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Monday April 5th 2021


Written by Midlothian View Editor, Phil Bowen

Midlothian View as ever is taking a keen interest in the upcoming Scottish Elections on Thursday 6th May 2021. With Covid restrictions the Scottish Election campaign will be a very different campaign to previous years.

This year we have invited all candidates in both Midlothian constituencies to take part in the ‘Midlothian View Holyrood Challenge.’

There are four candidates in the Midlothian North and Musselburgh constituency and six candidates in the Midlothian South, Tweeddale and Lauderdale.

All candidates have been asked to write an article, once per week up until election time, detailing one positive reason why people should vote for them. The article can only address one issue or policy at a time and negative remarks about other parties or individuals will not be accepted.

With 10 candidates across 6 parties competing for votes in the constituency and 5 weeks until the election, this will hopefully produce a lot of interesting content for Midlothian View readers.

As ever with our articles, each article will be published on www.MidlothianView.com, tweeted and facebooked. Our articles tend to be then posted by readers onto various Facebook community forums, where residents debate the article. We have also asked the candidates to join in with these debates.

Midlothian View is, and we suspect our readers are too, most interested in learning the facts, which are clearly articulated, reasoned and balanced. Anyone can trot out a party slogan but we want to actually ‘know’ who the candidates are so that come election day people are not voting for a faceless Anthony Aardvark but the person they have got to know over the weeks leading up to the election.

All candidates have been given the opportunity to give their ‘View’. It is important to us at Midlothian View that we are and continue to be politically neutral. We are here to give people the opportunity to have their ‘View’, hence the name.

So that ‘Views’ can be differentiated from Midlothian View news articles then each ‘View’ will start with the text

‘Midlothian View Holyrood Challenge: This View has been written by Freda Bloggs, the XYZ Party Candidate for the Scottish Elections on Thursday May 6th’.

As ever, readers are also invited to write in to Midlothian View with their ‘View’. Readers can respond to a candidate article or they can write on a completely separate topic. All articles should be emailed to info@pigeonpenguin.com.

We will stop publishing any election news or views at 6pm on Wednesday 5th May. At that point until the results are declared it will be ‘Photos of Dogs at Polling Stations’ only for political news.

We wish all candidates the best of luck with their campaigns.

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