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Sunday August 27th 2023

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Midlothian View editor, Phil Bowen, explains how we can make Midlothian View even better.

We like good quality local news. We like to report on local news. We like to inform readers of what is going on in Midlothian and the surrounding areas. We like to have the time to investigate and understand an issue. We like to report on things you didn’t know about.

And judging by the number of readers we have then you do too.

BUT unfortunately there is a catch. To write good quality local news takes time and as ever time means money.

There is a lot that goes on in Midlothian that we would like to report on. We see issues that we would love to investigate and that you would like to read and find very informative. But we just don’t have the resources to do so. It is a real shame for local democracy that we have to watch these issues go unreported. These cover topics such as housing, health, education, business, sport, climate and lots lots more. You would be interested, informed and probably angry.

BUT there is a way.

We generate a small amount of income from advertisers and individual supporters but not enough. If more individuals and businesses could support us then we would be able to do much, much more.

If lots of individuals signed up to donate £5 or more per month we would be able to do more.

If businesses sponsored us or took out advertising we would be able to do more.

Twenty years ago when newspapers were printed then people had to pay for news. Taking a paper without paying for it would see you arrested. But times have changed and everyone expects news for free.

The big downside to this is lower quality journalism, lack of scrutiny of things happening locally and power is not held to account – the reason journalists exist.

This is why lots of online news is sadly simply click bait and why every paragraph is punctuated with a click-ad. (Here at Midlothian View we will not sink to that.)

So if you want to read good quality news then please sign-up to support us here.

If you are a business who would like to sponsor or advertise then email info@pigeonpenguin.com

Together we can produce the good quality local news that you want and Midlothian needs.

Thank you for your time reading this

Midlothian View

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