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Tuesday June 28th 2016

Owen Thompson Debate

Owen Thompson, Member of Parliament for Midlothian, led a Westminster Hall debate on the role of the media in encouraging electoral participation on 27 April 2016.

He shared his thoughts on how the media could play a defining role in reviving democratic participation, and how the Scottish independence referendum energised Scots and increased their political engagement levels. The ministerial response was given by John Penrose (Parliamentary Secretary, Cabinet Office).

During the debate Midlothian View was mentioned with Mr Thompson saying:

“Following the Scottish independence referendum, and because of the thirst of Scottish people to be engaged and to participate in political decision making, there has been a huge growth in peer-led, grassroots media.

Initiatives such as Common Weal and CommonSpace have seen people from across the political spectrum unite in their desire to participate. That has been felt on a local level in my constituency, where media platforms such as Midlothian View and The Penicuik Cuckoo have become sources of information about what is happening as much as our local newspaper, the Midlothian Advertiser.”

There was also a mention for Use Your Vote, the new all-party and non-aligned national campaign that is determined to build political literacy and enhance democratic engagement. The EU referendum underlines the importance of such campaigns.

The Midlothian MP, an active supporter of Use Your Vote, said:

“I actively encourage and celebrate campaigns such as those run by Bite the Ballot, Use Your Vote and Rock Enrol!, which have played a huge part in engaging and encouraging people up and down the country to register to vote.”

The www.useyourvote.com website was built by Midlothian’s Web and App Development company Pigeon Penguin, who are also behind Midlothian View.

You can see a recording of the debate below or read a transcript of the debate on Hansard HERE


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