Midlothian Green Party Statement on Snap General Election

Tuesday May 16th 2017

Jill Simon

Written By Jill Simon, Scottish Green Party Candidate for Dalkeith

Why I am not standing for the Scottish Green Party in Midlothian at the General Election.

The local election resulted in the Green Party making gains in every ward in Midlothian and doubling our previous vote in Midlothian West. We should have been pleased but the wins made by the Tories in five of Midlothian’s six wards meant we have to reassess our plans. One had been that I would stand as Green Party candidate in the General Election. Now I will not and here’s why.

Let’s be clear, this snap general election is not a normal general election. This election was called by Theresa May with one objective. To use the current political climate surrounding Brexit to her party’s advantage. A power grab now is timed to perfection and just a few weeks after local elections, putting a strain on smaller parties to compete.

Whilst all other parties scramble to update their manifesto for the general election the Tories seem quite happy to make this a one issue election, and why not? The tactic worked so well in the local elections. The Tories have seized the agenda: they wish us to forget about the failing NHS, about austerity, food banks and disability deaths, child poverty, zero hours minimum wage contracts, cutbacks in renewable energies. Yes this snap general election is not a normal election. It’s a Toxic Tory power grab, duping the public with buzzwords “Strong and Stable” while all other issues are swept aside.

We are a small party. We don’t have big companies funding our campaigns. We rely on our members and supporters to get the Green message out, raising funds, delivering leaflets and chapping doors. Like other parties, we have to concentrate our efforts where we have the best chance of winning. And for us, that means not standing in Midlothian. This is entirely a branch and personal decision. If you are a Green voter and are disappointed we aren’t fielding a candidate, please consider becoming a member and joining our team of activists. We will be out there campaigning whether there’s an election on or not.

In the meantime, we urge the people of Midlothian to think very hard when they cast their vote on 8th June. We are not endorsing any other party. But please don’t vote Tory.

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