Greens say more needs to be done

Tuesday October 11th 2016

Ian Baxter Councillor Green Party

Midlothian Green Party has welcomed the announcement that Midlothian Council has exceeded its carbon reduction targets in its 2013-16 Carbon Management Plan.

However, Greens point out that this plan only covers emissions produced by the council itself, and say that the council has no strategy for reducing emissions across the county.

Green councillor Ian Baxter said, “Exceeding the plan’s target is welcome news, although we must not get complacent as carbon reductions have tapered off over the last four years. This plan, however, only covers some of the council’s own emissions. It’s more important to plan to reduce emissions produced by all activities across the county, and for that we need a sustainable transport policy. Also, the council’s Single Midlothian Plan no longer contains targets for carbon reduction and work on the council’s Corporate Climate Change and Sustainable Development Action Plan appears to have stalled”.

He continued, “There’s huge potential for Midlothian to generate jobs and funds for the Council. We should have council and community-owned solar, hydro and wind energy, all generating money for much-needed services and community projects. There is great potential to use mine water as the energy source for district heating schemes. And we need far bigger efforts to insulate homes better, generating jobs and eliminating fuel poverty. But none of this will happen unless the Council has a plan to achieve it.”

You can read the report HERE.

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