Owen Thompson writes an open letter to Midlothian voters

Tuesday July 2nd 2024


Owen Thompson, SNP Candidate for Midlothian in the General Election has written this open letter to Midlothian voters.

Dear Voter,

The UK General Election result is an inevitability. Yet in Scotland the outcome is too close to call with the SNP and Labour neck and neck. For Midlothian residents this election is about who you can trust to put your interests first in Westminster.

Sir Keir Starmer will be the next UK Prime Minister and independent analysis shows he plans to impose £18 billion of austerity cuts.

This will be disastrous for the public services we use every day and it will hammer families in Midlothian who are struggling with the cost of living crisis, and it will hammer our efforts to improve infrastructure here in Midlothian like new schools, roads and GP’s.

These cuts are a political choice and let me be clear – the SNP will never choose austerity. I promise to always fight for an end to austerity, protecting our NHS, fairer funding for Midlothian and I will always stand up for our communities and our public services.

Scotland has suffered enough over the last fourteen years from decisions made in London that weren’t in our best interests. Only the SNP can be trusted to stand up for Scotland’s interests and protect Scotland’s values at Westminster.

The SNP is offering Scotland the hope of a better future. The election in Scotland is on a knife edge and on Thursday that better future is in your hands.

Unlike the two Westminster parties, I’m also a local candidate, I grew up here, and I raise my family here. Your community is my community and I will always stand up for Midlothian.

The Tories are toast, but don’t give Sir Keir Starmer a free pass to impose cuts on Scotland, or elect an MP who won’t oppose them.

On July 4th please vote Owen Thompson, as your local candidate – and remember your voter ID!

Owen Thompson, SNP Candidate

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