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Wednesday May 31st 2017

Christine Grahame MSP in Parliament Main

Christine Grahame MSP, Midlothian South, Tweeddale and Lauderdale

Christine Grahame MSP writes her monthly Midlothian View column.

Alert all pensioners, Teresa’s after your pension, your home and your Winter Fuel Allowance.

Well actually if your live in Scotland the last two are safe because the Scottish government has Free Personal care and is keeping your Winter Fuel Allowance, although because the funding will be cut in England the funding for Scotland will be cut.(It’s called a consequential). You won’t have your home sold on death (a death penalty if there ever was one) to pay for your care and you can keep toastie in winter.

Both of these are devolved, pensions of course are not and so that secure 2.5 % at the very least annual increase in your pension is not.

So the cat is out of the bag. To pay for cuts, the pension is to take a hit. Add to that cuts to benefits, especially those on Disability Living Allowance, folk in dire need of mobility cars, a bedroom tax (but not in Scotland) and give extra tax allowances to the very rich and you have a Tory manifesto in a oner.

Of course in Scotland no distinction is being made by the Tory campaign of what is devolved and what is not. That’s why Ruth Davidson says the Winter Fuel Allowance will not be means tested in Scotland, because the Scottish Government is paying for that not Teresa May.

It’s a bit different with the Rape Clause so a woman will still have to prove a third or any other subsequent child is the result of rape to get Working Tax Credits for them. You see the Treasury would have to stump up for any additional payments.Add to the mix claims about Indyref 2 and you can ignore all the above and the impact of Brexit.

By the way did you know the value of the £ had fallen by 15 % since the Brexit vote while wages at best are frozen and food prices rise?

So if you are lucky enough to be a pensioner and have some small savings these are tumbling in value and not only because bank interest is pathetic. I am lucky, I am still working way past pension age and paying my taxes (unlike some of the multinationals which the Treasury has let slip through big holes in the tax net) but there are many many who are living on the breadline. Many are entitled to Pension Credit but don’t claim it.

By the way I do get a Winter Fuel Allowance which I donate to charity.

I’ve had enough of this, pensioners have given and are still giving much to society. Some look after even more elderly patients, many look after grandchildren, some step in and become carers to grandchildren whose parents cannot cope. Leave us alone.

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