Endo Warriors West Lothian

Monday January 21st 2019

Candice McKenzie & Claire Beattie

Candice McKenzie and Claire Beattie

Written by Candice McKenzie & Claire Beattie

ENDO Warriors West Lothian is an independent support and awareness group founded by Candice McKenzie & Claire Beattie in October 2017. As Endo Woman ourselves we have experience and knowledge in Endometriosis and are passionate to raise awareness and most importantly bring Endometriosis into Education, along with raising the profile of our own support group, we identified the need of support for woman living with this debilitating and chronic disease that has NO cure.

We hold monthly meetings from St John’s Hospital in Livingston, we also have Instagram and Twitter pages to go along with our private Facebook page where our woman can share their journeys & speak freely to one another sharing valuable experiences, our Facebook team includes ourselves as well as our fellow endo sisters and admins Dionne & Koren.

We are currently working towards bringing menstrual wellbeing into the West Lothian Education curriculum, at present we are speaking with our MSPs and councilors. We would like to visit schools and speak to young girls about their periods, we want them to know if they are having to stay in bed for 2/3 days every month and are crying in pain that this is not normal. We want to help educate them and get them the help and support they need – we want to give them a voice.

Living with Endometriosis is difficult and can be life changing for women – it can affect their education and work life as well as their homelife and relationships, It also has an impact on mental health, and with suicide rates rising in the community it is something we need to be aware of – Endometriosis is an invisible disease which makes it hard for people to understand the pain we go through on a daily basis, it can be a very lonely disease and women can often feel misunderstood and isolated

Endometriosis can cause severe chronic pain (like being wrapped in barbed wire) sometimes making it difficult for us to even stand-up, never mind function to get on with our day, the pain can be so extreme that it causes us to be sick and even pass out. Many women live on painkillers or are expected to use hormonal drugs that cause the body to go into a state of artificial menopause, while waiting for their next surgery – on average this is every 2 years – the drugs that endo women endure cause horrendous side effects that are life changing and could be causing consequential damage to their bodies

We must keep fighting to be heard and it’s important to our community that we continue to raise awareness. Endo’s signature colour is yellow; therefore we choose #lightupyellow as we wanted to bring Endometriosis to the public eye, to make people stop and think for a minute to get people to read about why the buildings are lit up yellow, which will in turn educate people on Endometriosis. We lit up 20 buildings/landmarks last year and will be continuing annually until the world is yellow.

Our confirmed light ups for 2019 are, The Scottish Government Buildings, The Dome, Camera Obscura, The Titan Crane, The Science Centre, Blackpool Tower, Northern Spire Bridge, Helmsley Building NYC, Mid-Hudson Bridge NYC, The Six Bridges (Highway 59 in Houston) Houston City Hall, Last Vegas City Hall, Boston City Hall, Norwich City Hall, Ness Bridge, Dan the Hot Dog Man, Mansion House Dublin, Her Majesties Theatre Aberdeen, AKB Hair Design, Creative Beauty, Brighton Palace Pier, Mareel Arts Centre & we are awaiting confirmation and dates from many more.

If your business would like to support us by having a yellow day in March please contact us by e mail endowarriorswestlothian@gmail.com or Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Endo Warriors West Lothian

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