Midlothian Council used glyphosate in 318 streets in August

Sunday September 10th 2023


Written by Midlothian View Editor, Phil Bowen

Midlothian Council used glyphosate in 318 street locations in August including 7 primary schools.

The use of the common weed killer glyphosate has been a contentious subject for over 4 years at Midlothian Council.

It’s use was temporarily suspended in 2019 by Midlothian Council over concerns about its impact on communities. The Council agreed to halt the use of glyphosate weed killers across its services while it investigated concerns about its safety.

In 2020 a cross-party of group leaders had agreed to lift the restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The council produces a list of Midlothian street and pavement locations sprayed with the glyphosate weed killer.

This list shows that the weed killer was used in over 318 locations in Midlothian in August.

The date and location of it’s use were:

29 August 2023
Hawthorn Gardens, Mayshade Road, St Margarets Avenue, Mayburn Avenue, Mayburn Bank, Mayburn Court, Mayburn Drive, Mayburn Loan, Mayburn Grove, Mayburn Walk, Mayburn Hill, Fountain Place, Inveravon Road, Dalum Grove, Wheatfield Loan, Burbank Crescent, Straiton View, Whitecraig Road from Salters to Midlothian Boundary.

28 August 2023
Arbuthnot Road, Traprain Terrace, Polton Road, Mavis Bank, Hogan Way, Polton Vale, Burghlee Terrace, Muirfield Gardens, George Drive, Kennington Terrace, High Street, Mayfield Crescent, Linden Place, Lasswade Road, Hunter Avenue, Hunter Court, Hunter Terrace, Fowler Crescent, Academy Lane, Academy Court, Station Road, Clerk Street, Fountain Place, Edgefield Road, Edgefield Industrial Estate.

25 August 2023
Rose Avenue, Rose Place, Rose Park, Rose Path, Laird Terrace, Wolsey Avenue, Sherwood Industrial Estate, Waverley Court, Waverley Terrace, Waverley Road, Waverley Crescent, Maryfield Place, Dundas Park, Lothian Street, James Leary way, Scollon Avenue, McQuade Street, Eskbank Road, Evans Gardens, Wishart Avenue.

24 August 2023
Moorfoot View, Moorfoot Place, Union Park, Polton Street, Campview Road, Sherwood Crescent, Sherwood Park, Sherwood Terrace, Sherwood Loan, Sherwood View, Sherwood Drive, Sherwood Avenue, Dundas Street, Durham Place, Durham Grove, Durham Bank, Cockpen Road, Myredale, Parsons Pool, Bairds Way, Eldindean Road, Eldindean Terrace, Eldindean Place, Golf Course Road, Viewbank Road, Viewbank Drive, Pendreich Terrace, Pendreich View Viewbank Avenue, Viewfield, Raes Gardens, Quarryfoot Gardens.

23 August 2023
From Newtonloan Toll to Bonnyrigg,Ramsay Terrace, de Quincy Road, McLean Place, Chesters Court, Chesters View, Polton Street, Moorfoot View, Park Road, Dobbies Road, Hunter Terrace, Hawthornden Avenue, Moffat Avenue, Hazel Drive, Willow Avenue, Rowan Gardens, Chestnut Grove, Cherry Road, Almond Crescent, Holly Terrace, Lime Place, Poplar Terace, Rosewell Road, Cockpen View, Cockpen Drive, Cockpen Crescent,Cockpen Place, Cockpen Terrace, Cockpen Avenue, Hawthornden Gardens, Pryde Avenue, Eskdale Terrace, Eskdale Court, Pryde Terrace, Polton Gardens, Mason Place, Farm Avenue, Polton Bank, Methven Terrace, Carrington Road Viaduct to Cemetery, Dalhousie Road A7 to College.

21 August 2023
Polton Avenue Road, Dalhousie Place, Dalhousie Drive, Dalhousie Avenue, Polton Road, Pentland Road, Dalhousie Avenue West, Dalhousie Place, Prestonhall Road, Louisa Square, Lothian Street, Victoria Street, Gorton Road, Cochrina Place, Preston Street

18 August 2023
Carnethie street Whitehill Road, Rosewell Cemetery Car Park, Prestonhall Crescent, Pentland Crescent, Gorton Place

17 August 2023
Place Charante, Woodburn Grove, Woodburn Avenue, Hepburn Drive, Cowden Grove, Cowden Terrace, Cowden View, Cowden Park, Cowden Crescent, Kippielaw Estate, Kippielaw Steading, Tait Street, Wheatsheaf Lane, ST. Andrews Street, Gibraltar Road, Gibraltar terrace, Gibraltar Gardens, Edgehead, Ford, Allan Terrace, Shadepark Crescent, Shadepark Drive, Crichton Avenue, Crichton Road, Crichton Drive, Preston Place, Approaches to A7 Roundabouts, Bruce Gardens, Waterfall Walk,

16 August 2023
Taylor Place, Laurel Bank, Whitehill Drive, Whitehill Grove, Woodburn Terrace, Woodburn Street, Woodburn Loan, Woodburn Medway, Woodburn Place, Woodburn Road, Woodburn Drive, James Lean Avenue, Spalding Crescent, Wilson Avenue, Salters Road, Jean Armour Drive, Clarinda Gardens, Komarom Place, A7 Middleton, Old Middleton.

15 August 2023
Hughes Crescent, Oak Place, Stelle Avenue, Poplar Street, Willow Road, Pinewood Road, Laurel Bank Place, D’Arcy Road, Cherry Lane, Larch Crescent, Finlay Place, Lilac Avenue, Camp Road, Rowantree Road, Crawlees Crescent, Buckie Road, Suttieslea Crescent, Suttieslea Place, Suttieslea Drive, David Scott Avenue, Andrew Dodds Avenue, Conifer Road, Holly Bank, Myrtle Grove, Lawfield Road, Hamilton Crescent, McCathie Drive, Anderson Avenue, Langlaw Road, Coronation Place, Kippielaw Park. Hawthorn Crescent, Elm Place, Govan’s Way

14 August 2023
Blackcot Avenue, Blackcot Drive, Blackcot Road, Waverley Street, Waverley Park, Waverley Terrace, Stone Place, Chester Drive, Stone Avenue, Stone Crescent, Beechgrove Road, Sycamore Road, Bogwood Road, Campwood View,

St. Lukes Way, Eskview Road, Cook Crescent, Westhouses Road, Kier Hardie Drive, John Humble Street, Ramsay Crescent, McKinnon Drive, Robert Smillie Avenue.

11 August 2023
William Angus Avenue, Peastonhall Drive, Colcoon Park, Limefield Gardens, The Avenue, Engine Road, Glen View Crescent, Swan Crescent, Carlowrie Place, McLean Place, Wilson Road, Bonnybank Road, Hillside Crescent,

Vogrie Crescent, Braeside Road, Lady Brae Place, Springfield Place, Glenview Walk, John Bernard Way, Glenview Place, Roseberry Crescent

10 August 2023
Penicuik Road, Kilburn Wood Drive, Woodend Park, Crusader Drive, Lockhart Terrace, Noble Place, Knowetop Place, Moat View, Charlton Grove, Marmion Avenue, Roseabelle Road, Pentland View Terrace, Pentland View Road, Pentland View Place, Pentland View Crescent, Minstrel Court, St Clair Crescent, Main Street, Springfield Place, Station Road, Wallace Crescent, Manse Road

9 August 2023
Hawthornden Primary School, Bilston Primary School, Loanhead Hub, Edinburgh Road from Grahams Road to High School, Stobhill Road, Lingerwood Road, Monks wood Road, The Crescent, Pentland Avenue, Barleyknowe Road, Juner Place, Hunterfield Road, Robert Franks Avenue, David Herkes way, Greenhall Road, Hogarth Avenue, Woodrow, Clearburn Road, St. Andrews Way, Barleyknowe Street, Barleyknowe Crescent, New Park Gardens, Newbyres Avenue, Jubilee Crescent

8 August 2023
Hawthornden Primary School, Stobhill Primary School, Gorebridge Primary School, Newtongrange Primary School, Mayfield Combined School

The list is available on the council website here.

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