Councillor reported to Commissioner for Ethical Standards

Thursday November 16th 2017

Kelly Parry

SNP Councillor for Midlothian West Kelly Parry

Councillor Kelly Parry has been reported to the Commissioner for Ethical Standards in Public Life following the full council meeting last week.

The Midlothian Conservatives lead, Pauline Winchester, submitted the official complaint saying that SNP Councillor Parry failed to declare a financial interest during the Conservatives Group motion to leave COSLA, which was debated during Midlothian’s Council meeting last Tuesday.

All councillors are required to declare any financial interests they have either at the start of a meeting or just before discussion of a particular item.

Councillor Winchester said

“Councillor Parry is paid £10,500 by COSLA and this is not widely known. By not declaring it, and then leading the debate against our motion she has mislead everyone concerned, as well as the general public.

“As she has said herself, she is an experienced Councillor, and therefore is aware that a declaration should have been made.”

Commenting to Midlothian View Councillor Parry said:

“My role as a spokesperson at COSLA is well known, and in no way relevant to the motion that was being put forward. This is a politically-motivated complaint, and will be seen as such by the Standards Commission.”

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