Midlothian’s Scottish Libertarian Party Candidate

Friday June 14th 2024

Daniel Fraser, Scottish Liberation Candidate

Daniel Fraser, Scottish Liberation Party Candidate for Midlothian

Written By Daniel Fraser, Scottish Libertarian Party candidate for Midlothian.

My name is Daniel Fraser, Scottish Libertarian Party candidate for Midlothian. I am a self employed window cleaner and a stay at home dad.

For the past ten years, I have been fighting to make Scotland a more free place to live in. At the Scottish Libertarian Party, we stand for free markets, freedom of speech and freedom of association. It cannot be overstated how little freedom we have here in Scotland.

Scotland’s new hate crime law, which came into effect on April fool’s day of this year, essentially means that anyone can be arrested at any time. Even if an actor on a stage is reading from a script, if an audience member is offended by a line of dialogue, the actor could potentially be charged with a hate crime, prosecuted and even spend time in prison.

With the exception of threats of violence, the Scottish Libertarian party is, I believe, the only party in Scotland which stands for total freedom of speech as a principle. Libertarians are often criticised for having unclear standards of what freedom means, and what constitutes “force”. For example, a common objection to the Libertarian argument that “taxation is theft” is that “Taxation is not forced because we can vote, it’s a social contract and if you don’t like it, then you can just move”.

For this reason, I couldn’t be happier regarding the issue of vaccine mandates. The fairly recent issue of vaccine mandates has made it clear that there are two very different kinds of people living in our society. The first accepts the fact that it’s wrong to use force to make another person do something which they don’t want to do. It goes without saying that I put myself in that category. The second have revealed themselves, and during the covid 19 pandemic, were willing to admit that they were in favour of using force to make sure that the population complied with vaccine mandates. A significant minority of the population during the pandemic wanted “the unvaccinated” to become second class citizens in their own country.

Here in Scotland, we desperately need more personal, social and economic freedom, and to push back against the expansion of state power. For this reason, I cannot advise constituents strongly enough to vote Libertarian on 4th July.

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