National campaign to tackle drug driving launched

Wednesday August 18th 2021

Police Scotland Patrol Car

Written by Midlothian View Reporter, Luke Jackson

Drivers who put others at risk by drug driving will be the focus of a campaign over the next few weeks.

Road Policing officers will be focusing attention on suspected drug drivers, as part of a national campaign to tackle drug driving and improve road safety.

The public awareness campaign runs between 16 August and 22 August, with an enforcement operation being carried about between 23 August and 29 August.

During the summer drink and drug drive campaign in early July, officers conducted 75 roadside drug tests as well as 427 roadside breath tests which resulted in 156 drink and drug driving offences being reported. Out of the 156 offences reported, 66 related to drink driving offences, 41 related to driving a vehicle with a drug over the prescribed limit, 17 related to driving a vehicle whilst unfit (through drink or drugs) and 32 drivers failed to comply with a requirement to provide a sample.

Superintendent Simon Bradshaw said:

“We have sadly seen time and again that people are willing to risk driving under the influence, or over the limit of drugs and it is simply unacceptable.

“Roadside drug testing has been in place for almost two years and road policing officers are detecting drug driving offences far too regularly. The purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness of the drug limits in place and to highlight the dangers that drug driving brings.

“Drug, or drink, driving can and does have fatal consequences which should be enough of a deterrent. If convicted of such an offence, you could go to jail, lose your job and your driving licence and be given a fine.

“If you have concerns someone may be drug driving, please call us so we can take action.”

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