Parking tickets are coming!

Monday March 12th 2018

King's Park Illegally Parked Cars

The proposed schedule to introduce decriminalised parking in Midlothian has been announced by the council.

The schedule would see penalty charge notices issued from 9 April, subject to the council receiving the powers required.

Midlothian Council’s application for decriminalised parking powers remains with the Scottish Government but it is anticipated that these will be granted within the next few weeks, ahead of the scheduled start date of enforcement.

Decriminalised parking, which makes parking offences a civil matter rather than a criminal one, will see the introduction of parking attendants to manage parking restrictions, for example, yellow lines, bus stops, disabled bays etc.

A publicity campaign will also promote the new parking system which aims to help reduce illegal parking in Midlothian, ensuring people can safely access important amenities such as schools, health centres and shops.

It is also hoped that by improving congestion through parking restrictions and enforcement, the new parking system will help play a role in regenerating Midlothian’s town centres.

The proposed schedule for the introduction of decriminalised parking in Midlothian is:

  • 26th March 2018 – Three traffic attendants will arrive in Midlothian and put warning flyers on illegally parked vehicles
  • 3rd April 2018 – Dummy penalty notices will replace warning flyers
  • 9th April 2018 – Subject to receiving the powers as anticipated, Penalty Charge Notices (real parking tickets) will be issued

More information about the introduction of decriminalised parking in Midlothian can be found at

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