Does he think we are stupid?

Thursday May 23rd 2024

This letter has been written by a Midlothian View reader

Dear Editor

We have now at last heard Ritchie Rich (Rishi Sunak) announce a general election, as inflation hits a low of 2.3%.

Does he think we are stupid? This is due to a reduction in the energy price cap, and not due to government policy which has seen retail inflation rise to 27%.

This might not be a problem for the Sunaks, who according to the Sunday Times Rich List, Sunak and his wife have a combined net worth of £651 million, so £5 for a box of corn flakes is not a problem, lets hope the public are not fooled again.

Here in Midlothian, is seems a straight choice between the corrupt SNP or Labour. The SNP have the invisible man, Owen Thompson, who I have never seen ask a question on prime ministers questions (yes I do watch), also I had an issue previous to Owen being elected, which David Hamilton the previous MP was helping with, so about a month after the election in 2015 to ask him to continue the work, I got a response in 2017, after the snap election was announced, to offer me a meeting, I attended, he did not, his researcher took the meeting, and said she would write to the company and gave me a list of things they could do to help.

A year later I took the issue to court, and won, in preparation for that I requested a Subject access request of everything the had on this case, in the pack I received, I saw several letters of correspondence from Mr Hamilton, but absolutely nothing from Mr Thompson who to me has just been picking up a wage since his election.

Unless the SNP buy me an expensive motor home, I think I will vote for the Labour candidate


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