Crime in Midlothian has fallen according to the latest figures released today.

Tuesday February 23rd 2016

The Quarter 3 management information shows in total, reported crime is down by 5.4% meaning 178 fewer victims of crime between April and December 2015 compared to the same period the previous year.

Through engagement with the local community, tackling violent crime was identified as a policing priority. As a result of targeted activity offences, overall violent crime, including minor assaults, has reduced with 42 fewer victims.

Local policing teams have also been working hard within their areas to reduce crimes of dishonesty, resulting in a fall of 126 crimes overall.

However, Midlothian has seen a rise in domestic housebreaking and all of these incidents are investigated as part of the ongoing initiative, Operation RAC. This has resulted in more offenders being brought to justice with a 13.5% increase in the detections of such crimes with nearly one in every two being solved.

Officers have seen considerable success in tackling break-ins to non-residential properties such as business premises, sheds and outbuildings, with 111 fewer crimes occurring and dedicated resources are now being utilised to ensure similar success in tackle domestic housebreaking.

The area has seen a rise in reported sexual crimes, with offences of this nature increasing by 11.7%, however there have been four fewer rape victims in this period. Specialist resources including the Public Protection Unit and Divisional Rape Investigation Unit have been working closely with local resources to investigate all sexual crimes that occur in Midlothian and this has resulted in the detection rate rising by over 5% to now sit at 65.3%.

Chief Inspector Kenny Simpson, Local Area Commander for Midlothian said: “To observe an overall fall in crime within Midlothian is testament to the hard work and dedication of your local officers who remain committed to improving the quality of life in your area.

“While we have made significant strides in tackling crimes of violence and dishonesty, I recognise the need for us to further address the issue of housebreaking within Midlothian.

“Through Operation RAC local policing teams will continue to investigate all reports of housebreaking and acquisitive crime to bring offenders to justice. Preventing these incidents occurring is also a top priority for us and I would urge the public to visit our website or contact us on 101 to obtain useful information on safeguarding their homes and properties.

“I also understand the concern the public may have in relation to the rise in sexual crimes, and would like to reassure our communities that whenever offences of this nature are reported they are robustly investigated. Many of the crimes under investigation are historical and this demonstrates an increased confidence in policing for victims to come forward.

“Utilising the specialist resources at our disposal, we will look to solve even more crimes and bring more sexual offenders to justice, while at the same time providing all the necessary support and assistance to victims.

“We also remain committed to reducing the number of people killed or seriously injured on Midlothian’s roads. Local resources are working closely with Road Policing officers targeting known problematic routes at peak times in an effort to change driver behaviour. Midlothian now also benefits with the deployment of the Camera Safety Partnership mobile units at identified sites, and it is hoped that this joint effort sees a reduction in the number of collisions and casualties in the coming months.”

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