Midlothian’s Council Leader and MP concerns over food shortages

Friday April 28th 2023


Midlothian Council Leader Kelly Parry and Midlothian MP Owen Thompson.

Written by Midlothian View Reporter, Luke Jackson

Midlothian Council Leader Kelly Parry and Owen Thompson MP have expressed their concern over the long-term impacts of Brexit and Conservative economics on food shortages in Midlothian.

They say that according to recent reports, the ongoing Brexit negotiations and austerity measures imposed by the UK Government have resulted in significant food shortages across the region which has led to a rise in food prices, making it difficult for struggling families to put food on the table.

Council Leader Kelly Parry said, “It’s heartbreaking to see so many families struggling to afford basic necessities like food. The UK Government must take urgent action to address the root causes of these shortages and ensure that Midlothian residents have access to affordable and nutritious food.”

Owen Thompson MP added, “The impacts of Brexit and Tory economics are being felt across the country, and Midlothian is no exception. Given that the damage is so obvious, it is astonishing that Labour are equally determined to inflict hardship through their support of the Government. We need to work together to find sustainable solutions to these challenges and ensure that our communities are supported through these difficult times.”

The Council Leader and MP are calling on the UK Government to invest in local agriculture and food production, as well as increase support for food banks and other community initiatives that help families in need. They recently wrote co-jointly to Therese Coffey MP Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs regarding the issue but as yet have had no response. Yiu can read their letter Cost of Food_ Joint Letter Midlothian

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