Midlothian foster carers now amongst the highest paid carers in Scotland

Wednesday February 28th 2024

Midlothian Fostering

Midlothian Council yesterday agreed to a 5.5% increase in foster carers fees, this is in addition to the introduction of the Scottish Recommended Allowance for all foster carers and kinship carers which came into force in October 2023.

Midlothian Council recognise the commitment and passion to improving the lives of Scotland’s children, providing care to those who are unable to live with their birth families.

Following consultation with carers it was agreed to request an increase in fees alongside the approval of a new probationary policy. New foster carers would commence at level 1 for one year and following the successful completion of training and meeting the required competencies, they would graduate to level 2 approval at their first annual panel review.

The 5.5% in fees comes as part of the council’s commitment to the Promise Scotland, to support and improve the lives and wellbeing of our children, young people, adults and families.

Foster carers are a highly valued resource that all local authorities are finding increasingly difficult to recruit. Midlothian demographics show that the numbers of 0–15 year olds living in the area is increasing which means an inevitable increase in demand on limited resources, therefore our commitment to recruiting new and local foster carers is a priority.

Midlothian Council’s Cabinet Member with responsibility for young people, Cllr Ellen Scott said: “The important role that our foster carers play cannot be underestimated. It is vital that they are suitably financially rewarded, so that we can retain their valuable skills and support for Midlothian’s children.

She added:

“The biggest benefit of this increase is that we will be able to attract more local carers for our young people to enable them to stay in their local communities, close to those people and places that are important to them. This aligns with our commitment to The Promise pledge that our children and young people will grow up loved, safe and respected.”

Find out more about fostering with Midlothian Council by CLICKING HERE.

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