Is Midlothian a good place to go on holiday for EV drivers?

Monday July 10th 2023


Written by Midlothian View Reporter, Luke Jackson

As the holiday season is underway the best places to holiday in the UK for EV drivers have been revealed.

Monta have reviewed the hotspots of EV chargepoint availability, with Midlothian coming out at 68th place in the league table for accommodation prioritising EV charging in the UK with 1.64% of hotels and Airbnbs having EV charge points.

YouGov research commissioned by electric vehicle (EV) charging platform Monta has revealed that 57% of UK drivers would prioritise an EV charger when booking their holiday accommodation. However further analysis by Monta has revealed that charger availability at hotels and holiday rental accommodation across the UK is woefully lacking.

Regionally, Scotland’s hotels and Airbnbs are leading the charge ahead of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 2.5% of Scotland’s hotels have charge points, with England coming in second with 2.2%.

Yorkshire is leading the charge for England for the highest number of hotels with EV charge points, offering a healthy 146 accommodation options. The City of Aberdeen boasts the highest concentration of charge points with 6% of all hotels and Airbnbs in the city having charge points at hotels and Airbnbs.

Here are the top ten UK locations for EV friendly accommodation:

Percentage of accommodation options with EV charging

More and more consumers are buying electric or hybrid vehicles. According to Zapmap, as of the end of May 2023, there are now over 780,000 fully electric cars on UK roads and a further To500,000 plug-in hybrids.

Alok Dubey, UK country manager at Monta, said: “As the demand for eco-friendly travel rises, UK hotels and Airbnbs are recognising the importance of offering reliable charging infrastructure, ensuring convenience and peace of mind for environmentally conscious guests.

“However, statistics show there’s still a long way to go to make accommodation electric vehicle friendly, with only around 2% of hotels and Airbnbs across the UK offering charge points on site.

“As much as it is encouraging to see hotels and Airbnbs starting to provide electric vehicle charging points, hotel and Airbnb owners should now be prioritising and installing charge points as a standard to ensure electric vehicles drivers are choosing their accommodation over competitors.

“Midlothian offers a blend of historic capital connections, beautiful natural landscapes for outdoor activities, and a rich mining heritage. However, hoteliers and accommodation owners in the county aren’t doing enough to provide adequate charging for EV drivers visiting the county. As EV ownership increases, the county should do more to provide for EV tourists.”

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