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Tuesday April 26th 2016

Christine Grahame MSP in Parliament Main

Past halfway and I have been out campaigning and returning to Mr Smokey (rescue cat) quite knackered (technical term). Eating late and badly is not good for the digestive system.

Anyhoo to hustings, what can I say about them? Well as you all probably know or perhaps not, most of the folk turning out have come to be entertained and have for the most part have cast their vote if not by post then in their mind. Usually you find your own team watching mainly to see how you do. It’s a bit gladiatorial. And why not? They have been out in the wind, rain and occasional sunshine delivering leaflets with your mug on it for weeks.

I had the last one last night, hustings not mug, and suffering from excruciating heartburn was distinguished from the other combatants by my large glass of milk (see earlier). But there are no sympathy votes at hustings! Ach it went fine but thank goodness they are passed. In fact I have a feeling they may become a thing of the past, like lamppost posters and rosettes. I was the only one wearing mine.

Now street stalls have come a long way. Awnings with boulders holding them earth-bound and lots of goodies: windmills, flags, pens, key-rings, stickies and more leaflets than you could want. Yes too many leaflets, too many key-rings but balloons are always a hit. Now that helium is verboten Tony (bruv and campaign manager) has come up with wondrous balloon sticks, just blow up balloon, tie knot and put on stick. Nae mair tangled string for us in Midlothian South Tweeddale & Lauderdale!

The Campaign Hub ( posh name for empty tatty shop)has served us well over the last few weeks where under Tony’s command (err tutelage) we were drilled on how to put on address labels on the Election Addresses (yes plural ) postal, first named then second named voter and then how to bundle for ease of postie delivery. He does do a quality check and yes some pair soul erred! At least he did not name and shame them on the campaign FB.

So now we are into the home run. Kirstie, one of Tony’s many daughters and my personal hairdresser, yes that is not an accidental style, was given leave yesterday to “tinker” with the colour making it ready for the count. Hence there are some very bold orangey/ginger streaks scattered about the sticky-oot hair. I really should have had my contact lenses in. Hey it’ll do but where will I find a jaiket to team up with it! Besides it may have faded a little by May 5th a bit like me.

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