Midlothian Labour vote against EU Motion

Wednesday June 29th 2016

Derek Milligan

At yesterday’s full council meeting of Midlothian Council, Labour Councillors voted against a cross party motion laid down by the SNP administration and seconded by Green Councillor, Ian Baxter.

Labour group leader, Derek Milligan, who campaigned for a leave vote led the charge with his group following behind.

Speaking after the meeting, Cllr Kelly Parry said

“I’m bitterly disappointed as we had expected that given the cross party support in the Scottish Parliament that we could get consensus at council level, particularly given the impact a leave vote has to potentially damage Midlothian’s economy and financial health. It’s clear their motivations are self serving and far removed from the best interests of Midlothian.”

Leader of the SNP Council Group, Catherine Johnstone said:

“Cllr Milligan stands on the wrong side of the people of Midlothian, who overwhelmingly, not marginally, voted to stay in the EU. For Scotland and for Midlothian, being taken out of the EU is completely unacceptable and leaves Labour on the same side of the Tories yet again.”

Full text of the motion below:

“While the council notes the result of the EU referendum of Thursday June 23rd 2016; Council welcomes and notes that Midlothian and Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the European Union. This was a vote to protect our place in the worlds biggest single market and the jobs which depend upon it. Furthermore to those individuals from other countries who have moved to Midlothian we express our view that you remain welcome here; Midlothian and Scotland is your home and your contribution is greatly valued. We therefore welcome the First Minsters determination to ensure that Scotland is not forced out of the EU against the democratic wishes of the Scottish people.”

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