Owen Thompson congratulates Midlothian Volunteers

Thursday June 6th 2024

Owen Thompson

Owen Thompson, SNP candidate for Midlothian, has congratulated Midlothian Volunteers for Successful Gala Days. Midlothian volunteers have successfully organised a series of Gala days throughout Midlothian, with many more still to come.

Thompson said:

“Once again, the volunteers of Midlothian have shown their extraordinary commitment and community spirit”

“Midlothian’s Gala days have been a resounding success, showcasing the best of what our communities have to offer. From organising parades to setting up stalls and entertainment, the effort and dedication of each volunteer have not gone unnoticed.”

“This years series of Gala Days have been a shining example of the vibrant community atmosphere that Midlothian is known for.”

“Events like these are essential, and particularly during Volunteers Week, I am incredibly proud to highlight the work of the volunteers who have given their time and energy to make these days a success. Their hard work and passion are truly inspiring.”

“As we look forward to future Gala days, I encourage everyone to get involved, whether as a volunteer, participant, or attendee.”

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