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Wednesday August 26th 2015

Christine Grahame MSP in Parliament Main

Christine Grahame MSP, Midlothian South, Tweeddale and Lauderdale

We’re moving

Well I’ve been dotting in and out of Parly this month (August) as the e-mails keep flowing in with cases requiring attention. If you have e-mailed me may I ask you to be a bit patient about progress? I am currently moving my office from one address in Galashiels to another. I’ve been at 69 Bank Street for 16 years and I’m off to 46 High Street just across the road. There’s parking on street not far away and also behind Iceland (50p) for 2 hours just opposite.

I had thought about relocating into Midlothian but it turns out that Gala is the most central to the constituency which stretches from the Pentlands to Melrose.

Our phone numbers, email and so remain the same. Currently the office is sky high with packing cases and it has been a real kerfuffle making all the arrangements and cancelling utilities etc. Hence the delays. Reminds me why I never intend to leave my current abode except packed in a box myself!

Speaking of the Pentlands

I have a wee members Bill coming up before Parliament sometime soon. It’s a Bill to extent the Pentland Regional Park to include the entire range as it just covers some 45 % at the moment.

Why bother I hear you ask or perhaps not? Because frankly most of us take the Pentlands for granted and I’m afraid we need to respect and take care of our open spaces. Just think of all the green spaces that you have seen covered in housing in your own lifetime. Puts valuing tham thar hills into perspective does it not?

Is there another politician is the family?

During recess (when Parly doesn’t sit) I had some down time (is that the expression?) with my four year old “cutesome” granddaughter. I was looking after her for the day so we walked to the loch in Holyrood Park, fed the ducks and fought off the gulls, had lunch in Parly, chips and broccoli, well it’s what she wanted .

We returned home and watched Puss in Boots for the umpteenth time when I tried and failed to snatch a snooze, then off to the play park at breakneck speed. Then I had a tiny rest as she hopped and danced between chute and climbing frame (she doesn’t walk anywhere).

Why am I telling you all these details? Well because I thought I had fulfilled my granny duties above and beyond. But, ah when it came time to detach her from the chute the mood changed. Removing her hand from mine she declared I was no longer her friend. Now, I am not her gullible dad and “cutesome” has its limits so I told her that was fine by me.

After the briefest of pauses she repositioned herself by declaring that I wasn’t her friend anymore because I was much, much, more as she threw her arms around me and pronounced that she loved me to bits. Now I give her credit for thinking on her feet but boy am I concerned that this diminutive person has already mastered the art of spin!

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