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Friday May 29th 2015

Christine Grahame MSP

Christine Grahame MSP, Midlothian South, Tweeddale and Lauderdale

Through Our Eyes

I have to tell you about this moving and enthralling little book written by Grandparent Kinship Carers in Midlothian. Through a series of personal stories we learn how difficult it was when that phone call came saying that it was likely their grandchild would be going into care and could they do something?

Stories of their own children being the victim of drugs or bad relationships and the grandchildren left rudderless. Then granny and granddad stepped in with their lives turned upside down and plans for a future relaxing retirement gone. But of course not one put self before the grandchildren. But at what a cost both financially and to a quiet life.

I led a debate in Parliament celebrating their work and the book. You can access the debate on my Facebook page Please do. We are now pushing for this to be required reading for all social workers and others involved with these children and their grandparents. And isn’t “grand” the right word.

Penicuik and June is nigh

Went to the installation of the Hunter Lad and his Lass and remembering the first year I attended as the MSP when I stupidly wore a thin suit and was met with Penicuik weather which was more like winter than early summer. The result? I was chilled to the bone and two weeks off with something horrible.

This year I wore five layers. The sky was blue but so was I, and the rest of the platform party. When I rose to deliver my speech I noticed three eskimos just beneath me, actually Penicuikians hardy visible beneath their tightly drawn parka hoods. I’ll tell you it’s a sure way to make speeches short and to the point. We could do with a blast of that Penicuik weather in Parly.

My Librarians

Well they’re not mine really but they are the good women who run Newtongrange and Gorebridge libraries where I do surgeries on the first Fridays of the month in school term time.

I settle myself and my wee surgery notice in a corner and before you can say boo to a goose I have a Newtongrange cup of coffee. I pointed this out to the Gorebridge team and well there you go, low and behold a cup of Gorebridge coffee appeared.

However the stakes have been upped. Last surgery at Newtongrange it was coffee and a homemade cake for me and the constituent! Do you think a Gorebridge G and T is on the cards in the future?

A Rose by any Name

I have to tell you because I am bursting with pride that I have had a rose named after me! The Horticultural Trades Association had an event at Parly which I sponsored all about the therapeutic benefits of gardening. I am a plantaholic, my latest purchase was a tree peony from Pentland plants.

Anyhow the rose, which will be available in late autumn is a yellow, slightly fragrant floribunda which I hope is prickly. Some would say that describes me to a “t” not the yellow I hope but the prickly bit!

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