Owen Thompson’s open letter

Monday December 9th 2019


Owen Thompson, SNP candidate speaking at the Midlothian Hustings. Photography by Lee Live: Photographer

SNP candidate Owen Thompson has written an open letter to Midlothian voters.

Dear voters,

This election is unique, and it has never been more important to get out and vote this Thursday.

In this campaign I’ve spoken to a huge number of Midlothian residents, and I’ve been struck by how let down people feel with the current political climate, and for the first time will vote SNP in Midlothian.

Labour voters have told me that they will lend me their vote because they want an opportunity to ban Trident and remain European.

Many Green voters have also said they will lend me their vote on Thursday to protect Scotland’s place in Europe, and the right to be a European Citizen with freedom of movement.

And just yesterday I spoke with a group of Liberal Democrat voters who will be voting SNP for the first time here in Midlothian. As the only pro-European candidate standing here with a chance of winning, they are confident that their vote won’t be wasted on the SNP.

If I’m elected at this election I pledge to represent all of Midlothian, no matter how you vote.

So please, get out and vote this Thursday, and lend your vote to the SNP in this election to protect Scotland’s place in Europe.

Don’t just hope for a better future, vote for one.

Yours sincerely

Owen Thompson

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