Midlothian South libertarian candidate backs home schooling

Thursday April 21st 2022


Daniel Fraser Midlothian South council candidate for the Scottish Libertarian Party.

Written by Local Democracy Reporter, Marie Sharp

Midlothian South candidate Daniel Fraser is championing home schooling after declaring he would ‘no more send his children to a state school than let them drink bleach’.

The stay-at-home dad who works as a self-employed window cleaner, is standing for the Scottish Libertarian Party in next month’s election.

And as well as campaigning to change the way the county manages waste and recycling, he has put education high on his agenda declaring Government schools ‘appalling’.

Mr Fraser said: “Our children are being exposed to unimportant and uninteresting subject-matter, violence from other students with very little consequences and ridiculously inappropriate information regarding sex education.

“Rather than taking on the impossible challenge of overhauling education in Scotland, I would do my best to ensure that parents in Midlothian South remain free to home educate, which is what I plan to do myself.

“I have a little girl of my own and a baby boy on the way, and I wouldn’t send either of them to a government school any more than I would let them drink bleach.”

Whoever wins in Midlothian South one thing is certain there will be new faces representing the ward.

The ward returned a Labour, SNP and Conservative councillor as its three representatives in 2017 and all three are stepping down.

They are deputy council leader Jim Muirhead, SNP group leader Cath Johstone and Conservative Kieran Munro.

2017 results

Jim Muirhead Labour 24.6% FPv (1,257 total)
Cath Johnstone SNP 21.6% FPv (1,295.1 total
Kieran Munro Conservative 15.8% FPv (1,249.7 total)

2022 candidates

The SNP in Midlothian is the only party putting forward enough candidates to take control of the council if they all win. In Midlothian South they have two candidates battling for the three seats available.

The ward also has the county’s only candidate from the Scottish Libertarian Party standing.

Daniel Fraser, a stay-at-home dad and self employed window cleaner, is standing with recycling, waste management and education top of his agenda.

Labour have also fielded two new candidates with the Scottish Greens, the Conservatives and Alba Party putting forward a candidate each.

Full list of candidates standing in Midlothian South

– Douglas Bowen (SNP)
– Kelly Drummond (Labour)
– Hazel Flanagan (Labour)
– Daniel Fraser (Scottish Libertarian)
– Christopher Hampton (Alba)
– Ellen Scott (SNP)
– Malcolm Spaven (Greens)
– Robin Stenhouse (Cons)

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