Free food waste caddy liners may stop

Monday December 10th 2018

Food waste

At the council meeting next week councillors will decide whether to stop providing free food waste caddy liners.

It is a statutory requirement for Midlothian Council to offer kerbside collection of food waste to all areas classified as urban.

In January 2013 the Council agreed to the introduction of a food waste collection service from December 2015, coinciding with the completion of the Edinburgh/Midlothian food waste treatment plant at Millerhill.

Residents were provided with an internal caddy, an external caddy and a 12-month supply of caddy liners. Since that time residents have been able to make unlimited requests for additional caddy liners. These are provided free-of-charge and are delivered by food waste collection crews.

As a condition of receiving funding to introduce kerbside collections of food waste, Midlothian Council committed to the Scottish Government to supply householders with replacement liners for a period of three years.

Additional caddy liners are therefore not required to be funded by the Council beyond December 2018. It is proposed that from this date, they are no longer provided to residents. Ceasing the provision of food waste caddy liners will save the Council approximately £16,000 per year (based on a potential 10% diversion of food waste into the residual waste stream).

Caddy liners are widely available from a range of local shops as well as via online retailers.

It is not necessary for residents to purchase caddy liners to secure their food waste. It is acceptable to use any type of plastic bag to secure food waste or to present it wrapped in paper.

Full details of the meeting next week can be found HERE.

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