Local Elections 2022: Meet your Conservatives

Tuesday April 12th 2022


Clockwise from top left: Richard Thomson, David Virgo, Mark Wells, Rob Stenhouse, Peter Smaill and Pauline Winchester.

Written by Midlothian View Editor, Phil Bowen

Here are the Conservative and Unionist candidates for the Scottish local elections which take place on 5th May.


Richard Thomson, Penicuik Ward

Richard is a self-employed Uber-Driver who also works in the music industry.

He has lived in Pathhead for the last 15 years whilst being the main Carer for his elderly mother.

He is also a graduate of the Open University having obtained a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

In hoping to represent Penicuik, his priorities will be:

– Improve road conditions around Penicuik
– Invest in schooling our children
– Improve safety, “Police Our Streets”.
– Increase GP Surgeries and Pharmacies.


David Virgo, Bonnyrigg Ward

David has lived in Bonnyrigg with his young family and dog for the last four years and is an active participant in community life. He is a local football coach and eager to improve local facilities and make Bonnnyrigg a safe, clean and enjoyable place to live.

Should he be elected, his priorities are:

– Deliver improvements to Roads and Pavements
– Push for fairer funding for community projects
– Encourage more GPs and Dentists to Bonnyrigg
– Help combat the surge in fly-tipping and littering
– Fight against the workplace parking charge


Mark Wells, Dalkeith Ward

Mark lives with his son in Penicuik and has been a leading light in Food-Bank provision in the community for many years.

He was instrumental in securing the former branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland which now acts as a widely used and beneficial Community and Food-Bank Hub.

Mark believes fairness should be hard-wired into everything the council does and will concentrate on the following:

– Supporting those who need it.
– Help businesses thrive
– Strengthen our Well Being Provision
– Repair our Pot Holes.


Pauline Winchester, Midlothian West Ward

Pauline works in the NHS and has been the Councillor for the last five years. She recognises the issues and has been an active campaigner on behalf of residents. She is a regular attendee at Community Council Meetings, representing their interests and priorities to Council

Her priorities for this forthcoming term are to:

– Improve schooling facilities for children
– Provide better facilities for disabled children
– Improve the stock of social housing
– Implement a coherent road strategy


Peter Smaill, Midlothian East Ward

Peter has been a Conservative Councillor since 2017 and he has been Provost and Armed Forces Champion since 2018,

He has highlighted poor practice at Midlothian, where large sums of money were deposited with another Council which had a shocking reputation for financial sense and governance.

His priorities for the forthcoming term are:

– Fight to ensure that local interests are fully represented in the planning process
– Listen to stakeholders to ensure that repairs to our roads are efficient and long term.
– Fight to secure a fairer funding settlement from the SNP Government for Midlothian residents
– Strive to protect our communities from overdevelopment and unsympathetic treatment of our Conservation Areas.


Rob Stenhouse, Midlothian South Ward

Robin is a local farmer, businessman and former soldier who has lived in the Lothians all his life.

Robin would like to help ensure that the Council acts in the best interests of the community. He is determined to support the many local businesses in the area that support the community.

His priorities are:

– Fight for the expansion of the MCAT teams.
– Campaign to stop fly-tipping.
– Build communities, not just houses.
– Solve the state of our roads.
– Work to reduce business rates.

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