Is menopause awareness part of your health and wellbeing programme?

Friday May 17th 2024

Dana Drzikova MSc. Certified Menopause Support Coach and Henpicked Workplace Trainer

This View has been written by Dana Drzikova MSc. Certified Menopause Support Coach and Henpicked Workplace Trainer.

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Did you know that menopausal women are the fastest-growing workplace demographic in the UK? The average age for a woman to reach menopause is 51, but symptoms can start many years or decade before this.

Psychological symptoms (difficulty sleeping, anxiety, depression, brain fog, rage) are very common during menopause and can affect quality of life of everyone if the support is not given. Having the right support in place means people are far more likely to be committed to you as an employer, feeling they can be their best at work.

– 33m people are employed in the UK
– 18% of the average workforce could be experiencing menopause symptoms
– 3 in 4 women experience menopause symptoms
– 1 in 4 experience severe symptoms
– 8m of our workforce menstruate

1 in 10 people left work over lack of menopause support. 8% of people consider leaving work over lack of support over menstruation and menstrual health. Crucially, this is not about what they’re experiencing, but about whether they are given any support at work.

People aren’t looking for big, significant, or costly changes. It is about managers having understanding and empathy, which is where training and education is important. Equally, some flexibility is key, usually in terms of minimal changes to the work environment.

Many people don’t like to disclose that menopause symptoms are impacting them at work as they worry how this will be perceived. Creating a workplace that removes this fear can help to boost morale.

Knowing there is empathy and understanding, rather than judgement and admonishment, will keep talented workers with you for longer.

What do your people say about working for you? Would they recommend you to a friend? When employees feel engaged and supported, they’re more likely to think of you as a great place to work. Menopause and menstruation friendly practices can contribute to a positive culture, something we’ve seen in action time and time again.

Employers running training and awareness session receive so many thanks and so much gratitude, from men and women, for bringing these topics out into the open and showing they’re something they support at work. People can also take this education home, to their partners, friends, and family.

Looking after your people is priceless.

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