MSP seeks assurances on Sheriffhall roundabout

Thursday December 16th 2021


Written by Midlothian View Reporter, Luke Jackson

Today in the Scottish Parliament, Colin Beattie MSP for Midlothian North and Musselburgh asked the Scottish Government if they could provide an update on the proposed works at Sheriffhall roundabout as part of its £300 million commitment to the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal.

He also asked what action the Scottish Government are taking to address the delays to the works at Sheriffhall Roundabout and asked the Scottish Government to provide any reassurance to the constituents that this is in hand.

The Minister for Transport, Graeme Dey MSP in response has given his reassurances that the Scottish Government are committed to delivering the grade separation at Sheriffhall Roundabout.

A large number of objections have been received to the proposed works but the Transport Minister today provided reassurance that Transport Scotland is currently trying to resolve this. Although, due to the high number of objections received the Minister has noted a public inquiry may have to be held.

The Minister did state, however, that Transport Scotland is working hard to satisfy all objections and have now issued replies to all the objectors.

Commenting Colin Beattie said:

“I understand the frustration of my constituents at the lack of progress being made with the works at Sheriffhall Roundabout and how these are much needed.

“I mentioned in Chamber that this is a key travel route used by many of my constituents and those in the surrounding areas. The large volume of traffic often leads to a bottleneck situation.

“I’m pleased the Minister could provide an update that all objections have been responded to now by Transport Scotland which shows some progress.

“I agree with the Minister that it is important that all stakeholders and surrounding communities impacted by any works should be properly consulted and have their objections heard. I do hope Transport Scotland’s responses have addressed many of the concerns raised to avoid any further delay to these works.

“I will continue to monitor the progress of the works and keep my constituents updated with any new developments.”

Midlothian residents will likely not be holding their breath for work starting on Sheriffhall roundabout given progress to date. Midlothian View readers with a long memory may remember this article from seven years ago when Colin Beattie asked a similar question about progress, MSP expresses concern over Sheriffhall Roundabout.

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