No misconduct by Councillor Parry

Monday January 29th 2018

Councillor Parry Winchester

SNP Councillor Kelly Parry (on the left) and Conservative Councillor Pauline Winchester.

The Commissioner for Ethical Standards in Public Life has ruled that Councillor Parry’s actions did not amount to misconduct following an official complaint by the Midlothian Conservatives lead, Pauline Winchester.

Councillor Winchester submitted the complaint in November saying that SNP Councillor Parry failed to declare a financial interest during the Conservatives Group motion to leave COSLA, which was debated during Midlothian’s Council November meeting.

Councilor Parry said:

“I am pleased but not surprised that these vicarious claims by the Tory Leader were not upheld by the standards commission and that they were quite unequivocal in their conclusions.

“This complaint was a personal attack, a waste of public money and a rather desperate tactic to divert attention away from the Tories political failings locally and nationally.

“I will continue to get on with my day job and leave the playground politics to others.”

Councillor WInchester said:

“I am surprised by the decision but obviously have to accept it.

“The complaint was not politically motivated at all, but I’m not surprised that Councillor Parry thought it was. Anything any other Party does in Midlothian is considered to be politically motivated by the SNP.

“I believe a declaration that Councillor Parry is paid £10,000 pa by COSLA should have been made for total transparency. The general public were NOT aware of that fact prior to the debate on leaving COSLA which would have saved a cash strapped Midlothian Council money. A debate on which Councillor Parry led the argument to remain a member.

“The voters of Midlothian deserve to know where all Councillors priorities lie.”

A copy of the Commissioner’s letter can be read HERE.

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