Google confirms Midlothian is not going to be under snow for two years

Tuesday February 27th 2024

Google Snow Midlothian

Sat Nav users are currently seeing Midlothian covered in 'snow' on Google Maps.

Written by Midlothian View Editor, Phil Bowen

Drivers using satellite navigation and others users of Google Maps may have recently seen Midlothian covered in what appears to be a blanket of snow.

Anyone looking up a Midlothian address in Google Maps will currently see that all the fields are white, all houses covered in snow and a picturesque blue tint is all around. The snow covers an area from Tranent to Roslin.

It appeared that the Google satellite had chosen a snowy day to do its latest pass over Midlothian. Given that Google updates its satellite images every two years there was a concern that, whilst the landscape looks very picturesque, it would prove to be a hinderance to users in the Midlothian area. As well Sat Nav users others use the images to understand the landscape, use it for planning purposes and many other uses.

Midlothian View contacted Google to find out if we really were to be consigned to two years of snow.

Google investigated the ‘snow’ issue and a Google Spokesperson told us

“We recently changed our process for satellite imagery publication – enabling us to show significantly fresher, up-to-date imagery in more than 20 countries around the world. In some places these changes have resulted in a slight reduction in image quality or resolution. We are working to improve image quality and to filter out any cloudy or blurry imagery from the satellite layer.”

So the ‘snow’ is not actually what it seems but simply a lower quality image. Google are not able to say exactly when the Midlothian images will be updated but they are working on fixing it as soon as possible.

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