Midlothian has a new Labour MP

Friday July 5th 2024

Kirsty-McNeill elected Labour MP July 2024

Midlothian's newly elected MP Kirsty McNeill.

Midlothian has a new Labour MP. Kirsty McNeill has been elected with a majority of over 8,000.

In her acceptance speech Kirsty McNeill thanked Owen Thompson for his twenty years service as an MP and before as a councillor

Referring to the election Ms McNeill said:

“I hope this is a moment when we turn the page on the division and chaos of the past. A moment where we decided that whilst we will never agree about everything we have to find ways to agree about more.

“To those who voted for other parties I hope you will also find me as someone with a listening ear and an open heart.

“Scottish Labour MPs will have a clear set of priorities. We will deliver economic stability, we will deliver cheaper bills through GB Energy, a cut in NHS waiting times, a new deal for working people with a pay rise for over 200,000 Scots, jobs and opportunities for young people and we will maximise Scotland’s influence at Westminster. That was the choice at this election and Midlothian has chosen change.”

Total number of votes polled for each candidate

Name and description Votes
Keith Cockburn (Scottish Conservative and Unionist) 3,248
Daniel Fraser (Scottish Libertarian Party) 259
Stefan Garbowski (Reform UK) 3,276
Ross Laird (Scottish Liberal Democrats) 2,589
Kirsty McNeill (Labour and Co-operative Party) 21,480
Owen Thompson (Scottish National Party) 13,313
Ballot papers rejected 162
Total votes 44,327

Electorate: 73,554
Total ballot papers counted: 44,328
Turnout 60%

Y0u can watch Kirsy McNeill’s acceptance speech in full below.


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