Local candidates react to Sunak’s £20m Mayfield pledge

Monday June 3rd 2024


Written by Midlothian View Editor, Phil Bowen

As reported in Midlothian View Rishi Sunak has promised Mayfield £20m over the next ten years Sunak pledges £20m for Mayfield in Midlothian.

We asked the other parties for their reaction and they have all been quick to respond.

Kirsty McNeill, Scottish Labour & Co-operative Candidate said

“Obviously any investment into Midlothian is welcome but this is far too little, far too late. We need a proper, progressive plan for change and that’s what Scottish Labour is offering on July the 4th”

SNP Candidate Owen Thompson said:

“This is an empty promise from a Prime Minister that’s about to be shown the door.”

“The people of Mayfield have had 14 years of Tory austerity on top of the deep rooted scars of Thatcherism and people will see this empty pledge for what it is.”

“As Midlothian’s MP I have repeatedly called for fairer funding for Midlothian, and I will continue to do so if re-elected on July 4th”

“Of course if Scotland had independence and full fiscal autonomy we wouldn’t need to go cap in hand to any UK Government, we could make this decision ourselves.”

Ross Laird, Scottish Lib Dem candidate said: “While any government investment is welcome, the Conservative’s levelling up strategy has fundamentally failed. Communities across Midlothian need long term funding and support rather than pre-election give-aways.”

Councillor Kelly Parry, leader of Midlothian Council said:

“I would welcome any funding to Midlothian Council and I have always worked across party and Government lines to encourage investment to Midlothian.”

“As Council Leader I’ve called on the UK Government to ‘level up’ Midlothian repeatedly and we’ve never had a penny so it’s a bit of a cheek to have it waved under our noses when it’s meaningless.”

“The incoming right leaning Labour Government are no better, and have promised no additional funding for Midlothian. It’s clear to me that the Westminster parties are happy to play political games in Midlothian but both are wedded to a damaging austerity agenda.”

“It’s an affront to people living here and I would encourage voters to vote SNP for a local MP that will actually stand up to this nonsense.”

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