Anyone Can Play Augusta National at RipItGolf

Thursday April 7th 2022


Drew McDermott, Director and Founder of Rip It Golf, plays his tee shot on the iconic 12th hole at Augusta.

Written by Midlothian View Editor, Phil Bowen

As the Masters tees off today, novice and keen golfers alike can join the professionals and play a round on the famous Augusta National. The renowned course is just one of thousands of courses from around the world that can be played at Rip It Golf in Dalkeith.

Opening its doors in Midlothian towards the end of last year, Rip It Golf is a virtual golf studio with state of the art technology enabling players to simulate their game on a big screen. Virtual golf provides a fantastic environment for a social or competitive round in warm and dry surroundings and has become increasingly popular with both professionals and beginners.

The latest technology allows golfers to practice and perfect their swing, taking out the guesswork by providing instant feedback and accurate data points on every shot taken. It’s become so precise that virtual golf has become an essential part of the practice regime for many professionals.

Rip It Golf uses state of the art Uneekor EyeXO launch monitors, capable of capturing over 3000 frames per second, which provide superb data accuracy and instant shot display. This allows players to see exactly what caused a good or bad shot and provides the information needed to improve it. Golf simulators also provide a great opportunity to try new things, including how ball position affects ball flight.

Drew McDermott, Director and Founder of Rip It Golf commented:

“A golf simulator will of course improve your mechanics but it can also make you a mentally stronger player. Using the data analysis provided by our simulators, players can perfect their swing, learn to select the correct club, shape their shots, improve skills and consistency. This leads to a more confident and mentally stronger player, so the next time they hit the course they will see a marked improvement in their game.”

The other huge advantage of a golf simulator is that it provides virtual access to the great courses of the world.

McDermott adds: “For most of us, the same course accounts for 90% of our rounds. Golf simulators allow you to select courses from all over the world, that will test your game to the fullest. Why not come and play Augusta National in Dalkeith?”

To improve your game in a fantastic environment or for more information please visit

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