive UK championship.


East Lothian Council Universal Credit lessons

The UK Government is being urged to learn lessons from the first Scottish pilot of Universal Credit after it was branded an “experiment in cruelty”.


Disabled fans to benefit at Penicuik

Penicuik Athletic is planning to introduce a viewing platform for disabled fans after switching leagues.


Heat or eat

Parents of school children face “heat or eat” decisions during the holidays, according to an education chief.


Wind fails to blow Walk the Line event off track!

A windy but dry day attracted 231 people to the eighth annual Walk the Line event.


Turn your business dream into reality

Ever thought about starting your own business, working for yourself or making money in your spare time?


Midlothian View shortlisted for an award

The Midlothian and East Lothian Chamber of Commerce have shortlisted Midlothian View for their Community Impact award.


Drive-through decision delayed

Councillors on planning committee opt to delay decision on the two drive-through restaurants at Hardengreen for a month


Tackling combustibles cleanup

Midlothian Council and local emergency services to offer free uplift of combustible materials in the run up to Bonfire Night.


Robots clear up at driving range

Melville Golf Centre has recruited two new hard-working members of staff, a pair of robots.


Nuclear Membership no one knew about

Midlothian council paid more than £1,300 to be a member of an organisation its elected representatives did not even know it was in.


Charges brought after £2million fraud at council

Four people have been charged following an investigation into allegations of fraud at Midlothian Council.


Veterans row resurfaces

A former armed forces champion has launched a scathing attack on the Ministry of Defence for leaving veterans to beg in the streets.


Council progressing with plans for new homeless accommodation

Midlothian Council have agreed to progress with plans to convert an office building in Jarnac Court, Dalkeith into temporary accommodation for homeless households.


A Noble effort by team Andrew

Andrew Forrest along with a ten-man team of friends and family, has recently taken part in a charity Kiltwalk, raising over £3000 for Prostate Scotland.


Independent review of policing during miner’s strike

Midlothian MP urges those affected to attend and have their say at an event at National Mining museum.


East Lothian Council helps add new bike trail

With funding from East Lothian Council, Bikepacking Scotland has added another trail to its offer of bikepacking routes.


John Swinney officially opens two new Midlothian buildings

Deputy First Minister of Scotland, John Swinney officially opened Midlothian’s two new primary schools, Roslin and Paradykes.


Greens welcome Pentland farm ruling and urge film studio rethink

Alison Johnstone and Andy Wightman, Scottish Green MSPs for Lothian, welcomed today's ruling.


Council Tax to rise again by 3% but financial issues continue

Current projections show that Midlothian Council will be £5.25 million short of what is needed next year even with a 3% council tax rise.


Council tax cheats

Council tax cheats and benefits fraudsters cost Midlothian Council thousands of pounds.


Put your green stuff in your neighbour’s brown bin

Residents will be allowed to ‘share’ recycling bins with their neighbours once a new collection fee is introduced by Midlothian Council.


Schools, Retreat and Brexit

Christine Graham MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


Garden competition winners announced

Bonnyrigg resident Kevin Armstrong and Lewis and Jean Bassindale from Roslin have won joint first place in the Midlothian Council Tenants Garden Competition 2018.


Arniston House Hollywood star bid

The historic house aiming to give its Hollywood career a boost by the creation of parking facilities for film crews.


Health consensus critical in Midlothian

People need to get behind their local health and care services if they are to have any chance of succeeding in the future, report says.


New velodrome set to replace Meadowbank loss

Plans to build a velodrome as part of a new cycling hub in the east of Edinburgh have been pushed forward – despite a funding gap of £441,000.


Noble racing to do it again

Midlothian racing driver one step from winning second consecutive UK championship.


e-prescribing risks patients

An electronic prescribing system used in Midlothian within its substance misuse service could have put people at risk after its system crashed, health chiefs have warned.


Crisis calls rise

Rapid response team sees night-time calls rocket in Midlothian.


Institution of Civil Engineers celebrate the Newbattle Viaduct

The viaduct on the Borders Railway line has had a plaque unveiled as the railway celebrates its third anniversary.


Parking tickets welcomed in Midlothian

Traffic wardens are being shaken by the hand after returning to Midlothian for the first time in four years, according to its council leader.


We need to reinvent the Town Centre of Dalkeith

One Dalkeith are asking you to imagine, to dream, and to help shape an exciting vision for your town.


Social worker shortage at Midlothian Council

A recruitment policy which demands new social workers start at the bottom has come under fire for potentially putting off experienced staff.


Midlothian Council’s Home Care is weak

Visits by local authority carers have been described as being “like roulette” because clients did not know who would be coming to their homes.


Gold Coast Ellie picks up top prize at first ever Midlothian’s Young People Awards

Newbattle High School pupil Ellie Russell won the prize for outstanding achievement at the inaugural Midlothian’s Young People Awards last week.


New Tourism Ideas Fund launched

Midlothian and Borders Tourism Action Group (MBTAG) launched the new funding stream at a special event for businesses this week.


Local SNP MSPs encourages communities to give evidence to Miners’ strike policing review

MIdlothian MSPs call on people in Midlothian to consider giving evidence to the independent review of the impact of policing on mining communities during the miners’ strike.


Record number of young adults in Midlothian securing their future

The new figure, which covers April 2017 to March 2018, represents a 0.7% increase in the number of young adults positively securing their future.


Festival of Politics programme unveiled

The Scottish Parliament will become the first UK legislature to host the BBC’s flagship political debate programme, Question Time, when it broadcasts from the unique setting of the Debating Chamber this October as part of this year’s Festival of Politics.


New plan for delivery of learning and development in Midlothian

Midlothian Council has approved a new strategy for learning and development in the county.


Funding awarded for Penicuik regeneration project

The National Lottery Fund and Historic Environment Scotland have approved a £2.6 million funding package to help regenerate Penicuik town centre.


Post Office service in Bonnyrigg suspended

The news that the Post Office in Bonnyrigg is due to close temporarily in September has been met with frustration from local MP Danielle Rowley and Council Leader Derek Milligan.


Carer’s Allowance Supplement rolling out in Midlothian

Local SNP MSP Christine Grahame has welcomed the news that carers in Midlothian will receive the first payments of the new Carer’s Allowance Supplement from mid-September, back-dated to April.


Recess what recess?

Christine Graham MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


Want to get more involved in your community?

How much do you know about your community council and the positive impact its work has on your area?


Dalkeith Tennis Club turns 130!

This year Dalkeith Tennis celebrates 130 years of tennis being played at the club on Cemetery Road.


Planning committee to be webcast

Midlothian Residents will soon be able to watch live webcasts of Midlothian Council’s planning committee.


Adjacent site chosen for Lasswade replacement

Midlothian Council to build a three stream replacement school for Lasswade Primary School on the land adjacent to the current school.


Podium again for Noble

Second Place Finish at Silverstone puts Midlothian Racing Driver in European Le Mans Series Title Hunt


Campaign to remember Dalkeith D-Day hero

The former Dalkeith High School pupil's contribution towards the allied war effort helped considerably in bringing an end to World War 2 and saving the lives of some 70,000 individuals.


School buses contract sorted but non-entitled pupils will have to wait

Midlothian Council have announced that the legal challenge by a bus company for the school bus contract has been resolved.


Could you be a short term foster carer like Michelle?

Midlothian Council has launched a new campaign to recruit foster carers.


City Region Deal on the hunt for leading lights from private and third sectors

Applications are open for individuals in the private and third sectors to join the Regional Enterprise Council for the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal.


Take a class to learn a new skill

The Council ‘Aim High’ programme offers a number of opportunities to brush up old skills or learn new ones.


Apply for lottery funding, urges local MP

Danielle Rowley MP urges good causes in Midlothian to apply for funding of up to £20,000.


Midlothian set to benefit from historic £1.3bn City Region Deal

The Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal, including funding for Sheriffhall roundabout, has been formally signed.


S6 highers results up 10% on 2014

Midlothian Council have reported an improving trend in exam results this year for Midlothian school leavers.


Grahame welcomes extension of bus pass scheme

National Concessionary Travel Scheme will be extended to companions of eligible disabled children aged under five.


Post-exam results Course Clearing Event

Edinburgh College is hosting a Course Clearing Event this week to provide support and guidance to young people following SQA exam results day.


Review of Edinburgh’s bus stops to cut journey times

The city council will carry out a citywide review of bus stops in order to speed up public transport across the Capital.


Edinburgh city centre could become “largely traffic free zone”

One of three options put forward by the city council says “key streets could be pedestrianised.”


Cameras and extended hours to stop bus lane cheats

Cameras could be installed to stop bus lane cheats – as operating hours could return to seven days a week.


Jarnac Court consultation

Residents invited to view plans to turn offices into homeless accommodation.


Exhibition highlights Gorebridge improvement plans

Locals are being invited to an exhibition organised by Gorebridge Connected, to find out more about the improvement projects planned for the town centre.


Get council help from @Midhelp

Midlothian Council is launching a new dedicated customer service Twitter account.


New restaurant opening in Lasswade

Family owned Luci's Restaurant is opening in Lasswade in August.


World’s best press pictures come to the Scottish Parliament

A collection of award-winning press photography from around the world has gone on display at the Scottish Parliament.


Greenbelt homes appeal bid rejected

The Scottish Government’s reporter upheld the decision to refuse plans to build 86 homes on greenbelt near to the Lothianburn junction of the Edinburgh bypass.


Recess and Westminster

Christine Graham MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


Plans for new school and community facilities at Danderhall

A second consultation on proposals for a new primary school and community facilities at Danderhall will be held on Tuesday 7 August.


Bright sparks get into electrical installation

A group of young unemployed people have gained valuable industry experience designed to boost job prospects.


Family activity programme

Newbattle Summer Programme provides sport, food and fun for local families


Exam results support from Skills Development Scotland

Scotland’s national skills and careers service is gearing up to deal with calls from pupils as the Exam Results Helpline gets set to open.


More than half of Edinburgh’s garden owners are not registered

Fears over fly-tipping and bonfires in Edinburgh as garden waste sign-up closes.


Funding for Mavisbank House

Historic Environment Scotland is providing funding to develop a community engagement project with the local community.


Dalkeith Campus gets new 4G football pitch

The new pitch is being installed as part of a programme of summer work at the campus.


Peebles theatre seeks funding

The Eastgate theatre has appealed to the common good fund to help redevelop its facilities.


Midlothian driving success at Le Mans Cup

Midlothian racing driver helps Ecurie Ecosse/Nielsen Racing to second place in latest round of Michelin Le Mans Cup.


Anyone for tennis?

Dalkeith Tennis Club serves an ace deal on membership for Wimbledon fortnight.


The next Andy Murray is unlikely to be from Midlothian

It’s Wimbledon time but the council’s Sport and Leisure team are putting kids off from playing tennis in King’s Park, Dalkeith.


Employee Ownership Day in Roslin

Colin Beattie MSP & Roslin's Network ROI celebrate Employee Ownership Day


Midlothian Council’s website in top 10%

Midlothian Council’s website has retained the highest number of stars awarded by public sector industry IT professionals.


SNP group kick it into the long grass

This week the SNP group of councillors blocked discussion of improvements to grass cutting and general maintenance.


Councillor gets backing for the benefits of breastfeeding

SNP Councillor Kelly Parry's motion to improve the rate of breast feeding in Midlothian backed by the full council.


Top tips on making sure children benefit from play

Top tips on fun activities for Midlothian children are highlighted in a new campaign by charity Play Midlothian and Midlothian Council.


Eyes wide open approach encouraged for children at risk

Child protection committees across Scotland are encouraging the public across to be extra observant to help protect potentially vulnerable children when schools are out for summer.


£1.6m to revitalise Gorebridge approved

Major funding arrangements totalling more than £1.6 million to revitalise the centre of Gorebridge were approved by Midlothian councillors.


Midlothian’s first female Chief Executive

Midlothian councillors have approved the appointment of Dr Grace Vickers as the new Chief Executive.


Recess, Sunshine and Summer Tour

Christine Graham MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


Midlothian launches new Centre of Research and Innovation in Learning

A partnership project with the University of Edinburgh and the General Teaching Council Scotland.


Brown Bin charges from March next year

The council has provided detail about the charges for Brown Bin collection from next year.


Mischievous Reading for Summer!

This year's Summer Reading Challenge was launched in Midlothian today.


Community Council boundary changes

The Community Councils of Eskbank & Newbattle and Bonnyrigg & Lasswade are proposing to change the boundary between their two wards.


Lets get together in Jarnac Court this Friday

Events will form part of The Great Get Together to mark the birthday of murdered MP, Jo Cox.


Lots of fun for children with additional support needs

From drama to days out, sports to sensory garden workshops, a summer fun programme for children with additional support needs is jam-packed with inclusive activities.


Provost pays tribute to reservists for Armed Forces Week

To mark Army Reserves Day on Wednesday 27 June, Midlothian’s provost, Councillor Peter Smaill paid tribute to the council’s reservists.


Record number of pupils in jobs, further education and training

A total of 94.4% of school leavers in Midlothian are in a sustained positive destination.


Call to extend Borders Railway to Carlisle

The Federation of Small Businesses wants the successful Borders Railway to be extended south.


Over £31k of parking tickets issued already

Parking tickets with a value of over £31,000 have been issued by Midlothian's new Parking Attendants since they started issuing tickets on 9th April this year.


Do you know a young person deserving of an award?

There is still time to nominate a young person for Midlothian’s Young People Awards.


Edinburgh College Prize Giving

Celebrating educational success over the last year at Edinburgh College’s annual Prize Giving ceremony.


New football league structure announced

Detail has emerged of the composition of the East of Scotland League following the entry of the former Junior teams.


Newbattle High School aiming high

Pioneering partnership set to deliver world-class learning in the digital age as the new Newbattle High School campus opens.


Council steps up efforts to tackle county’s potholes

Midlothian Council has put together three squads of workers to tackle the large number of potholes caused by the ‘Beast from the East.’


Noble running effort

Local car dealership clocks up new record with Edinburgh Marathon Festival.


IRONKIDS 2018 are looking for young volunteers

Do you want to help run three internationally recognised sports events in Midlothian, East Lothian and Edinburgh?


Local MSP raises RBS bank closure issue with First Minister

Christine Grahame MSP raised the issues of RBS bank closures with the First Minister during First Minister's questions this week in parliament.


Cycling Without Age

Bike scheme for elderly rolled out across Scotland.


Growth Commission, Hunter Lad & Lass, The Call

Christine Graham MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


Funding for energy efficiency

People living in Midlothian will benefit from £453,452 of funding to help make homes more energy efficient.


Local young adult in running for prestigious award

Ashleigh Stephen, a Participation Assistant at Midlothian Council, is celebrating after being nominated as a finalist at this year’s prestigious Scottish Social Services Awards.


Domestic violence against men

Midlothian councillor writes about a campaign to raise the profile of this still unmentioned violence.


SPAR store in Bonnyrigg to close

C J Lang, the SPAR wholsesaler have announced the closure of the popular Bonnyrigg store due to rising operating costs.


Cup final in Dalkeith

Kelty Hearts and Preston Athletic will be battling it out in the King Cup final on Saturday at King's Park Dalkeith, kick off 2:30 pm.


Just the ticket for Midlothian Tourism

A new visitor pass designed to drive tourism to Midlothian and the Scottish Borders has been officially launched.


Country Park excellence

Buccleuch Property has won an Architectural Excellence Award for its work at Restoration Yard, Dalkeith.


Aldi cooking with students

Aldi has donated equipment worth £4,000 to Edinburgh College’s Professional Cookery department.


Celebrating Midlothian’s volunteers

Volunteer Midlothian joins national Volunteers’ Week Scotland celebration to highlight the huge contribution made by volunteers in Midlothian


Tackling doorstep crime

Operation Monarda has been launched today at the Citizens Advice Bureau in Dalkeith.


Locals should have more of a say in planning

A Holyrood Committee wants communities to have a stronger voice in planning what their neighbourhoods look like.


Tesco Bank Football Challenge Festival

Over 120 primary school kids from across Midlothian enjoyed a fun-filled morning at the Tesco Bank Football Challenge Festival as part of the Scottish FA’s flagship participation programme.


Edinburgh businesses say ‘no’ to a tourism tax

New research reveals that Edinburgh businesses are firmly opposed to the City of Edinburgh Council’s plans to introduce a tourism tax to the city.


New outdoor festival for Midlothian

The Midlothian Ranger Service has launched a new festival showcasing the county’s amazing outdoors.


Midlothian’s Young People Awards 2018

To mark the Year of Young people 2018, Midlothian Council and the Lord-Lieutenant of Midlothian are working together on a new Awards Scheme to recognise and celebrate the achievements of young people.


Loanhead Centre crowned country’s best community facility

The Loanhead Centre was named Community Development Project of the Year at the Scottish Property Awards.


Village Gardens to open in Temple

Temple is taking part in the Scotland’s Open Gardens scheme again this year.


Party leaders react after Provost election

On Tuesday councillors voted in Peter Smaill as Midlothian’s first Conservative Provost.


Serious fraud investigation report produced

An initial internal investigation has been completed and a confidential report sent to Police Scotland.


Decision on future of public toilets made

The council has agreed to keep Midlothian’s five public toilets open following a consultation.


The Daily Mile proven to work

Academic research proves the value of the school fitness initiative The Daily Mile.


Women’s Matters: Representation, support and equality in Midlothian

A free event designed to bring together women from across Midlothian and Scotland to explore Women’s issues with an expert panel and a variety of workshops.


Peter Smaill is elected as new Provost

Conservative Councillor Peter Smaill has been elected as Midlothian's new Provost.


Second hand electrical goods warning

Midlothian Trading Standards warn against buying second hand electrical goods.


Business Gateway boost for business start ups

More than 200 new businesses in Midlothian have received help with their start up plans from Business Gateway over the past year.


Commonwealth Games star visits Newbattle High School

Inspirational talk from Commonwealth Games mountain biker, Isla Short,


£1.9m for ‘world-leading’ gene therapy research project in Midlothian

Synpromics Ltd, based in Roslin, is pioneering research that could unlock a one treatment cure for diseases such as leukaemia and certain types of blindness.


Five in a row for Edinburgh College sports teams

Edinburgh College have lifted the Champions Trophy at the Scottish Student Sport College Cup for a fifth consecutive year.


Rise in food bank use requires action says Greens

Figures from the Trussell Trust, show that 2,943 people in Midlothian were provided with three-day emergency food supplies from this one food bank charity alone.


Local awards to celebrate Year of Young People in Midlothian

To mark the Year of Young People 2018, Midlothian Council and the Lord-Lieutenant of Midlothian have launched a new awards scheme to celebrate the county’s amazing young people.


Celebrating five years of Gorebridge heritage regeneration

A £2 million pound project to repair and restore historic buildings in Gorebridge has been successfully completed after five years.


The future’s green with electric vehicle scholarship

Ediburgh College student Jessica gears up for automotive career with electric vehicle scholarship from local business Alex F. Noble & Son.


Medical Practice visit and dogs

Christine Graham MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


Vogrie Plant Sale

This year’s Vogrie Plant Sale will take place at Vogrie Country Park on Saturday 19 May.


Track2Train on track

The builders are on site and the sledgehammers are swinging as work is underway to transform a disused building at Newtongrange railway station into a community space and bistro.


Midlothian politicians unite to welcome Treasury response on FOBTs

Colin Beattie MSP and Danielle Rowley MP welcomed this week’s news that means FOBTs maximum stakes are likely to be reduced from £100 to £2.


Lasswade Sports Personality 2018

A very successful Lasswade High School Sports Personality of the Year Awards celebrated the pupils' achievements in sport.


Midlothian Chief leaves for Falkirk

Midlothian's Chief Executive Kenneth Lawrie has been appointed as Falkirk Council's new Chief Executive.


Dalkeith High is the highest

Recently published list of the top performing state secondary schools in Scotland by The Times puts Dalkeith High School in the top third.


New bags please!

For the last month residents in Midlothian have not been getting replacement green food recycling bags.


Turn your business dream into reality

Business Gateway Midlothian offers a wealth of free advice and information to help you start your business.


Purple Box campaign launches

Women for Independence (WFI) Midlothian has launched a campaign to support local women and girls affected by period poverty.


Relive your schooldays at Newbattle’s memorabilia exhibition

To mark the closing of the current Newbattle High School building the school are holding a memorabilia exhibition and tour.


McDonald’s planning permission granted

Midlothian Council give the go-ahead for a two storey McDonald's drive thru restaurant at Tesco in Hardengreen.


Mayfield Leisure Centre and Newbattle Pool buildings to be demolished

Sports facilities to be demolished once the Newbattle Community Campus is opened.


Parking enforcement has begun

Since Monday traffic attendants have been putting warning flyers on illegally parked vehicles in Midlothian.


Vote for Provost postponed

Midlothian Councillors have agreed to postpone the vote for a new Provost to allow the parties more time for discussion.


Rethink on Gorebridge football pitch closures

Midlothian Council vote to reverse decision to close two pitches and revisit a previously published sports pitch needs report.


Ironmills Steps Update

Recent severe weather in Midlothian has caused soil movement at the landslip on Ironmills Steps, Dalkeith.


Footballs on Vogrie Golf Course

Footgolf to be introduced at weekends in effort to increase revenue at council golf course.


Joe did it!

Christine Graham MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


SNP gain Penicuik

Joe Wallace re-elected to Midlothian Council as SNP become party with most councillors.


Midlothian walks it into the net

Walking Football founded in Midlothian wins national award


Veterans placement internship first

Sean is first to complete unique placement with Midlothian Council.


Public Toilet Consultation

The council are asking Midlothian residents whether automatic conveniences should replace existing public toilets in Midlothian.


Parking tickets are coming!

Schedule for introduction of decriminalised parking in Midlothian revealed


Red warning for snow

People are being urged to avoid travel in the areas affected by red and amber warnings for snow.


Gritters treating Midlothian

Gritters were out earlier today across Midlothian and have been back out again from 15:45, treating priority routes.


Budget, Rugby, Alcohol and Birds

Christine Graham MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


ScotRail to Try again this Saturday

Christine Grahame questions Transport Minister on Borders Railway Six Nations perfomance.


Helen Armstrong for the Greens

Midlothian Greens select parent campaigner for Penicuik by-election.


Budget approved

Council approves budget and council tax increase for 2018/19


Libraries, Lollipops and Voluntary Grants look to be safe

Under detailed proposals submitted by the Labour leadership ahead of Tuesday's council meeting many budget cuts may be spared.


Labour Leaders in Penicuik

Jeremy Corbyn and Richard Leonard will be holding a public meeting in Penicuik this coming Monday, 12 February, at Shottstown Miners.


Extra carriages for Rugby Fans

The Borders Railway is adding extra carriages and running extra services for Six Nations rugby fans this Sunday.


Murdo MacDonald is Conservative Candidate

Midlothian Conservatives have selected Murdo MacDonald as their candidate in the upcoming Penicuik by-election


Penicuik by-election date announced

A by-election will be held on Thursday 22 March for Ward No 1 Penicuik following the death of Councillor Adam Montgomery.


Fix Scotland’s ‘unacceptable’ mobile coverage

Only a fifth of Scotland’s landmass has a 4G signal, compared to 60 per cent of England


£2.6m budget boost for Midlothian

Midlothian Council will receive the extra money under the revised budget proposals unveiled by Finance Secretary Derek Mackay yesterday.


Adam Montgomery

Christine Graham MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View and pays tribute to Adam Montgomery.


Brewing up an award

Midlothian’s Cross Borders Brewing named best micro-business in prestigious Scottish awards


Free early learning and childcare

More than 200 families eligible for free early learning for their two-year-old. Are you one of them?


Stubbing out bad habits

Midlothian Council is backing a new Scotland wide campaign that warns adults not to buy cigarettes for underage children.


Streets Ahead social media for charities

JCI Edinburgh has joined forces with ethical social media consultancy, Streets Ahead Social to deliver free social media training support sessions for charities.


No misconduct by Councillor Parry

Commissioner for Ethical Standards in Public Life has ruled that Councillor Parry's actions did not amount to misconduct following an official complaint.


Council announces death of Provost

Midlothian Council Provost, Councillor Adam Montgomery has died suddenly after a short illness.


Parking Attendants due in April

Midlothian Council has formally approved plans to introduce parking attendants in the county from April 2018.


Lasswade High School Parent Council writes to Councillors

Lasswade High Schol Parent Council give their view on the Council's proposed budget cuts.


WFI Midlothian respond to Midlothian Council Budget cut proposals

Women for Independence Midlothian have written an open letter to Midlothian Council and Councillors


Counterfeit goods warning

Midlothian Council Trading Standards is warning residents to stay alert when making purchases this Christmas.


Community Council response to spending proposals

The Eskbank and Newbattle Community Council have written an open letter outlining their response to Midlothian Council's proposed spending proposals.


Parent Council response to cuts

King's Park Primary School Parent Council have written an open letter to Councillors and Officers regarding the proposed budget cuts.


Flu and Kez

Christine Grahame MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


Newtongrange centre plans are shaping up

Local people are invited to a follow up drop-in event on Monday 27 November regarding progress of the proposals for Newtongrange centre masterplan.


Call for Fair Funding for Local Government

Ahead of the Chancellor’s Budget statement next week, COSLA make the case for "Fair Funding for Essential Services”.


Cuts – a Conservative Group Perspective

Midlothian Councillor Pauline Winchester and leader of the Conservative Group gives her view.


Rising Midlothian football stars shine at Oriam

The Midlothian P7 Development Football Squad played in the first of three South East Regional Festivals


Councillor reported to Commissioner for Ethical Standards

Councillor Kelly Parry has been reported to the comissioner as it is alleged she failed to declare an interest at the full council meeting.


UK Supreme Court decision on alcohol welcomed

UK Supreme Court rejects an appeal against the introduction of a minimum unit price for alcohol in Scotland.


Council leader is barking up the wrong tree and he knows it

SNP Councillor Kenneth Baird gives his view on Midlothian's current budget issues.


Maternity leave for councillors

Midlothian Council makes history by endorsing maternity leave for councillors.


Council leader meets Derek Mackay

Council leader presses case for more funding for local services


Book to go to Council Budget meeting

Midlothian Council wants to hear your views on their proposals to help address the council’s budget shortfall in 2018/19 of £13.5 million, potentially rising to £45 million by 2021/22.


Council’s new Personal Assistant Scheme

Scheme to bring PAs together those who would like to use their Direct Payment from Social Work to employ a PA.


PensionWise Guidance Specialist at the Citizens Advice Bureau

Local MSP Christine Grahame met PensionWise Guidance Specialist at the Citizens Advice Bureau, who gives guidance on the Pension Options available to those seeking to cash in some of their pension pot prior to retirement.


Dalkeith Business Improvement District a step closer

A scheme to create a Business Improvement District in Dalkeith, led by the development trust, One Dalkeith, is a step closer thanks to a £40,000 investment.


Lawfield Primary School receives Active Schools funding boost

School awarded £3,400 for new sports equipment by the National Lottery.


GP surgeries

Christine Grahame MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


Man charged driving at 124mph on A68

Car stopped after the vehicle was detected travelling at 124 mph in a 60mph zone of the A68, at a point near to the Cousland Junction, near Dalkeith.


People often see us ‘traffic cops’ as the enemy

Article written by a Police Officer based within the East of Scotland's Road Policing Unit


Impact on Society in Midlothian

Midlothian Council has a budget problem. It has been known about for some years but to date only limited steps have been taken to address it. Now it has to be dealt with.


Councillors offices given over to staff

Office space for elected members reconfigured to be used by council staff to save £68k per year.


£1,500 of illegal fireworks dumped in wheelie bin

The illegal fireworks, including three feet long rockets, were found abandoned on a Midlothian industrial estate.


Midlothian’s ‘heritage angels’ crowned at national ceremony

Pupils from Gore Glen Primary School, Gorebridge, scoop the award for Best Contribution to a Heritage Project by Young People.


Foundation building

Three Beeslack High School pupils have passed the latest part of an innovative Pre Foundation Apprenticeship.


Council Leader presses case for additional funding

Midlothian Council Leader Derek Milligan is to meet with Finance Minister Derek Mackay next month to discuss the financial pressures the council is facing.


Council takes action to meet £13.5m budget shortfall

A multi-million pound savings programme, aimed at addressing Midlothian Council’s budget shortfall over the next four years, was put before councillors at a special meeting.


Free Football tickets

Generous offer from Dalkeith Thistle for all parents, carers and teachers of children attending our local schools


Scotrail and history

Christine Graham MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


Council approves ambitious school building project

Midlothian is to embark on an ambitious plan to build 6 new schools and extend 8 existing schools.


Penicuik and Midlothian Future Cycling Plans Up For Debate

Public meeting being held on Wednesday 27th September at Beeslack High School (7-9pm).


Eskimo Academy

A new not for profit training academy has been established in Scotland to assist disabled and/or disadvantaged individuals into employment within the financial services sector.


Unqualified electricians danger

Up to 2,000 unqualified electrical businesses are potentially putting the safety of the Scottish public at risk according to SELECT.


Rosslyn Men’s Shed

Meeting to setup a Men's Shed in Rosslyn Wednesday 20th September.


Tree of Life at Newbattle Abbey

Tribute unveiled to sculptor who fled wartime horror in Latvia to make a life in Midlothian.


Next Alpha course starting soon

Would you like to get together for food, a talk and good conversation? You may be interested in starting the next Alpha course at St John’s & King’s Park Church.


Funding of Christmas lights for 2017 agreed

Midlothian Council has agreed a budget for the provision of Christmas lights for this year’s festive period.


Bookermakers respond to MSP’s call

The Association of British Bookmakers in Scotland respond to the comments issued by Colin Beattie MSP yesterday.


20mph speed limit consultation

Midlothian Council responds to 20mph consultation


Burnbrae and St Mary’s school decision

Midlothian Councillors agree to recommendations following consulations.


Make your money go further

If you live in the Mayfield and Easthouses area or you are simply keen to make your money go further then don’t miss this Maximising Income event.


Local MSP demands tougher action on FOBTS

Over £7 million lost on gambling machines in Midlothian since 2008.


Councillors agreed to reinstate Police CAT teams

Agreement reached to reinstate funding for two local Police Scotland Community Action Teams.


New Midlothian equality champion

Midlothian Council has appointed Councillor Kelly Parry as the new Elected Member Equality Champion.


Trains, Flowers and Buses

Christine Graham MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


Record improvements in Exam Results

The council is reporting record improvements in some exam results this year.


City Region secures £1.1bn deal from UK and Scottish Governments

The City Region Deal will help drive investment and economic growth across the area and includes money for Sheriffhall roundabout.


Play Midlothian at Vogrie

Play Midlothian is inviting children and families from across Midlothian to join them to celebrate play at Playday at Vogrie Country Park.


21,000 new jobs for Edinburgh and South East Scotland

'Ambitious' city deal will deliver opportunities across Edinburgh, the Lothians, Fife and the Borders.


Exam Results Helpline

Skills Development Scotland’s (SDS) Exam Results Helpline will open on Tuesday 8 August as 139,000 pupils across the country receive their National, Higher and Advanced Higher results.


Lockerbie bomb appeal welcomed

Christine Grahame MSP welcomes SCCRC appeal by Megrahi family


Flower Power in Midlothian

Local community groups and residents are being offered the chance to adopt and maintain flower beds in King's Park, Dalkeith.


Budget shortfall Action

Council plans major savings programme to meet budget shortfall


Election View

Christine Graham MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.


Sexism row at the council

The Midlothian Council Leader Derek Milligan has responded to claims from the SNP of sexism in the council chamber.


School leavers positive destinations

A high number of Midlothian school leavers continue to secure a sustained positive destination.


Good turnout for masterplan consultation

Locals come to see the proposals for the potential redevelopment of the Stobhill Depot and part of the Lady Victoria Business Centre


Flower beds grassed over

Council budget cuts appear in a visual way as flower beds are grassed over in King's Park


Gorebridge Primary School launch VR book

Pupils from the Midlothian Primary School have joined forces with a Scottish firm specialising in 360 degree cameras to publish a virtual reality activity and story book.


Food funding for groups in Woodburn Dalkeith

Ten community groups in Woodburn Dalkeith have succeeded in their bid to get a share of a £16,000 fund to support healthy eating and other food related projects.


Midlothian’s new MP

Danielle Rowley, Labour, has been elected as Midlothian's MP and it's first woman MP.


Meet your Labour Candidate

Read about Danielle Rowley, the Midlothian Labour party candidate for the General Election on June 8th.


Communication by media leaks not the right strategy

Time to share detail on the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal says FSB


Alert all pensioners

Christine Grahame MSP writes her monthly column in Midlothian View.


Meet your Conservative candidate

Read about Chris Donnelly, the Midlothian Conservative party candidate for the General Election on June 8th.


Two child cap: Johnstone urges rethink

Lothian MSP Alison Johnstone has urged the UK Government to urgently reconsider its cap on Child Tax Credits for more than two children.


Conservatives demand action at Leadburn

Two Scottish Conservative candidates for the upcoming General Election have joined forces to demand Midlothian Council upgrade the Leadburn Junction.


Scotland’s “Curry King” condemns Manchester suicide bombing

Matin Khan, a prominent Muslim who owns and runs Bangladeshi restaurants in Midlothian’s Dalkeith and Loanhead, has spoken out against Monday’s attack.


New Provost elected

Councillor Adam Montgomery, Scottish Labour, has been elected today as the new Provost of Midlothian.


Meet your Lib Dem Candidate

Read about Ross Laird, the Midlothian Scottish Liberal Democrat candidate in the 2017 General Election.


Bumper plant sale at Vogrie

Prized blue poppies are among the bargains at this year’s annual plant sale at Vogrie Country Park nursery on Saturday 20 May.


Radical Road success for Stewart Brewing

Stewart Brewing celebrates Radical Road win at the Scotland Food and Drink Excellence Awards


Don’t miss the annual schools’ art exhibition

Always a highlight of the Midlothian Council calendar, the exhibition is on at the Dalkeith Library and Arts Centre from Wednesday 24 May.


Newtongrange masterplanning team appointed

A design team has been appointed to revitalise and improve Newtongrange town centre.


MSP welcomes intervention in college strikes

Local MSP Christine Grahame has welcomed the intervention of the Scottish Government in college strikes.


Midlothian Green Party Statement on Snap General Election

Why I am not standing for the Scottish Green Party in Midlothian at the General Election.


New service for people facing a barrier into employment launches

A council service, which officially launched on Thursday to help people facing a barrier into a job, training or volunteering, is already changing lives for the better.


Lib Dems Midlothian Candidate

Lib Dems announce Ross Laird as their Midlothian General Election candidate


SNP MSP says it is Fake News

Colin Beattie, MSP, reacts to news that SNP activists were reported to the Police for threatening and intimidating behaviour towards the Conservative campaign.


SNP activists reported to Police

SNP activists reported for threatening and intimidating behaviour at the Conservative election stall in Dalkeith.


Lobbying for cycling in Sheriffhall improvements

Christine Grahame MSP takes up the case for putting good cycling provision at the centre of the Sheriffhall roundabout improvements.


Support for the bereaved

Scottish Parliament highlights the support that national healthcare charity, Sue Ryder, provides for people who are bereaved.


Battle of Roslin put under the spotlight of experts

Medieval warfare experts fought it out at a public event at the world-famous Rosslyn Chapel in a lively discussion about the Battle of Roslin, which is believed to have been held in February 1303.


Labour set to form minority administration

Talks between all parties fail as the SNP and Conservatives say they will not work together


Burnbrae consultation launched

Give the council your views on the proposal for Burnbrae Primary School.


St Mary’s consultation launched

Give the council your views on the proposal for St Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School.


SNP launch Midlothian General Election campaign

Campaign to re-elect Owen Thompson launched on Sunday at the Mining Museum in Newtongrange.


Conservatives win 5 in Midlothian

The Scottish Conservatives have gone from no councillors to five in the local elections.