Danielle Rowley’s Open Letter

Wednesday December 11th 2019


Danielle Rowley, Midlothian’s Labour candidate. Photograph by Lee Live: Photographer

Labour candidate Danielle Rowley has written an open letter to Midlothian voters.

To the people of Midlothian,

On the eve of the General Election, I am asking for your vote. Your vote for me will be a vote to protect our local services, for fairer funding for Midlothian, to deliver justice to WASPI women and retired miners, to believe in a better future for our children, to end child poverty, and to stand up to those who want to keep us down.

It’s been an honour to be your MP for the last two and a half years.

I’ve fought on your behalf against local cuts, the disastrous roll out of Universal Credit and the rise in demand for foodbanks. I have demanded fairer funding for our area and campaigned to improve our bus services.

I have been a strong Scottish voice in Westminster too, ensuring the thoughts and concerns of the people of Midlothian are heard in Parliament.

The interests of the people of Midlothian will always be what drives my actions as your MP. In an independent study released last week, I was ranked the 16th most hard working ‘people powered’ MP in the whole of the UK, and was the only Scottish MP in the top 20.

Just as in 2017, the polls show that this election will be a straight fight between Labour and the SNP in Midlothian.

This election is a chance to vote for change. Labour is the only party that stands ready and able to deliver the change that we need to see in Midlothian, and across Scotland.

On Friday, we will either be faced with another five years of destructive Tory rule, or a transformative Labour Government that will breathe life back into areas like Midlothian. And it’s seats like ours that could tip the balance.

So I need your support. I overturned a 10,000 SNP majority in 2017, but won by just over 800 votes – so every vote matters and your voice really does count.

It’s been the privilege of my life to represent the area where I was born and raised, and I will continue to do all I can to fight for our communities if you re-elect me on Thursday.

Best wishes,

Danielle Rowley

Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Midlothian

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