Midlothian West Candidates

Wednesday May 3rd 2017

Midlothian West Candidates

Here are all the candidates standing in the Midlothian West ward. Three candidates will be elected as councillors. The methood of voting differs in a Local Election so click HERE for a quick reminder.

Helen Blackburn

Helen Blackburn – Greens

I have lived in Rosewell for almost eighteen years. I have been a director of the Rosewell Development Trust since 2012 and have helped to organise events such as the Big Lunch and other community gatherings. I am also a committee member of Rosewell and District Community Council.

In the last few years I have seen the Rosewell post office and both pubs close down while the village doubled in size. Further planning applications have been submitted yet there is no infrastructure to support the hundreds of new people moving into the village, and the bus service has been cut leading to heavier dependence on cars.

I am employed by NHS Lothian as a mental health nurse and have a good understanding of health and social care issues. I have also worked in Further Education and Homelessness Services. I am passionate about dementia and would like to see the council work with communities to make Midlothian dementia-friendly but this cannot happen while care services are subjected to constant cuts.

I am standing for election because I believe we need a new approach to delivering the public services that Midlothian needs. Sterile arguments every year between the two main parties about what services to cut get us nowhere.

The Greens have secured agreement that the Council will develop renewable energy schemes that will provide a new source of income to fund local services. If elected I will push for those schemes to be implemented so that we can build more council houses designed for the needs of our ageing population, pay our carers more than the Living Wage, and ensure that all our communities are provided with shops, surgeries and schools.

Scottish Labour Local Elections 2017 Stephen Blain

Stephen Blain – Labour

I’m standing as a Labour Council Candidate because I believe we need strong representatives who are focussed on local issues to stand up for people in Midlothian West.

I have worked in the public, and private sectors for thirty years and I believe I bring a wealth of experience from these roles. I am passionate about local public services and I think it is vital that these should be sufficiently funded and resourced. I will be a strong local voice. I will work with all Councillors to build a consensus that benefits all of Midlothian’s people.

I will fight to get Bus services to be reinstated so that they benefit people in our rural communities such as Auchendinny. I will talk with bus companies to influence the development of services perform a social use, truly connecting people.

Since moving to Midlothian 12 years ago I have been involved with my community and was a committee member on the Poltonhall Community Council. In my time in Midlothian I have gone litter picking to help return Midlothian to its beautiful best and I have helped at a number of community events over the years.

At work I have been a UNISON Shop Steward representing staff in the public sector and served as Communications and Campaigns officer for Scotland.
The Council Elections on 4th May are about voting for local issues for local people.

If you vote for me you will have a local champion, a person who cares about our communities and who plays an active part in what happens within our local area. You will be voting for someone who shows dedication and who will fight for the things that matter to local people.

Midlothian people need Councillors who are dedicated to fighting for their local area above all else. Who will challenge those in power irrespective of party so that local people get the best deal possible.


Andrew Coventry – Independent

Andrew is a former SNP councillor who is standing as an Independent this time around.

Midlothian View has been unable to get hold of Andrew for a full profile.

Scottish Labour Local Elections 2017 Russell Imrie

Russell Imrie – Labour

Midlothian Councillor since 1995

Midlothian West Councillor since the introduction of the multi-member ward system in 2007.

I have lived in the ward for the last 30 years with my family.

It has been a privilege to serve as your local councillor for the past 10 years. Local elections should be about local issues, such as housing, schools, our facilities and our communities.

The last five years has been one of frustration watching from the sidelines as piece by piece I witnessed the slow destruction of many of the services which had been of benefit to communities throughout Midlothian.

In my years as your elected representative I have always considered every issue to ensure that any decision taken is in the best interests of Midlothian West.

If relected I will continue to put your interests first and ensure that as the community grows the basic facilities are put in place to encourage social cohesion.

Ross Laird Liberal Democrats Midlothian

Ross Laird – Liberal Democrats

I have lived in Midlothian with my wife and family for the past ten years and, as a committed community leader focussed on the needs of young people, I believe that I can make a real difference to the lives of current and future generations. As Vice-Chair of YMCA Scotland and Penicuik YMCA, where I have been an active board member for many years, I see first-hand many of the needs of our young people.

As a keen outdoors person, I created Penicuik Cycle Group, which has secured funding for a variety of cycling projects in Midlothian, including running cycling events, training and schools projects. There is clearly scope to expand the work of the Council to create a more sustainable Midlothian.

Local development is also of critical concern to me. Using my keen understanding of local development issues I have fought for the protection and greater understanding of the Battle of Roslin site and have been working with local heritage organisations as an organiser of the national Dig It! 2017 festival of archaeology. With key housing and planning issues to the fore in Midlothian, I am keen to bring my professional skills to bear to ensure the area gets the housing and facilities it needs without sacrificing our finest countryside.

Creating work and new business opportunities for everyone in the area remains a priority. While my full time job involves running a communications consultancy, as a local employer I have worked with Beeslack High School on employability programmes.

SNP Local Election 2017 Kelly Parry

Kelly Parry – SNP

Before becoming a Councillor in 2015 I worked in education policy and financial services and a former Board Member of Edinburgh College. My driving force for being a Councillor has always been my lived experiences living here and a passion for making Midlothian West the best place it can be to live, work and learn.

As a parent, I know how important it is that our children have the best education possible and I’ve been delighted to oversee the opening of new schools across the ward, Bilston Primary, Roslin Primary and the current building of the new Paradykes Primary are a stepping stones a better future for our children but there is still work to do.

Having lived in Midlothian all my life – working, studying and bringing up a child here has given me a grounded and common sense approach and the ability to make positive changes for our community despite the challenges that surround us.

SNP Local Election 2017 David Temple

David Temple – SNP

I am a local resident living in Loanhead with my wife and have two daughters and a grandson. For most of my life I was employed in the printing trade. Latterly I have been self- employed running a successful gardening business.

I am passionate about issues such as education and protecting the vulnerable in our County. The impact of Tory Westminster budget cuts has been severe across Scotland and Midlothian has suffered as well.

I will be a strong voice for Midlothian West and will always put my constituent’s interests first and look forward to this opportunity to serve the community.

I have a lifetime interest in sport, especially rugby. My other interests are photography, gardening and Scottish history. I am very keen to see sport in Midlothian developed and for our young people to realise their full potential.

Scottish Conservatives Council Elections 2017 Pauline Winchester

Pauline Winchester – Conservatives

After five years of an SNP led council in Midlothian we now need Councillors who will put the needs of residents first. By selecting me as a Councillor for Midlothian West you will not only get someone who attends Council meetings, but who also attends every Community Council meeting possible. I am keen to engage fully with the electorate and intend to provide regular newsletters and surgeries. I will also work tirelessly for all the residents, not only for those of you who vote for me. Please give me your first vote to put Midlothian first.

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