ELCAP staff passionate about making a difference to people across East Lothian and Midlothian

Thursday December 14th 2023


Claire McDonald, CEO of ELCAP presenting at the AGM.

Written by Midlothian View Reporter, Luke Jackson

ELCAP’s Annual General Meeting this year was held last month at the Kings Manor Hotel, in Edinburgh. Even though it was a very cold afternoon with blustery rain, nearly 30 people braved the weather to attend this year’s AGM.

ELCAP are an East and Midlothian Charity supporting individuals with learning, physical and mental health disabilities.

Those attending included two past Executive Board Chairs, previous board members along with individuals ELCAP supports, staff and members of the leadership team. In addition, supporting the occasion was local councilor and Depute Leader, Shamin Akhtar who took the opportunity to thank ELCAP for its tireless service to both the East and Midlothian local communities. She later said, “The organisation is vitally important to many people across East Lothian who are affected by learning disabilities, physical disabilities and mental health issues. It was evident from the AGM that staff were passionate about making a difference to people across East and Midlothian enabling them to live better, more independent lives within the local community.”

Claire McDonald, CEO of ELCAP who only came into post in February 2023 led the session by reminding everyone of the five core values that ELCAP is guided by around care, respect, communication, adaptability and going the extra mile. The audience was informed of the five key themes that have been the focus of this community-based organisation.

Chair of the Executive Board, Philip Coghill, went into more detail of how over the past year ELCAP had delivered 400,000 hours of support and even during these difficult times, has maintained a high standard of care by receiving a Grade 5 Inspectorate result, and maintaining a strong focus on Fair Work practices.

Developing the workforce has remained an important objective, and employees continued to be supported on gaining professional accredited qualifications. While their good news on their social media platforms captures the outcomes of the individuals who use ELCAP’s service, they recognise that not everyone has access to social media and will work towards reinstating their newsletter following on from feedback at the AGM.

Another success from this year has been the work carried out by Rebecca Craig, Community Coordinator, developing the Chatty Cafes and giving a wider voice to those individuals ELCAP supports.

There have been lots of changes on ELCAP’s board this past year. They said goodbye in the summer to Catriona Miller, Sylvia Archibald and Lynn Penman, and earlier in the year to Mark McKinlay and David McLaren. All either having naturally served their term on the board or having exciting career opportunities that took them away from the board.

ELCAP was able to warmly welcome in the second half of the year Ciara McGovern, Sally Egan, Grant Dugdale and Alistair Gaw. The AGM audience voted in a fifth new board member, John Lee.

Claire McDoanld, CEO commented, “I was delighted to meet some longstanding supporters of ELCAP who year on take the trouble to learn more about what we’re concentrating on, and who remain strong advocates for what we do.”

For more information about ELCAP visit their website www.elcap.org

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