SNP Candidate Colin Beattie supports the Scotspledge

Tuesday March 30th 2021


Written by Midlothian View Reporter, Luke Jackson

Local Holyrood candidate Colin Beattie has backed a pledge to support the Scots language and raise its profile if elected as an MSP in May’s election.

Scots language campaign group Oor Vyce is calling on candidates for May’s Scottish Parliament election to signal their support for the Scots language by signing up to a ‘Scotspledge’.

The ‘Scotspledge’ asks candidates to recognise Scots and all its varieties (such as Doric, Shetland, and Orcadian) as a legitimate living language and consider the needs of its speakers, raise the language’s profile in the constituency, parliamentary chamber, their parliamentary office and beyond, and support moves to protect, empower and promote it.

The 2011 Scottish Census found that 1.54 million (30% of Scotland’s population) are able to speak Scots, including its regional variations such as Doric, Shetland and Orcadian. It is recognised by the UK Government as a regional language under the European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages, which the Scottish Government supports.

Colin Beattie says:

“I’m backing Oor Vyce’s Scotspledge to signal to voters that I’m willing to stand up for local language and culture.

“The Scots language is integral to the life and culture of Midlothian and East Lothian, and it’s up to politicians to take steps to make sure it’s safeguarded for future generations.

“I recognise Scots as a legitimate living language, and if elected in May I’ll work to raise its profile and support the idea of action to protect and promote it.”

Oor Vyce founder Jack Capener said:

“Over the past few years, the Scots Language Renaissance has placed the language firmly on the political agenda and has become a major feature of our national conversations, as evidenced by the growing presence of Scots in newspapers, TV and radio, and social media. Now is the ideal time for politicians to sit up and take notice of this social change by calling for policy change.

“Endorsing Oor Vyce’s Scotspledge is a great way for candidates to show voters that they take Scots seriously and will stand up for the language and its speakers in Holyrood.”

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