Funding success for the Midlothian Climate Action Hub

Wednesday May 22nd 2024


earlier in the year Friends of Roslin Moat received from the Midlothian Climate Action Seedcorn Fund.

Written by Midlothian View Reporter, Luke Jackson

The Scottish Government has today confirmed grant funding of £125,000 for the Midlothian Climate Action Hub in 2024-25.

Cabinet Secretary for Net Zero and Energy, Màiri McAllan said:

“Climate action should be locally appropriate and locally driven. Our communities are uniquely placed to shape and drive forward the transition to low carbon and climate resilient living and we want to empower people to take the action in their own communities that’s right for them.”

“That is why we are proud to continue to support our hugely successful framework of regional climate hubs, including Midlothian Climate Action Hub, which will provide a vehicle for communities to come together and engage in collective grass-roots actions.”

In Midlothian, the funding will be used to support the costs of three staff, a full-time manager and two part-time Community Engagement Officers and provide an operational budget of nearly £37,000.

Ian Malcolm, Hub Manager, outlined the uses to which this would be put:

“We are planning to hold facilitated climate conversation workshops in around six different locations across Midlothian. Their aim will be to increase joint understanding of climate change and to encourage local community actions and shared visioning. We’ll let people know where and when these conversations will take place as early as we can. If any group would like to host one of the conversations, we’d be pleased to hear from them.”

“We’d also like to encourage mutual support and sharing and learning between groups who, although in different locations, share the same interests. Workshops are likely to include community food growing and gardening, supporting biodiversity, and how to extend reuse, repair and recycle initiatives. To encourage more collaboration our Seedcorn Fund will support joint projects involving two or more community groups.

“We would also like to explore what more we can learn from each other and stakeholders in relation to home energy, building community resilience to climate change, and possibly travel in Midlothian too.”

The Climate Action Hub is a partnership involving the elected Steering Group of the Midlothian Climate Action Network and Midlothian Voluntary Action, the local Third Sector Interface in Dalkeith.

The Climate Action Hub is one of 20 regional hubs being supported by the Scottish Government across the country.

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