Christine Grahame MSP

Friday January 29th 2016

Christine Grahame MSP in Parliament

Back to business

I have been laid low with a lurgy which apparently is doing the rounds. When I say laid low I mean just that, coughing for Scotland for weeks. This for the first time had me absent from Parliament and cancelling surgeries, but with a few remaining sniffles I am back. This has meant some delay in dealing with cases because staff had also been floored (we are a small team ) but we are making up lost time. I’ll be back in Newtongrange and Gorebridge libraries and TESCO Penicuik. You can check out details of all my surgeries on my Facebook pages.

£500,000 million and rising-not my bank balance but passenger journeys on the Borders/Midlothian railway. It’s a big success. 20% above and beyond predictions. Today I parked at Newtongrange and met folk taking the train to Edinburgh and off to exotic places like Dundee and Aberdeen changing of course at Waverley. However it is a bit miffing when a train is cancelled as it was today. Also can someone put up a better sign at Newtongrange Station to show the path to the Museum? While I’m at it, the entrance from that car park to the platform needs sorting.

Early warning

Dissolution is on the horizon, that is when this Parliament closes for the May 5th election and yes I am standing again before you ask. After that date I cannot take on new cases and although my Gala office remains open I will have no office in Edinburgh. We are required to pack up all our chattels into boxes and leave our rooms empty. That’s the rules.

Micro-chipping yir dug

You may remember I ran a free chipping event in Penicuik Town Hall late last year in typical artic Penicuik weather. A hundred or so of you turned up, some of you with several dogs but dogs of all shapes and sizes and temperaments. Well it will be compulsory by April so don’t get caught out. By the way my cat Mr Smokey is micro-chipped which I think gives him that air of superiority. I know my place. Even my granddaughter ranks him above me. Cuddling me while we watched “Cinderelly” for the umpteenth time she proclaimed she loved me, but ,pause or paws, declared Mr Smokey was “her hero”. So be it.

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