Midlothian MP urges local people to give their view on horror in Israel and Gaza

Monday October 23rd 2023

Owen Thompson Midlothian MP

Written by Midlothian View Reporter, Luke Jackson

Midlothian MP Owen Thompson has urged local people to give their views to a UK parliamentary inquiry into the horror in Israel and Gaza.

He said he had been contacted by many constituents shocked by the terror attack on Israel and the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza over recent weeks.

The UK Parliament’s foreign affairs committee is currently holding an inquiry on the Middle East and North Africa which will focus on UK engagement with Israel, Palestine and the Middle East peace process.

Mr Thompson said: “We have all been shocked by the terrible scenes we have seen on the news.

“I have been contacted by many constituents concerned about the potential for regional escalation and the potential impact on communities here in the UK.

“The foreign affairs committee will be examining how the UK Government can engage in the region and help to try to resolve the conflict.

“People can consider giving evidence to the inquiry as the committee considers the path ahead.”

Mr Thompson’s SNP have condemned Hamas’ murder, hostage-taking and rape in the strongest possible terms.

He added: “Innocent people have been once again caught in the cycle of violence that has torn apart so many lives.

“Israel has the right to defend herself from terror but with the possibility of a ground offensive in Gaza very real, the SNP stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

“The Palestinian people are now facing collective punishment. Support for innocent Palestinian people must never be conflated with support for Hamas or the atrocities they have committed.

“The First Minister has made clear his view that Israel is going too far with its planned approach.

“He has expressed his own anger at the failure of the UK Government to use its position as an ally of Israel to call for an end to collective punishment.

“UK Ministers should be at the forefront of making clear that the life of a Palestinian is seen as the same as the life of an Israeli and ensuring that innocent men, women and children are never thought of as collateral damage.

“The First Minister has called for a ceasefire to allow civilians to leave Gaza.

“The Scottish Government have pledged a £500,000 aid package to assist the UN set up a humanitarian corridor.

“My SNP colleagues and I will echo those calls in Westminster while pushing UK Minsters to work towards ensuring urgent assistance gets to civilians who are trapped and helpless.”

The inquiry’s call for evidence can be found HERE.

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