MSP reacts to the supreme court ruling

Thursday November 24th 2022


Written by Midlothian View Reporter, Luke Jackson

Colin Beattie MSP has given his reaction to the supreme court ruling yesterday.

The UK Supreme Court ruled that the Scottish Parliament does not have the power to hold a second independence referendum.

Mr Beattie states the Supreme Court ruling must be respected but it demonstrates that Scotland is not part of a voluntary union.

Commenting Colin Beattie MSP said:

“The decision by the UK Supreme Court to rule against the right of Scotland to hold a referendum on its constitutional future brought clarity to the view of London on the rights of the people of Scotland.

“In their view Scotland has no democratic rights outside of Westminster despite politicians consistently reiterating that Scotland is an equal partner in the Union with England. They further have repeatedly emphasised that it is a voluntary partnership between equal nations.

“This single decision by the UK Supreme Court completely debunks those reassurances. Scotland is no longer in a voluntary union with England and clearly it never was. We are held within this debased union by force of law and the majority votes held by England in the Westminster parliament.

“Democracy must and will prevail. We must all defend our Parliament and our rights to decide our own future through the ballot box.”

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